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Summary: You faint while on the journey and that causes feelings to surface.

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,037

Warnings: Its quite shit lmfao. I’m not happy with it.

Requested by: @clairese1980

A/n: I’m absolutely shit at writing romantic scenes because I absolutely have no experience with relationships at all lmfao. So beware the last part is pretty bad.

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Requests are Open!

Hey Lovebugs! 

My requests are open and finally empty. I’m finishing the last one right now so I need some more to post in about a month or so. 

Please request whatever you’d like. Spiderman, Peter Parker, Tom Holland, Sherlock, Supernatural, etcetera etcetera.

Pipsqueak (Tom Holland x Reader)

Hello there, I just have to say I love your writing so much. I think you’re amazing, I was wondering if I could make a Tom Holland x Reader request? Where reader and Tom are dating but it’s like been for a month or so and reader is short and always has trouble reaching things and doing things. (I’m 4'10 so my short problems are real) and Tom just laughs but does help and keeps reminding reader how much he loves how short she is? I just really need some fluff at the moment :)

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“Tommy? Come grab this for me, please?” you ask your boyfriend while standing on your tiptoes, pointing at the baking sheet on the top shelf. You’re baking cookies for Harrison because he just got cast in a short film. The celebration is in an hour and you really want to make him his favourite biscuits before you went. Tom steps forward and wraps one arm around your waist, his hand making contact with your uncovered midriff. You stop reaching towards the cupboard and choose to hug his arm against your body. His other arm reaches out and grabs the baking sheet before handing it to you. “Here you go, sweetness,” he whispers into your hair before stepping back. He retreats back to the couch, but not without pinching your bum first. You swat his hand away.

God, he thinks as he backs away while watching you, I love you.


“Babe! Where’d you put the movie?” you called out to Tom. “On the shelf above the TV!” he shouts back from the bedroom. You reach up to grab it but find yourself unable. Instead of struggling, you opt to grab a tall stool from the kitchen counter and to kneel on that. Tom walks in to see you standing on a wooden stool with your arm raised holding the movie out to him. He sighs happily at the sight before choosing to carry you off the stool to the couch. You squeal with laughter when he picks you up. He tosses you onto the cushioned couch and leans to kiss your forehead. Yup, you think as you pull him into a kiss, I definitely love this guy.


From that first day, you swear that Tom repeatedly places everything high up so you can’t reach. Your tea mugs have gradually moved from the lowest shelf to the second highest, the cereal lives on top of the fridge instead of on the counter beside it. Everything has moved so you can’t grab anything, and now you’re having family over for dinner. Your families are coming at quarter to six so you have to set the table while dinner is cooking. 

The plates are on the highest shelf above your mugs. With a huff, you pull yourself up onto the counter. Kneeling there you can reach the plates. You hear a snort of laughter from behind you and you turn to see your boyfriend leaning in the doorway. “Not funny,” you mumble. He strolls over to place his hands either side of your knees. He laughs breathily and rests his forehead against the small of your back. “It’s kinda funny,” he tells you. “Well, you can laugh as you’re carrying plates.” “Can do, shortie.” 

Your foot gently kicks his butt as he walks away and he can’t help but chuckle as he hears a muffled “Arsehole”.


“(Y/N)?” Harrison calls as he walks through the front door of your and Tom’s apartment. “In here!” you yell back from the living room. He walks in to see you standing on the back of the couch trying to grab something from above the doorway opposite you. The doorways in your apartment with Tom were obnoxiously tall which means you can’t reach, even will a chair underneath your feet. “Oy, get down from there! Tom will kill me if I was here when you broke your neck from falling,” he scolds. “He’s the one making me do it! He put my fucking keys on top of the doorframe!” At this, Harrison doubles over in laughter. 

“I’d understand why,” he says, chuckling. “Why?” you ask. He snorts before replying cheekily, “well, I do have a really good view of your arse from here. It’s definitely not a bad sight.” That gets him a pillow chucked at his face.

I’m totally getting Tom back for this, you think with a smile on your face.


“Tom, this needs to stop. I can’t do anything around our house without getting on my tiptoes,” you berate Tom when he walks through the door. “I don’t see what the problem is,” he replies cheekily. “How’d you end up getting your keys?” At this comment, Harrison walks out from behind you into the hallway. Tom doubles over in laughter, “YOU CALLED HARRISON!” he shrieks amused. “Yeah, and apparently I have a nice arse,” you say and wink at Harrison. With that comment, Tom’s laughter dies and he begins to glare at his best friend. You turn to Harrison and get on your tiptoes to kiss his cheek. “Thanks, Haz. You were a big help, today.” Let’s just say Tom was a bit mad at the both of you for a few days.


You’ve gotten used to the height of everything by now. You’ve mastered counter climbing as well as chair mounting. Tom can’t help but smile lovingly when he sees your daily conquests to get a tea mug or the cereal box. He likes to watch when you stand on a stool and reach up because his large t-shirts you sleep in ride up your thigh. When you go to grab your jacket from the back of the front door, you instinctively kick your leg up. He doesn’t think he has seen anything better, though, than when you stand on his feet on your tiptoes just to lay a loving kiss to his lips.

“Babe,” he says finally. It’s a Sunday morning and you’re both in lying bed. You hum to acknowledge him. “I love you,” he whispers into your hair, “so, so much.” “I love you too, superhero.”

I love you more, he thinks.

“No, you don’t,” you tell him, still facing away from him.

“What?” he questions.

You turn to face him and snuggle into the pillow before grabbing his hand and wrapping it around your waist.“I can tell right there you were thinking ‘Oh I love you more, though’. But you don’t. It’s a fact.”

He giggles and tells you, “But I do, though. I love you to infinity.”

“Yeah?” You ask. 

“Yeah,” he tells you sincerely; a loving look in his eyes.

When you say, “Well, I love you infinity plus two.” He can’t help but laugh.

The One with the Blackout - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 5367

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst where I said there would be none. I’m sorry. 

A/N: Written for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess Hubba Bubba Birthday Challenge. Sorry it’s like a week late. Life happened. This also wasn’t what I was originally gonna write but again…life happened. Sorry. 

Constructive feedback always appreciated!

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“So this is pretty nice.” Dean chuckled, grabbing your hand across the diner table. Sam and Eileen volunteered to spend the night watching JoJo to give Dean and you the night to yourselves and you’d spent it eating greasy diner food at an old dive bar. It was very much your style. “Not that I don’t miss my little girl but adult time is fun too.”

“You know she’s probably sprawled across our bed, right?” Dean snorted a laugh and nodded, knowing you were right. She always did that when you were both gone unless she passed out on the couch with Sam or in Sam’s bed.

“Well, this is a treat.” A voice sneered from behind you as the diner suddenly went dark and silent. High heels got closer and you turned, staring at a face you recognized quite well. “Never thought I’d run into you two again. Where’s that precious little girl of yours?” The tall blonde staring down Dean and you was a witch you both failed to kill several years ago, Gretchen, but you managed to kill her entire coven and family. You thought you ran her off, never to be seen again, but you were apparently wrong. “Come on…what’s her name again? Joanna Celeste Winchester?”

You gritted your teeth, unsure of how she knew about your daughter. “Who?” You decided to play stupid and Dean followed along.

“You must have us confused with other hunters. We don’t have a kid.”

“What dumbass would bring a kid into this life?” You scoffed, reaching for the gun tucked away in your holster.

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My thoughts on Riverdale


  • Archie was naked 3/3 episodes
  • Archie also being lovebug and adorable 24/7 but also a guy i’m drooling over
  • Betty and Veronica slaying life
  • Jughead being the main bitch in Riverdale 
  • Kevin just being kevin
  • Cheryl being the literal grilboss
  • Great storyline
  • Hot boys
  • Hot girls


  • Ms Grundy

and i am hooked after three episodes

Worried (Peter Parker x Reader)

(can you do one where you also fight at the airport and you get injured and peter (who you kind of just met) is worried about you?

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“(Y/N), are you sure you’re okay?” Peter insists.

“Peter, I’m fine. I’m a Stark, I can survive anything,” you say with a cheeky wink before blasting off with your father.

“He has a crush on you, ya know.” your dad, Tony, says.

“I know,” you say, “Maybe I have one on him too. Haven’t decided yet.”

Panic Cord (Tom Holland x Reader)

@what-ifsimagines : hi! idk if your requests are open but can you do a Tom holland x reader imagine where the reader can’t handle the paparazzi and their relationship (the reader and tom are dating) are in danger?! but then it ends with them staying together and lots of fluff!!

@theforbiddenwaves : Can you do an imagine where the reader and tom holland are off to the civil war movie premier and the paparazzi freak out the reader and it causes tom to lash out a bit at the paparazzi. 

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You aren’t ready. You don’t know why you said you are, but you’re not. Through the tinted windows of the Lincoln car, you can see the black, looming figures of photographers. Constant flashes of light brighten but do not penetrate the dark windows that separate you from the judgments of the public. The door opens from the outside and the flashes increase in speed. Tom, who sits in front of you, slides to the side and steps out of the vehicle and waves with a charming smile before turning and offering a hand to you. With your nervousness stuffed in your decorative clutch bag, you delicately take his hand and let him lead you into the artificially lit night. 

Screams and hollers for your attention are drowned out by the insistent clicking of buttons on cameras. Tom’s arm around your waist no longer feels safe and comforting. He signs papers and posters, arms and phone cases. People shove for your autograph as well but you decline with whispered apologies. The screams just get louder.

Tom notices your distant look and sees your shaking body from a few paces away. He immediately takes action. Tom says with a demanding voice, “Back away from her,” but nobody listens. They continue to swarm your faint-headed body, the heat causing you to fall to the ground. Tom begins to push people out of your way. “Go! Go away you little shits!” he yells with aggression. When he finally gets to your body, he reaches down and lifts you into his arms. “I’m fine, I’m fine,” you insist, trying to get him to put you down. He continues his urgent walking towards the bathroom. “TOM!” you yell, “PUT ME DOWN!”

He gently puts you down, holding you until you get your balance. “I’m going to go freshen up and call a cab,” you tell him. “No, No, (Y/N), it’s fine. We can go into the theater and forg-”

“No, Tom,” you tell him. “I will not head into that theater like I did not just collapse on the red carpet because of the paparazzi. I’m going home. I’ll blame it on a headache.”

“I’ll see you at home,” he says quietly, obviously disappointed and sad that you’re leaving. You step forward into his arms and wrap yours around his waist, placing your head on his chest. He kisses your hair.

“See you at home.” you say.

“I love you,” he adds as you are walking away.

You don’t say it back.

Hey guys! I really liked writing this one. Comment if you want a part 2.