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lols legit i just love me my fluff and mutual pining and just all types of that wonderfulness, even with light angst tbh and i love me my HS Aus or college Aus or Human Aus or anything inbetween lmfao XD Ur brilliant and hope this isn't too much of a bother =D

Sorry it took so long, I got distracted! Here are some recs :) [Sorry if I don’t have a lot of light or human fics, most of my bookmarks are heavy werewolf angst oops. I went through half my bookmarks and this is already too long lol enjy!]

I’ve Been Everywhere With You by Leslie_Knope [61k, E]

“Dude, you should totally come with me.”

“What? Like on the road trip?“

“No, come with me. To Austin. Get out of Beacon Hills.”

Derek paused. “What?” he asked again.

He’s Not Mine by Sunnee [68k, E]

Derek comes home to find an abandoned werebaby on his front porch and Stiles volunteers to help him out. Surprisingly, that is just the beginning of his problems.

302, I Love You by paintedrecs [4k, T]

It was a beautiful summer morning—mid-70s with a light breeze, ideal weather for soaking up the sun without fear of overheating. If anyone asked, that was why Stiles was sitting on his balcony with a book he hadn’t touched in the last half hour and a mug of coffee he’d been absently sipping from, his gaze fixed on the parking lot several stories below.

Coincidentally, one of his neighbors—Hot Dude From 302, not that it was relevant—had chosen the same morning to wash his stupidly flashy Camaro.

Shyft by paintedrecs [6k, T]

Derek finally gave the driver more than a passing glance.

He was roughly Derek’s age and surprisingly handsome, despite the ugly plaid shirt he’d rolled up past his elbows. He had broad shoulders, honey-dark hair, a line of moles trailing enticingly along his cheek, and thick eyelashes framing dark eyes that glittered with humor. And he was laughing at Derek.


At the end of a long work day, all Derek wanted was to get home as quickly as possible. When his scheduled ride showed up—distractingly good-looking, driving a beat-up Jeep, and full of interesting conversation—Derek felt like his evening might turn out a whole lot better than he’d expected. Until his trust issues flared back to life, telling him “Stiles” wasn’t everything that he’d seemed.

Lovebitten by LunaCanisLupus_22 [10k, M]

The one where Derek gets bitten by a lovebug and Stiles is the first person he lays eyes on. Hilarity ensues.

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A/N: Here’s a story as my apology of my unannounced hiatus! Again, I’m so very sorry :/

Summary: It’s Niall’s birthday and (Y/N) surprises him with breakfast in bed.


“Good morning, Niall.” I smiled, bringing a tray of breakfast into our bedroom. He looked up from the phone in his hands long enough to smile and see me standing at the door. “Well what’re ya waitin’ fer den? Come ‘ere!” He chuckled, setting his phone down. I smiled and shook my head. I brought the tray over and he sat up slightly. “Happy Birthday Ni.” I smiled, leaning down to kiss him. He placed both of his hands on the sides of my face and kissed me back.

“Thanks baby. Dis looks wonderful.” He looked back up at me. I sat on the on the other side of the tray table and he picked up the fork. “Let me.” I placed my hand over his and he raised an eyebrow. I picked up a strawberry and he looked up at me. He took a bite of the strawberry and I kissed him gently, dipping my finger into the whipped cream on top of the waffles I’d made and he smirked.

“Gonna be a good girl fer me?” He asked as I pushed my index finger past his lips. “Maybe.” I teased as his tongue circled around my fingertips. I pulled my fingers away and he smiled. “If you want me to.” I swept some more whipped cream on to my fingers and tasted it myself this time. He pulled my hand away and kissed me again. I laughed and he pulled back.

He set the tray on the ground beside the bed and he pulled me in to straddle his hips. “Shouldn’t ye be at work at 9:30 on a Wednesday?” He asked, kissing my neck and trying to pull the neckline of my tank top down. “Are you kidding? It’s my baby’s birthday, I took today, and tomorrow off.” I replied, reaching my arms up to push the straps of my tank top down my arms.

Holding the material that covered my chest, I slipped my arms out of the straps and he smiled. “Let me see.” He whispered, kissing my collarbone and tugging at the hem of my top. He pulled the top down and kissed down between the valley of my breasts. My eyes were shut momentarily, but as soon as I felt something cool on my chest and my eyes fluttered open. He smirked and licked at the circle of whipped cream he traced around my nipple.

“Christ Niall.” I gasped. He chuckled and watched my back arch. “So sweet.” He smiled, kissing around it and licking every last bit of whipped cream away. I held him against my chest and he continued with his kisses. “Baby.” I whimpered, pulling back. “What is it sunshine?” He asked, kissing my lips and rubbing gently on the opposite nipple.

“Touch me.” I begged, holding his head as he looked up at me. “Where sweetie?” He asked, laying me back on the bed and kissing down my abdomen to the waistband of my panties. “You know just where I want you.” I answered, tangling my fingers in his hair. “Is that right? What would you like?” He questioned, kissing my thighs. “Whatever you’d like. It is your birthday.” I replied, sitting up on my elbows.

He smirked and took the fabric between his teeth, pulling it down my legs. “You’re dripping!” He seemed surprised. I sighed. “Been thinking bout you all night and all morning. Saw a dream,” I started before he cut me off with a kiss on my pubic mound. “Good to know, baby girl.” He smiled, biting his lip as he watched me clench my jaw. “Oh, ye liked dat, huh?” He asked, kissing farther down this time.

“Chr-Christ Niall.” I stuttered, watching his every move. “Ya know, I’ll bet dis cunt of yers would taste even better with some cream. Whaddya say, baby?” He smirked, hands coasting up and down my thighs. Speechless, I nodded. “Whatever you want, baby.” I answered him moments later. He dipped the tips of his fingers into the whipped cream and brought them to my core.

He spread it over my folds and placed a significant drop on my clit. He took one look at my clit and chuckled. “So needy fer me baby. Yer poor liddle clit looks like the cherry on top of a sundae.” He remarked, watching me writhe every so often as he spoke. “Well, what are you waiting for? Eat me.” I said, laying back, foreseeing the pleasure to come. “Love how eager ye are today, baby. Atta girl.” He replied.

When his tongue licked up my folds, I gasped almost silently. He noticed of course and exploited my short moan by pressing harder with his tongue. “Fuck,” I groaned, gripping the sheets. “You’re teasing.” My eyes squeezed shut. “Of course I’m teasing. I haven’t even gotten to de best part yet.” He laughed before licking the drop of cream off my clit. My chest tightened as my neglected clit received some attention from him.

“Dat’s it, isn’t it baby?” He asked between sucking and releasing my sensitive bundle of nerves from his lips. I nodded and he flattened his tongue to lick one long line up my folds. I sighed in content and he pulled my hips closer to him. “Ye liked dat, didn’t ye?” He teased, his fingers replacing his tongue. “Yes.” I replied. “Got ye in de palm o"me hand today, don’t I?” He leaned over me and I nodded. “Yes, fuck yes.”

He smirked and laid his hand over my left breast, tweaking the nipple and kneading it. I arched my back as he pumped his fingers in and out, rubbing my clit with his thumb. “Daddy!” I cried as he bit his lip and watched me moan. “What is it baby?”  He asked, a smirk on his lips. “So good.” I moaned, begging for his lips on mine. He let my breast go and placed his hand on the back of my neck. He brought his lips just centimeters from mine and I whimpered.

He pulled his fingers out of my core and I let out an empty sigh. He kissed me deeply and I shuddered. “Shakin’ fer me?” He smiled, licking his fingers clean. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he chuckled. “Ya know, I really fuckin’ love ye.” He sat up and pulled me onto his lap. “The feeling’s mutual Ni.” I laughed as he held me against his chest. “Gonna love me proper, now?” I asked him, rocking my hips against him.

“Yeah baby. Don’t ye worry.” He answered, pushing the comforter off of him as well as his boxers.  “So wet fer me already,” He smirked, positioning himself at my center. I nodded and gave him a small whimper as he kissed my neck slowly and sweetly. I sunk down onto him and my mouth dropped open. He let out a hearty groan and grabbed my hips. He guided me up and down, burying his face between my breasts. I gave him a few sharp cries as he nipped and sucked on my skin, leaving love bites along my chest and abdomen.

“How’s it feel Princess?” He asked, still helping me ride him. I lowered my head to make eye contact with him and the sound I emitted when I came face to face with his dark yet lustfully  innocent eyes let him know exactly how I felt. He smirked and watched my eye squeeze shut when I bit down on my lip. “Yer fuckin’ Daddy so well baby. He’s gonna cum soon.” He groaned, leaning back against the head board. “Can ye cum fer me first, sweetheart?” He asked, hands going up and down my sides and watching me give him my all.

“Yes.” I replied, kissing him softly, taking his face in my hands and moaning into his mouth as his hand found my clit once again. “Good Girl.” He smiled, as my face contorted into a look of pure pleasure, my chest heavy. “F-Fuck I’m cumming.” I panted, my breath shaky and my voice cracked. “Atta girl. Come on baby, cum fer Daddy.” He encouraged, sitting up to kiss me. “Niall.” I gave him a long, drawn out moan of his name as I released, falling forward, unable to bear my own weight anymore. He held me up, thrusting his hips up to help me ride out my orgasm and to get him to his own.

“Christ, (Y/N).” He growled, releasing in long spurts and filling my stomach with warmth. I collapsed against his chest an he held me against him tightly, not opening his eyes just yet. “Happy Birthday Niall.” I mumbled, still out of breath. He rubbed my back as my head dropped to his shoulder. “Thank ye baby girl.” He replied, kissing my forehead and staring up at the ceiling. I laughed and he sat up, pulling out of me and laying me beside him. “Have fun covering those up.” He joked, gesturing to my lovebitten chest. I rolled my eyes and he smiled. “I love you.” I smiled, kissing him. “I love ye too (Y/N).”

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Sterek fic rec?

HIIII! I’ve read only sterek for the past week, so…. *shrugs*

When I’m Gone - Stiles feels underappreciated by the Pack and decides to leave Beacon Hills. Things don’t go exactly how he thought, as the Pack does everything in their power to stop him. (108K)

Changing My Spots - Stiles manages to get chicken pox at his age, which sucks. He also gets a boyfriend, which sucks less, I guess. (10K)

He’s perfect for you (or so does Uncle Peter say)- Stiles comes back from New York to find out that his best friend has been turned into a werewolf. And that his pack is very not-pack-like. He fixes it.  (21K)

i wanna dance with somebody (who loves me) - Derek has an accident and when he wakes up, he doesn’t remember what happened the last two-three years of his life. And he doesn’t remember nor understand why Stiles seems to hate him. (10K)

Brutus - Stiles decides, after breaking his engagement and leaving his job, that getting a dog and going back to Beacon Hills isn’t a bad choice. (20K)

My pack, my family- Stiles looks after Isaac after Derek leaves, because he wants to. He might lose a best friend, but he gains a family. (18K)

Keaton Was Better - Stiles and Lydia become official part of the Pack, and with them they get ready for the big werewolf hunger games style exam. (122K)

Lovebitten- Derek is bitten by a lovebug. Hilarity, fluff and almost smutt ensues. (10K)

Pull in the magic- Stiles comes to Beacon Hills with his best friend Theo, looking for revenge. He finds love as well, two at price of one. (32K)

His Only Defence - Stiles accidentaly gets gay werewolf married to an emotionally constipated Alpha, who is also being targeted by a number of hunters, while a virgin-killing Omega is going around murdering. Great. (116K)

nom de plume- Derek retrieves a USB drive from the library, and finds an amazing sci fi story in it. An unfinished one. Derek promptly despairs. (3K)

The son of Betrayal and Destruction- Stiles Stilinski is an abomination. He’s the son of the demon of Betrayal and the angel of Destruction. And now that his love has betrayed him like Abbandon betrayed Azrael, Stiles swears on revenge. (8K)