So,I tried to do some drawings about the Pharmercy “AU’ theme of the other day but at last I did a short comic about an Atlantis crossover. ♡
Hope you like it ;w;

the jealous!mercy au

suggested by an anon!

  • mercy isn’t really the type to get jealous
  • that’s what she’s always told herself
  • so the reason she’s staring daggers at the woman sitting with fareeha is not because she’s jealous
  • it’s because she’s concerned for fareeha’s safety
  • you never know what might happen
  • despite the fact that the woman was her childhood friend and fareeha’s armed with no less than three guns
  • the woman laughs and touches fareeha’s arm
  • angela’s jaw clenches.
  • lena slides in next to her.
  • ‘y’know, there’s an expression that goes, if looks could kill…’
  • ‘what do you want, lena.’
  • lena’s eyebrows rise slightly at her tone
  • ‘i was just checkin’ up on ya. you’ve been glarin’ over there for the past hour.’
  • the past hour, during which fareeha has decided to become best friends with this fucking woman
  • ‘i’m. fine.’
  • ‘okay, okay.’
  • lena disappears to a little booth in the corner, and whispers in widow’s ear
  • the woman smiles, leans closer. fareeha grins, lopsided. mercy scowls.
  • ‘careful, dr. ziegler.’
  • widowmaker.
  • ‘what?’ she snaps.
  • ‘one might think you were jealous.’
  • ‘i am not. i am looking out for her.’
  • ‘you know perfectly well how capable amari is of defending herself.’
  • ‘that doesn’t mean anything in a setting like this.’
  • widow scoffs. ‘of course not.’
  • they sit in silence for a moment, and then widow leans closer.
  • ‘i do not think that you care for her as a friend. tell me, what is your word- ah, yes. die Freundin.’
  • mercy tenses. ‘i told you-’ she growls, voice like shards of glass, but widow cuts her off.
  • ‘imagine,’ she whispers, voice low, ‘imagine her smiling at someone else, whispering quiet words of love to someone else, playing soft guitar for someone else, carrying someone else into the sky, imagine her making coffee for someone else, cooking for someone else, kissing someone else, imagine her loving someone else.’
  • the woman leans closer, presses a kiss to fareeha’s cheek. fareeha laughs.
  • ‘and imagine this. i know you’ve thought about it before- imagine her moving underneath you, muscles flexing, whispering low, fast arabic, your nails leaving bright red streaks down her back, how she would tense as you tipped her over the edge- you’ve imagined it.’
  • mercy’s muscles are tight now, shaking.
  • widow leans in, delivers the killing blow.
  • ‘so why can’t you imagine her with someone else?’
  • the stem of the wineglass snaps, and crimson wine swirls down mercy’s white knuckles.
  • widow smirks, rises to leave.
  • ‘you do not have much time, dr. ziegler,’ she calls. ‘fareeha amari is extremely desirable.’
  • and now the woman’s leaning in, and mercy rises, shoving her way through the crowd, and then she strides toward fareeha, and in one quick movement, pushes her up against the bar, and kisses her
  • it’s hot and hungry and a little bit mean, and both of them moan slightly
  • mercy pulls back, gauging fareeha’s reaction with terrified eyes
  • fareeha looks at her, and shakes her head, smile slowly growing.
  • ‘took you long enough.’

“Heads up!”

Glad to say both Smidgen & Bibi are doing much better. Bibi’s stopped laying eggs since that last post on her chronic egg laying and Smidgen is no longer plucking his feathers. Somehow I believe those 2 may be related issues. Anyways.. yay!