hello,, ur trashiest btob stan, ur little one who has terrible memes and tags everything too much has finally reached 1000 followers!! i’ve been having this tumblr blog for four years and i never really paid any attention to it until this year when i started stanning one of the greatest groups out there, btob. by doing this post, i’d like to indirectly thank everybody who’ve made my journey here more bearable. every single blog tagged in this post means the world to me!

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friendly reminder that Damien’s aka Damien Rice songs include

  • Accidental Babies which is a song about a man begging his lover to leave their partner before it’s too late
  • The Box - a song about dealing with your insecurities
  • My Favourite Faded Fantasy which is about 98% pining and 2% being afraid to love
  • Beast and Beauty - the guy thinks he’s the beast and that his loved one is the beauty, that he’s not worthy
  • basically all of his songs have a romantic story to them do you see where this is going to