If you brand one as a “Good Teacher,” that is definitely because he/she has good students. And I am telling you, these faces aren’t plainly GOOD just because they took this picture with me. :)

How do I define good students? Let me tell you a short story…

As you see, I have gifts…  because it was taken during my birthday. I do not flag this just because it’s my first. Bragging aside, I get this extra special treatment EVERY YEAR. I am thankful, I am loved :) 

To tell you honestly, even during my childhood days, I don’t want to celebrate my birthdays in school. I feel awkward knowing that almost all people around me will greet and sing a Happy Birthday Song. In my 5 years of teaching, I never let myself being bribed by tangible stuff. I find them cute ‘til my heart melts but I can tell, they never changed my hold:)

WHY THESE KIDS? Why these? They always pass their term papers late… Almost fail my exam consistently… Tends to overrule my classroom agenda by their million decibel-noise! Why? 

These kids and all the other kids I face everyday are ALL genuinely GOOD STUDENTS. On and off camera, I BELIEVE SO. As an individual, I embrace my calling to let my eyes see these BLESSINGS. 

GOOD STUDENTS are those who know and apply these:

1. Respect
2. Discipline
3. Love

Respect that even when the teacher is not around, they still give it. “The heart of an obedient kid respects the highest.” That though your ego has been dragged, in full submission, you’ll submit. I have been a student long before you that’s why I can tell. :) Next, being disciplined to do the tasks on time and on the right behavior. On time, I believe that all projects are given ahead of time? Start when it’s given and do not start when it’s already due! :) On the right behavior, do not murmur! Instead of cramming and being mad given multiple tasks, DO IT. Just do it so you can finish it. Lastly, be in LOVE! At all time, just be it. Do all things with pure love and everything right follows. You are young! Invite positivity! You are only young once. LOVE EVERYDAY! Do not let hate disturb your happy life. Everybody deserves to be happy! :)  

*** this I say, never let one’s mistake change your perspective on him/her. It won’t define one’s persona. Everybody can change and you can be the instrument! Take advantage of it! :)