Head over to Alternative Press to check out a trailer for our new music video, Love and Drugs. 

The video will premiere on September 13th, more details will be announced soon. 

A note from John… 

“Independent artists have the liberty and privilege of truly exploring their imaginative potential. Our story was heard through song, Daniel told his own through this video. We believe this is a collaborative artistic expression in harmonious motion. Plus, we got to ride BMX bikes, a luxury I was denied of as a young boy (thanks mom & dad).


You gave up after the first try. you say you love me you say your sorry. but you didn’t even put the effort of fighting back for me. i fought my ass off every single time you got slightly mad at me. i wanted to see what you would do. what sacrifices you would do to get me back. i wanted words but all i heard was nothing. i wanted to see if you really did love me. and now i see whats truly in front of me.
—  wan azriel

The Maine’s new song, that’s me on the bed ;)

Forever Halloween out June 4th can’t wait