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Knight!Stiles and Prince!Derek AU!

“A flower?,” the wolfman grunted in agreement “if i was a lady i would’ve assumed you are after my heart” Stiles chuckled.

“I am” the wolfman said.


@loveactually-rps Happy Birthday sis!!!! am so sorry am this late i hope u like this!!!♥♥♥ basically its lost knight in the woods, found by his mate who is a prince to the Hale tribe Au! that flower symbolizes the bond Stiles and Derek have. by accepting that flower their souls will be bound forever~♥


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Me caroling this holiday season. 🎄

Grey Rainbow  by @loveactually-rps 

  • Art by the lovely @benaya-trash​ ♥♥♥
  • Sterek| M | 12.6K | High school, roommates, hurt/comfort,  friends to lovers, nerd!Derek, pining!derek, fluff, angst with happy endings
  • TW: One incident of sexual assault, non graphic
  • A huge thank you to @jonjokeat, @benaya-trash and @pale-silver-comb for the beta/read-through.

“Stiles?” Derek glanced at Stiles’ sleeping form. He didn’t even twitch. Derek continued. “If we…” his lips curved in a fond smile, fingers moving to smooth the creases of Stiles’ eyebrows, his voice coming as whisper. “… as in, you and me - If we get a chance someday… any day, to be together, y’know? I wouldn’t mind you wooing me with flowers and all that cliched romantic shit. And you can even flirt with me. I approve.”

He gazed at Stiles’ calm face for a long while before drifting off into quiet slumber with the sound of Stiles’ soft snoring in the background.

[aka, after pinning for his best friend for four years, Derek learns his teenage crush is easy, but his life isn’t]


I’ve been mourning and grieving my idol, David Bowie, all week. I sobbed my way through Labyrinth (probably the first time I’ve ever actually cried watching it) and I’ve bawled while listening to Blackstar numerous times a day this week, even falling asleep to it a few times. If there is a status above ‘idol’, that’s what he was and still is to me. I mean, I named my cat after him. To me, that’s the equivalent of you giving your kid an important family name.

While Alan Rickman wasn’t even close to being the idol status to me that David Bowie has been, he was still a very important and prominent part of my late teenage years and most of my adult life. I loved hating him as Snape and I loved being totally creeped out by him in Sweeney Todd and I especially loved loving him in Love Actually.

I’ve really loved reading about people that have had actual encounters with the both of them. It’s a wonderful feeling when your heroes actually turn out to be decent people.

With that said, I send my love to Mars and I raise my wand in honor of Professor Snape ❤️ Always. ⚡️

Oh, and, cancer, you can just go right on and fuck yourself. 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼