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I've noticed that with thor ragnarok coming out the loki apologists have crawled back from the shadows so question: what it is that makes mcu loki so popular as a character even after all these years, IYO?

ah yes, let’s talk about that loveable bastard loki! y’know with a lot of popular characters, the cringe factor of their fandoms can sometimes turn ppl off them after a while and make you forget that these are actually genuinely interesting and engaging characters. and loki, the cringiest of them all, is just a really engaging character. even if you don’t particularly like him, you can sympathise with him and understand where his bitterness and motivations come from. he’s like a pathetic character version of a 20 car pile up; you just can’t stop watching and wondering where the next fire will start next. he’s got all these paradoxical personality traits; he’s smart and artfully manipulative but also dumb as shit and makes the worst decisions, he’s utterly arrogant and believes himself better than most but deeply, deeply insecure and in constant need of validation, he’s fiercely ambitious but also doesn’t want power (let’s not even delve into his love/hate views on thor). he’s basically a big mess. 

marvel was very smart (or lucky?? i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say smart) to hire that shakespeare loving fuck kenneth branagh to direct the first thor film bc if there was ever a director to nail the tragic villain and fucked up royal family dynamic it was that guy. the films makes a point of showing loki as a baby abandoned during a war for being a runt, as a child fighting for attention and then as an adult, chip on his shoulder fully developed. it was a good idea to have the film so cleanly cut between thor on earth w/ his problems and loki in asgard, slowly losing it, as you have enough time to think ‘fuck this loki guy is having a tough week’. the climax of the film basically boils down to loki trying to blow up an entire realm bc daddy no.1 didn’t want him and screaming and crying at his brother, while trying to kill him, bc daddy no.2 loved him more. i mean, fuck guys, that’s just some good shit right there.

the whole setting of the thor universe helps too. loki wouldn’t be half as appealing in his bullshit if he wasn’t a charming norse prince, who can do magic and knows how to rock a good colour scheme. and yeah, time to credit tom hiddleston here. the guy looks good crying. both he and hemsworth are so good in these roles, to the point where i personally can’t imagine anyone else playing them. i think the turning point in thor (2011) when you really sympathised with loki is that scene in the vault when he confronts odin. if they weren’t talking about frost giants and magic blue cubes, you could imagine it being an actual shakespeare scene. tom just did a great job making you really feel for this guy and his crying powers are used at full force. the scene is just two great actors getting fucking raw with each other, its just great and heartbreaking to watch.

the avengers film was what really rocketed loki in popularity tho. only like 12 ppl saw thor in theatres so it was loki crying and monologging his way through TA that really got people loving him. but if thor (2011) hadn’t set up loki as a tragic villain so well, the avengers would not have been as good, that’s just a fact. he has a scene baiting nearly every avenger, so there’s something for everybody to enjoy (and ship if they so choose), and he remains genuinely sympathetic imo. he’s just so laughable out of his depth. i mean, he’s a fucking idiot who makes nothing but awful life decisions, but remember all those ‘loki was possessed by the tesseract’ theories going around??? people still felt sorry for him, even if it wasn’t on apologist levels. it helped being the villain in arguably the biggest film of the decade. he is almost as recognisable as the avengers now and, probably, more beloved than a few of them.

as he stands as a character now? well, now that he’s no longer as hurting and angry as he used to be, its just interesting to see what he does next. he can fully become the god of mischief now and who doesn’t want to see that?

So far, I’ve stubbed my damn toe, smushed one of my video-game playing fingers between a couple boxes and tripped over a pile of unpacked shoes I left by the door. Moving is bloody hell, let me tell you, good thing this town looks like it’s going to be worth all the hassle. I’m Rahul, but to hell with formalities, can someone, anyone, point me in the direction of the nearest pint before I hurt myself anymore? Please. 

Whelp…I can’t believe I did, it started out with just a thought, a lot of patience (as drawing a guy wearing a dress without any privacy was really difficult) and a sketch but here’s the results. This took alot longer since I’m still learning how to draw sitting poses and frills…omg, frills and dresses are like one of my drawing weaknesses XP, must practice more!

Anyway, fanart for the wonderful LotF Jalph fic: “Of Barbie Boys and Gargantuan Pricks”. Will try and upload link once I figure out the coding…ugh. (Guys, can you let me know how to link it??? Getting super frustrated, ahaha)

 Featuring crossdressing!Ralph and the loveable bastard Jack, haha. It was fun and I will try and draw more fanart for my favorite Jalph fics (though I might stick to sketches for awhile since this took almost forever…my drawing hand’s still getting phantom pains from those…frills)

Edited: Added Jack’s freckles since I seem to always forget to add it XP;

for @remembranceofthetardis

“You look like a Niffler on a mission. Find any gold yet?”

Ron paused in the act of rooting through a pile of dirty clothes to glare over his shoulder at Harry. “Sod off! Don’t tell me you’ve never lost a present before. Do you even have yours all bought yet?”

“All of Ginny’s are wrapped and nestled safely under the tree,” Harry said, a smug, satisfied smile on his face.

“Nestled safely under the tree,” Ron said in an exaggerated, mocking voice, tilting his head back and forth while pulling a face. “Merlin, it’s annoying when you act all perfect!”

From his place perched at the foot of Ron and Hermione’s bed, Harry laughed. “It’s going to be worse once I ask why you haven’t just used Accio yet.”

“Come into my own home, trying to teach me how to wizard when I’ve been wizarding since I was in nappies, and you probably thought Accio was an Italian donkey or something,” Ron sniffed, glad that at least Hermione wasn’t there to see him forget something so basic.

“And yet, there you are, not Accio-ing,” Harry pointed out. 

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BTS is the type of group that makes you flipped tables,because you can never figure out the shit they release no matter how much you theorize 😜you taunting loveable bastards!!

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