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Warren Worthington iii + this prompt list

A/N: DUDE ME TOO I’M SUCH A SUCKER FOR SMITTEN/PINING WARREN. Also I’ve thrown in some bed sharing because I’m such a slut for that trope and it kind of works so idk just roll with it.  

As Warren jolts awake, shaken from sleep by his bad dreams, the warmth of your body in the bed beside him is more calming than he’d ever admit, but he wasn’t even supposed to be on this mission with you, let alone sleeping in the same bed, so he just scrubs an exhausted hand over his eyes and hopes that the vivid images of the cage and Caliban and a roaring, faceless mob will dissipate and let him sleep.

“Fuck.” Warren pushes his hair back from his forehead, brushing away the clammy beads of sweat there and trying to ignore the way his hands are shaking. There’s a faint rustle of sheets as you stir and roll over to face him, and he cringes slightly, because it’s bad enough that he woke you up, but now he has to explain why he’s awake, and he never wanted you to see him like this. Weak, and tense and so, so lonely, and he really fucking likes you, but what’s impressive about a guy who can’t forget his daddy issues. He’s hoping you’re just moving in your sleep, but suddenly you’re right there, concerned and wide eyed as you look down at him. 

“Hey, you okay?” You ask softly, taking in his frustrated scowl and tired eyes. He just lets out a long breath, not meeting your gaze.

“Nightmare. It’s fine. Don’t worry about me,” he says dismissively, almost proud that he manages to keep his voice level. There’s a pause and he thinks you’ve taken him at his word, but then your hand slides gently across his cheek, tipping his head towards you and forcing him to meet your eyes, and when he looks at you, all he can process is how much better than him you are. 

“Warren,” you sigh, almost reproachfully. “Are you sure you’re alright? Is there anything I can do?” You ask again, your voice unbearably tender, and every fraction of impulse control Warren has ever had flies out the window, because he’s tired of wanting you and not being able to have you, and you’re so close to him. 

“Kiss me.” The words slip out unplanned, and his voice is quieter and more tentative than he’s ever heard it before. He licks his lips, taking a shaky breath. “Please.”

He doesn’t have time to worry that he’s fucked everything up because you’re leaning in and kissing him softly, and everything else falls away. His nightmare, his self doubt, his exhaustion; all gone. The only thing he can focus on is your lips on his, moving slowly as your thumb skims across his cheekbone and his arms go around you almost unconsciously, pulling you closer to him as the press of your mouth on his grows more insistent. One of his hands glides up the line of your back to rest at the nape of your neck, fingertips brushing against the soft skin there and you let out a delicate, breathy sigh that makes him want to elicit that same response over and over again, but you draw back slightly, studying his face.

“You should go to sleep,” You breathe, carding your fingers through his hair, and Warren swears all the tension melts from his body as your hand strokes gently across his scalp. “I should go to sleep too. You can kiss me more in the morning.” You say, and he wants to protest, but he can feel his exhaustion creeping up on him with every brush of your hand against his hair, so instead of contradicting you, he just pulls you in to rest your head on his chest, wrapping his arms around you and letting the slow, even rhythm of your breathing lull him to sleep. 

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Are You Being Visited By A Ghost, A Loved One From The Other Side Or An Angel?  

Everyone receives visits from ghosts, loved ones from the Other Side and angels. Even though many of these visits are meant to be comforting, sometimes the presence of an otherworldly visitor can be unnerving and even frightening. Knowing who these guests are, however, and why they’re visiting you can make their visit easier and often, even comforting.

Here are three ways you can tell these visits from one another.

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