scorching sun

(‘and the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. and men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.’ Revelation 16:8-9)

Apocalypse, Normandy ca. 1320-1330

BL, Add 17333, fol. 31r

It was about time to draw Timothy doing something friendly with Angel. And experimenting gifs.

 I’ve seen them together in other fanarts and I liked the pairing, sooo.. “why not drawing them like this?” I thought. Even if it all started because I wanted to draw Angel with braided hair. But it’s fun to figure out how Timothy and Angel could have sympathized in different situations.

 Also, I have so many drawings in progress, but here I am drawing these guys again bc I can’t resist

Liam=soul & Angelus=demon?

We’ve been having an interesting discussion on the Orpheus review thread, and I decided to give the topic a thread of its own. Feel free to join in.

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It is my opinion that Angelus doesn’t exist inside Angel. Angelus is created when the demon possesses Liam’s body and mind and rules it in the absence of the soul. Angelus is created by the demon’s essence which creates a new persona based on Liam/Angelus/Angel’s memories, feelings, personality, etc. Angel is created when the soul rules the body and mind, and the demon (which isn’t Angelus) takes the backseat. Angelus is a different person from Angel so they don’t inhabit the same body. After all, if Angelus is the lack of soul, then how can Angelus exist within in an ensouled being (Angel)? Doesn’t make sense. What Angelus, the pure demon, is taking credit for, is how the demon’s bloodlust (present in Angel and Angelus) influences and torments Angel.

So, to me, it doesn’t make much sense when Angelus and Angel fight each other. Are we to believe that part of Angel is being controlled by the soul and part isn’t because the soul isn’t yet completely inside the body (Willow was still battling Cordelia.)? I guess I can believe that? In Becoming, Angel didn’t get a soul instantly… 


Doesn’t Angel come right out and say that Angelus is part of him, and inside him all the time? If Angel is alone in self himself - why does he walk a fine line? Why doe he have to restrain Angelus? And how does Angelus know everyone, know how to manipulate them, and how to hurt them? Even in humans it is possible for a person to have several identities within one body.


Angelus is a part of Angel’s identity. It’s someone he becomes when he loses his soul. Angelus is inside Angel in the sense that the potential to become him is there (aka losing his soul). So, in that sense, Angelus is in him because “Angelus” + soul = Angel, but this is a manner of speaking. Strictly speaking, only Angelus or Angel exist at any given time because you either have a soul and that’s Angel or the soul is gone and you get Angelus. Like I said, it’s impossible for Angel to have Angelus locked in if he has a soul. You can’t be both soulless (Angelus) and ensouled (Angel).

Angelus is used to mean demon in most of the cases, but Angel is a demon too. There are two components to Angelus and Angel. One is the demon which exists in both Angel and Angelus. The second component is the soul or lack of soul. When there’s a soul, the demon takes a back seat. Angel is ruled by the soul. The demon’s desires to feed still exist within Angel but the demon doesn’t control Angel’s behavior. Angel has free will. When the soul is gone, the body is ruled exclusively by the demon and that’s Angelus. Even though Angel has a demon that wants him to feed and kill, Angel’s soul controls his mind. The demon that is locked up doesn’t have a personality or a mind of it’s own so it’s not a person. It only has a personality and therefor becomes a person (Angelus) once the soul is gone.

I guess this is hard to explain because of the lack of adequate language…

Angelus knows everything because when the soul is gone, the demon has access to the memories, personality and mind of Liam’s body and as such knows everything Angel does.

Angelus isn’t an identity exactly. Humans have multiple personalities that share one mind and the “soul” (Buffyverse humans have a soul, I mean).. Angelus and Angel don’t share the same soul so they aren’t personalities, but rather entirely different people. Case in point, Angelus knows about the Beast and Angel doesn’t.

Did this make sense?


I does make sense but I see some parts differently

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This monster is from a dream that I had back in high school!
I entered some kind of cloning lab that was lined with the typical liquid filled incubation chambers. There was something in the room watching me and I would catch glimpses of it in the shadows. I caught up to it, a small cherub like creature. It had pale white skin with blue wings and a bowl haircut. All it did was giggle and fly around the room, until one of the chambers opened.
Some kind of smoke or steam erupted from the chamber as it opened, and a woman with blue hair stepped out. She was pale like the cherub and she had unusualy long arms and legs. I knew that she was extremely dangerous, so I watched her from a distance. She turned her back to me and extended her partial wing. Her back began to ripple and warp and I could see more of the cherub creatures beginning to crawl out of the skin of her back. Impossible swarms of cherubs poured out of her back and began filling the room. In that moment I knew that this was the beggining of the end.