love: the ember


Ember Gleams - Silent Winds (Live in the studio)  {Jun 9, 2016}

“Every day I magic myself alive again
from the near death experience of trauma.

I swallow my heart back from
the lump it has become in my throat.

I taste my own memories
without the flavour of blood but as poetry.

I learn how to whisper my name
without it sounding like a curse.

I murmur spells to the parts of me
others have found to dangerous to love.

And after this morning ritual
I finally smile at the woman in my mirror.

Tell me again,
how healing is not a magical thing.

Tell me again,
how I am not made of sorcery.”

Sorcery from Wild Embers by Nikita Gill 🌸

Love 365: Find Your Story is OUT NOW!

This is your new one-stop shop for all things otome! Two brand new titles, and three classics are all included in this one app (with more classic titles to follow in the coming months!)

As of right now you can transfer your purchased stories from Love Letter from Thief X, After School Affairs, and Era of Samurai: Code of Love into Love 365!

To transfer stories: 

1) Go to the standalone apps (only those listed above can transfer at this time).

2) Copy your Token ID from the banner on the big, pink banner on the News page. (It’s pretty hard to miss.)

3) Once you have your Token ID, go to Love 365′s home page (the first screen that appears when you boot up the game).

4) Tap the button on the bottom right that says “Transfer from old apps”.

5) Paste your Token ID in, click Transfer and you’re good to go!

IMPORTANT: If you are trying to transfer stories from an app you’ve newly reinstalled, make sure to click “Buy” on the stories you’ve already purchased/want transferred! Otherwise, the app will be a silly-billy and think you haven’t bought anything!

*Using the Token ID, you can transfer from Android to iOS and vice versa. *You can only transfer stories ONCE.

Oh, and another thing! Please please PLEASE make sure to register a Transfer Account by either registering an email & password, or logging in via Facebook (Facebook will not announce that you’ve linked with this app, so you can keep your otome-ing on the D.L. - even though you should totally be loud and proud about it).

We’ve put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (gross! ew!) into this app and really hope you enjoy it!

We love you guys!!

And love? Love was something that did much to change a person. It brought joy as it brought suffering, and in turn brought about those moments that defined one’s character. Love gave life to the lifeless. It was the greatest of all living powers.

Khalid and Shahrzad from The Rose and The Dagger by @rahdieh