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Hit me with a cool fact of the brain!(short if possible?I have duslexia)Thanks!✨

Ok from where you’re sitting right now I want you to try and slowly scan the room from left to right in one smooth motion. It’s not possible- instead, your eyes move along in little jumps called saccades. Now I want you to lift your pointer finger up and move it along from left to right, following it with your eyes. You’ll now notice your eyes no longer move in saccades but follow your finger in a swift motion known as a “smooth pursuit”. This movement allows our eyes to closely follow a moving object and evolved to aid us in catching prey or keep away from predators. Autistic people, abuse victims and those under the influence of alcohol or drugs often show a lack or defecit of smooth pursuit.

Greetings! I hope you’re all having a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening, or endless time loop stuck on the same 30 minute loop of an episode of Fantasy Friends! We regret to inform you that we no longer have any Rabbit’s Blood, a large group of elderly women bought our whole stock. Very sorry for the inconvenience, but we should have a new shipment in before Monday!

My dear trans kids, 

Using body lotion or deodorant etc. that represents your gender identity can be one of those little things that make you feel happy when you are in the closet and can’t take any “big” steps yet. 

If you live together with someone else, you may worry that they will question why you use those products (especially when it would be unsafe if they found out you’re trans). Here are some possible excuses why you use them: 


- “I get headaches from the scent of most deodorants, this is the only one I can tolerate”  

- “I’m allergic to (something that’s usually in those products) and this is the best one I found that doesn’t have it”  

- “I love to try out new things/I got bored of all (..) products smelling the same” 

- If gendered body care products make you dysphoric, you might like to use the ones for sensitive skin, they’re usually fragrance-free and gender neutral. Using those will (usually) need no explanation or excuse at all.  

- “I noticed my skin feels less greasy/irritated/itchy after using (…) products” 

- “I got this one by mistake/because my usual one was out of stock - and I fell in love with it!”  

For trans boys: 

-  “Men’s deodorant works better/is stronger”

- “Girly products are often overpriced, this one is not in a pink package but it works just as well and is way cheaper!” (You may have heard of this called “pink tax”) 

- For trans girls: 

- “Men’s products just smell too strong/I wanted a softer, more subtle scent” 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: If using products that are labeled as the gender you were assigned at birth makes you dysphoric or not really depends on the person (and even for one person, may depend on the day or the specific product), so it can be anything from nice but by no means important to me to necessary for me to get through the day - and no matter where you stand on this, you’re “trans enough”!  If you read this and think “I don’t care about that at all” or even “But I like the way (..)’s products smell even tho I do not identify as (..)” or similar, that’s great, too! 


“You made a mistake.”

@florbe-triz‘s delinquent AU is pretty neat if you ask me.


My charms came in this week, so I’ve put these up in my etsy store!

It’s Joker/Shadow Mishima and Akira/Mishima! (I really wanted a joker/shadow mishima charm hehe…) It’s on 2 inches of clear acrylic, double-sided~

I actually didn’t print a lot but I underestimated the strength of the Mishima Boys orz… so I don’t have much in stock right now (like less than 5 right now lmaooo), but I’ll definitely do another print run soon for these, so don’t worry if it’s sold out…I’LL BE BACK WITH MORE! I’m just glad there are more people than I thought who likes this ship HAHA

I’m selling it for $8USD + shipping!

The store link should be at the bottom corner of this post for mobile users or top right corner for PC users(green etsy button) or if you can’t see it, click here (only works for PC users)! Have to do all these weird linking around because tumblr will hide any post with external links :’)

happy birthday, yuu-chan!! i hope he enjoys a big slice of strawberry shortcake!!