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Probably the oddest addition to the Bucky Collection. 

This is the full FunCcnio “Winter Rose” dress set from taobao. For some reason it has Bucky’s arm plates and star and several rifles as a pattern on the fabric, and an underbust bodice that sort of resembles his first outfit as well as a “silver” coloured left sleeve on the blouse. And the hat has tiny rifles on it. And a lot of roses for some reason. 

I like the outfit better without the hat and the overskirt though XD. Looks more true to the Winter Soldier. ._. If he… wore a frilly dress. 

I don’t know why this exists I just know I love it. 

And the care instructions have a chibi Bucky on it. No I cannot read it. 

This whole set was acquired for me by the lovely @truth2teatold who used her intense taobao fu to find this out of stock item for me. :D

jungkook x reader | 0.6k
— you’re on your period and he has no idea what he’s doing.

Jungkook is in a crisis. Note, this isn’t his first time, but the poor boy spirals into a cesspit of panic every single time. It’s not you who sends him to the grocery store this time round, he makes the trip himself – this early in the morning and one side of his hair still uncombed (which he doesn’t notice until he catches a glimpse of his reflection in the security mirror). 

He calls both Jimin and Taehyung at some point, but their advice offers no real help to him at all, telling him the same thing –

“Um, give her a kiss? A hug? Girls like that, don’t they?” They just don’t understand. Last month when he tried to hug you he got the fright of his life when you snapped at him not to touch you before shutting yourself in the bathroom (later on, however, you told him that you hadn’t showered properly in three days. Though Jungkook didn’t understand how that was good enough reason for him not to hug you).

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i just found a local breeder for blue rillis ;u;

*literally so hella excited rn*

hey guys if you still haven’t got that far yet and you’re going after the room with the diamond circlet thing in BoTW and you’re in the room full of ‘dead’ Guardians


equip your cool Blue Tunic Of Health Bar and you can identify and go after those dormant suckers one by one and search all of the truly dead ones at your leisure

then get the circlet thing from the chest and laugh at the bitter expression on your sibling’s face because you had it waaaay easier than they did

Blind Drunk

Imagine:Being one of Klaus’ hybrids, but you’re dating Damon and Damon randomly chooses Elena over you, so you’re getting yourself drunk and Klaus finds you after you avoid his calls and brings you back to his place to distract you. (Requested ~Smut~)

You slammed your fist back down on the counter for what seemed like the millionth time that night. How could Damon be so cruel? Fooling with your emotions like you were a pile of wood? Kicking you around under his feet. The Grill seemed like the only place you could get comfort, with their endless supply of alcohol. 

Maybe what triggered Damon’s absence lately was how Klaus turned you into one of his hybrids. It was unexpected for the both of you, Damon felt like he didn’t know you anymore. His perfect little Werewolf girlfriend whom he used to help on the full moon each month. After you had become such a creature, he was distant. It started with him not visiting you, it eventually led to you going to his house and asking what was wrong. But Elena was there to answer the door. Elena Gilbert had been with Stefan, Damon’s brother. She had never really answered the door for Damon before, which right then and there you should have known what was going on. But of course, you were blinded by your love for Damon. 

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Dating George Weasley Would Include (plus headcanons. Ps I just love these gifs for some reason, I MEAN THEIR HAIR CMON): 

  •  Braiding his hair into little braids when it was long in his fifth and sixth year. 
  •  Apologizing way more than Fred when you’re the victim of one of their pranks or products. 
  •  Constantly competing in Quidditch even if you’re a Gryffindor.
  •  Him and Fred trying to trick you into thinking Fred is George. They never even get passed the hello. 
  •  "I have an idea" 
  • “So did Hitler" 
  • "Wait did you just flirt with me?" 
  • "Have been for the past year, but thanks for noticing." 
  •  ”(Y/N), tell me I’m pretty.“ 
  • “You’re pretty fucking annoying is what you are." 
  • Drunk Howlers, even from Fred 
  • *George pushes a pull door* 
  • "You need to pull" 
  • "Aye, cheers mate, the next plan was to lift from the bottom" 
  •  "Are you okay George?" 
  • *in a high-pitched mocking voice* "am I okay? What the fuck" 
  • *Pulls curtain back while George is in the shower* "Hey are we - stop screaming - are we out of stock on the love potions?" 
  •  "Happy Birthday, April fools!" 
  •  "I’m more attracted to you when you’re wearing pajamas!” *George starts crying* “I just want to know that you’re comfortable!" 
  • "Hey babe I hope your day is memeingful" 
  • "I literally am in love with you but this shit makes me want to punch you" 
  • Fred likes to try and give George a heart attack by testing their love potions on you.
  • Falling asleep in front of the fire in the common room on the floor. You have pillows stacked around, you’ve basically made a pillow fort to fall asleep in. 
  • Always impressed when he comes up with a new product, they may not be very professional, but they’re certainly incredible. 
  • Making fun of his missing ear. 
  • But, loving him endlessly. 
  • He’s always taking pictures of you. Getting ready, sleeping, studying, reading, laughing, playing quidditch, running around like a mad man. 

anonymous asked:

Waah thank you so so much for translating Life. I had such a hard day at work and this feels trip was exactly everything that I needed; one of the best cry session I've had in a while and this couple growing old together definitely hit the spot. I'm so very grateful for you guys and the artist >_< gonna try to buy a hard copy in Japanese and it would be nice if I can possibly have some info on where to get it please?

You’re welcome! I’m so glad to hear you’ll be picking up a physical copy (´ω`) I’ve listed all the shops that I can think of below~

Shops that ship overseas: CDJapan | Amazon Japan | YesAsia (out of stock) | (out of stock)

Japan-Only Shops (but with bonuses!): Animate Online Shop (4p Booklet) | Horin Love Books (Bromide + Bonus Paper) | Toranoana (Bonus Paper) | ComiComi Studio (out of stock; Illustration Manga Card + Bonus Paper)