love: humanity's strongest


The dawn is breaking

A light shining through

You’re barely waking

And I’m tangled up in you

I’m open, you’re closed

Where I follow, you’ll go

I worry I won’t see your face

Light up again

Even the best fall down sometimes

Even the wrong words seem to rhyme

Out of the doubt that fills my mind

I somehow find

You and I collide

I’m quiet you know

You make a first impression

I’ve found I’m scared to know I’m always on your mind

Don’t stop here

I lost my place

I’m close behind

Even the best fall down sometimes

Even the wrong words seem to rhyme

Out of the doubt that fills your mind

You finally find

You and I collide”


I fear the day Humanity’s Strongest Soldier cries…

…. fear the grief that would force his steely blue eyes to let well-guarded tears to escape….

I also fear that when that time comes, I would not be there to hold him together, I who is Humanity’s Last Hope-

or be the strength he’d need to be whole if I was (there).

I fear for him and for us…

… For by that time, we would know what it is to be truly lost, because our burdens would have been too much for him who is our strongest.

Five days before Christmas.

I am in angst. I don’t feel it okay? Oh well.

SnK Ch 53:

  • Hanji’s experiments on Eren
  • Eren’s emotional breakdown while in titan form
  • Brunette Krista
  • Erwin being buddies with the military police guy
  • Erwin’s first (probably) love 
  • Levi Team’s hideout getting attacked
  • Eren and Krista (not) kidnapped
  • Armin pretended as Krista
  • Jean pretended as Eren (again!!!)
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Hey guys, it’s been a while, I know everybody’s been on a fit lately because of the sudden revelation, but come on guys this is RivaMika, our otp, don’t give up and just keep shipping! Okay that’s enough ranting, I’ve had this prompt in my mind a few times and thought I’d give it a shot… (credit to whoever made the fanart)


It was difficult to concentrate through the red haze of pain that consumed him; everything hurt, ached, so that all the pain blended together into one huge ball of agony. He faintly felt the trickle of blood as it ran down the side of his temple, matting the dark raven locks near his ears; more blood began pouring from his nose and some escaped through his lips.

He coughed as the red liquid made its way up his throat, sending droplets
splattering against the cold ground; he was dying, he wasn’t even sure on how or when it all happened, all he knows is that it hurt like hell.

He couldn’t even move. He was just there, lying on the ground, his body tattered with wounds, his clothes are soaked in blood. His blood.

His body, left to bleed to death, it was pathetic and at the same time disgusting.

He was Lance Corporal Levi, humanity’s strongest, for fuck’s sake, and here he was, dying, beaten by the thing he vowed to eliminate til oblivion, well there goes his title out the window. 

She fought to focus through the bombard of emotions and haze of tears in her onyx eyes, she should be strong for him, he was not dying, she shouldn’t cry, yet the tears just kept coming.

He was losing so much blood, too much, life draining away from those icy blue orbs. Even so his lips tilted in a form of a smirk as he painfully reached up to caress cool fingers over her cheek, smearing blood-his blood.

“Leave now Ackerman, find everyone and tell them to head back,” he ordered, his normally loud voice of authority now hoarse with pain. “I’ll catch up.”

“No you won’t,” she whispered brokenly, he was dying in front of her and she couldn’t do anything about it.

A sound rumbled through his injured chest, one that might have been a chuckle if it hadn’t been filled with so much discomfort. Mikasa bit her lip to hold back a sob as blood gushed from a deep wound on his arm caused by one of those monsters.

“True” he smirked, blood, straining the whites of his teeth, he lifts his wounded arms up, blood flowing down in the process as he made his way to her head, his fingers traced the curve of her cheek gently, whipping the few tears that remained on her eyes, he stops abruptly as a shot of pain passed his arms, more blood.

He saw the panic on her eyes as she hurriedly made her way to his wound, she was sitting next to him, focused on trying to stop the blood from flowing out of his body, he lost too much blood already, it was pointless to even try, he knows this, yet she was still trying.

He knows that the longer she stays here with him, the more chances it is for them to get seen by another titan, he loves her too much to see her get killed because of him, his selfishness; he has to let her go.

“You need to go now” he told her, trying to put as much authority in his voice to make her leave, she searches him with those odd onyx eyes, as if he just told her something unbelievable.

“I’m staying here with you.” she declared, damn that stubbornness of her’s, he could tell that leaving him right now to her was not an option, if he wasn’t loosing so much blood, he was sure he would be flustered, but love was quite the heartless bastard.

“Stop worrying about me, I’ll be fine, Ackerman.” He forced the words out of his mouth as more blood escaped his lips.

“Like hell you are!” she shouted, she was glaring at him, despite the haziness in his eyes he could still notice the slow trail of tears fall from her eyes, he hated seeing her like this and he hated himself for being the reason why.

“I’ll be fine-”

“You’re dying! How could you expect me to believe that you’re fine?!”

“Mikasa, put some faith in me, I am your captain and Iam telling you that I will be fine so get the fuck out of here!” he ordered, he could see the pain in her eyes as he tried to push her away, oh if only she knew how much this was destroying him.

She was silent for a while, and he was beginning to panic, “But… I love you.” He has forgotten how to breathe, her voice was steady and sincere and he could tell that she meant it, and it broke him, to see her like this-to see them like this.

Time was running out, he was dying and he needed her to leave him; her safety is far more important than his happiness.

“If you love me, let me go.” he fought hard to keep the tears from falling, “You need to head back, for my sake, Mikasa… please.” he struggled to keep his voice from cracking, he felt hot tears on his arm, she was crying, and every tear that managed to escape her eyes was breaking him even more.

“I-I c-an’t” she hiccuped, he managed to give her a small smile, despite his dying form, she couldn’t help but admire that smile, at least she was able to see it, even if it was for the last time; “But you need to." 

His shaky arms went up to grab her head as he forced her to bend down near his face, intense blue eyes met surprised onyx ones, and without any warning sign, he placed his lips on hers, it was unpredictable as it was quick, but it still managed to make her heart beat faster, he was the only one who could do that to her.

"Go.” He whispered to her ear, and despite all her efforts to stay here with him, the moment she saw him looking at her with those eyes, she couldn’t help but follow, because there was something about it-something about him, though there has always been something about him that has this affect on her.

She stood up, whipping the tears that remained on her eyes, and looked at the dying man one last time, the blueness of his eyes were starting to fade, and as much as it pained the woman to leave him, she straightened her self and placed her fist on her right chest, as she bowed her head, doing their stance. 

“Goodbye… Rivaille” and with that, the woman left. 

He watched her, his whole world as she left him and all he could do was stare blankly. She was gone, and he was finally broken. The tears that he’s been holding back came freely, for the first time in his life he finally understood how being loved felt, only for it to be taken from him so easily, but at least she was safe.

He clenched his eyes closed as his own body began to feel numb, both with blood loss and emotion.

Somehow, he felt happy as the life began to leave him. It was irrational, yes, but at least at some point, he was able to love and feel loved, he struggled to put his fist on top of his right chest, mimicking their Legion’s stance, “Goodbye, Ackerman.” A vision of their kiss; it was short, but definitely wort it, was the last thing he thought before his wounds became his undoing.

And if you looked outside the walls, in the middle of the forest, you could see the corpse of humanity’s strongest, with his closed eyes, and face finally at ease.


Sorry if its too angsty… So, how was it? if you actually want more of this, what ever ‘this’ is just tell/ask me, don’t be shy, I don’t bite, haha….ha… (my failed attempt to be humorous) Well I hope you enjoyed it.

Somewhere between Star Trek, BSG and SnK… I barfed this out…
I’m still not happy with Eren’s face… but if keep fiddling I’ll drive myself nuts.

I’m guessing someone (Hanji?) got her hands on an old polaroid camera and decided to snap a pic of the boys before their first mission together. This is Levi’s attempt attempt at smile? It’s as good as it will ever get folks…

Also, Levi has a freckle below his eye…sue me I think it’s cute :P

Enjoy the jumpsuits… I know I do ;3

RivaMika- Damn it Teacher!

RivaMika: Damn it Teacher!
Rated T
By Y_0206 //me~~ xD//

Mikasa Ackerman, aged 16, top student throughout the whole school. Pretty oriental, silky black hair, pink plum lips, big bright eyes. Always every teachers’ favourite and boys fawn over her.

Having such features both physically and mentally, it must be every girl’s dream, right? Wrong. To Mikasa Ackerman, it’s a high school nightmare.

When she was younger, her parents had passed away in an accident. Since then, the Jaegers had took her in and raised her up till this age. Mikasa had grown attached to her dear foster brother, Eren Jaeger. She tends to be overprotective over him, although he is the older one among them.

Enough of Mikasa Ackerman’s background. Why does the teenage girl claim that her own high school life to be a nightmare?

Remember when I stated that she was all the teachers’ favourite? Let me correct that, ALMOST every teachers’ favourite… Everyone except Mr. Rivaille. It’s thanks to him, that Mikasa does not enjoy high school one single bit.

It’s not that Mikasa never payed attention in his lessons, she did. It’s not that she never studied his subject- Language, she read books of different language in the school’s library. It’s not that Mikasa did not do well in Mr. Rivaille’s class. In fact, she was the best in it.

So… Why?

It’s like fate, or destiny, whichever you would like to call it. The two practically are arch enemies. They hated, and still do, each other’s guts the moment they laid eyes on each other. No one can stop their arguments, not even Eren, whom Mikasa would obey like a puppy with its kind master. Mikasa would never respect the older yet shorter man… While the man, being his natural self, would always want to, as he put it, knock some shit into her brain.

Yet lately… It seems that Mr. Rivaille is being a little more harsh to Mikasa than before.

He’d ask her to stay back after his lesson. He’d ask her help instead of any other students around him. He’d ask her to fetch his stuff from his office, claiming he had forgotten them. He’d ask her to meet him in his office during lunch time.

And all those events, are getting onto Mikasa’s nerve. One day, she cracked.

“You should knock before entering, Ackerman.”

Thus, here she is, slamming the door open of Rivaille’s office. Her usual stoic expression was replaced with one of angered. Rivaille was still as cool as ever. Wearing a pair of glasses, unlike he normally would, reading what seems to be a German textbook.

“You damn midge-”

“Watch your mouth Ackerman.”

Mikasa became furious, she went over to where Rivaille sat and landed a punch on his desk, shaking some of his stuff and making them fall. Slowly but steadily, the shorter man’s gaze arise from his book to the woman standing in front of him. A simple stare turning into a hard glare, but before he could open his mouth, she beat him into it.

“Why the hell are you doing this?!?”

“Doing what?”

“This. That. EVERYTHING!!! You’ve been such an asshole these few days!!!” Mikasa shouted in rage.

Rivaille kept his glare on her, mind working hard on how he should reply. Should he just come out with the truth? Tell her that he had fallen for her? Or should he lie and use the word ‘discipline’ as an excuse?


The woman’s patience was running thin, so was Rivaille’s… But his ran out completely when Mikasa grabbed him by his collar and bring him face to face with her. Lips barely an inch away from each other.

“What in the fuck’s name do you think you’re doing?” Rivaille said as venom spat out with every word, hadn’t she torque him enough?

“Answer me.
And I’ll let you go. ” Mikasa replied, oblivious to the conflict her teacher’s facing.

No matter how sharp her gaze was, Rivaille found her lips more alluring. He was sure that sooner or later, this woman was going to drive him crazy. So… Why not sooner?

That’s why he did the unexpected.

Rivaille grabbed both her arms that were grabbing his shirt, and pulled Mikasa towards himself after assuring that he is steady on the ground. Needless to say, Mikasa found her lips being crashed by another, preferably Rivaille’s. The woman was indeed shocked, never would she expect her teacher, Rivaille nonetheless, to KISS her! She tried pulling away, but her efforts were meaningless, as the man was stronger.

Soon enough, a simple ‘peck’ on the lips wasn’t enough for Rivaille, he licked, nibbled and bit Mikasa’s lips, making her open her mouth slightly, but big enough for his tongue to enter. He took advantage of the wall behind Mikasa, and pushed her towards it, earning a moan from the woman. As tempted as he was to continue, they had to breathe, so he released his mouth from hers. Yet, her arms were still pinned by his on the wall.

"W-What the fuck?!?” Mikasa manage to blurt out between heavy pants.

“Your damn eyes, lips, hair… Your body… I want them all to myself. Especially your time, so I asked you for assistance. ” Rivaille yelled to her.

Mikasa was rather dense, so she cocked her head to one side and stare at the man, not fullying understanding on what he meant.

“Tch… I love you, you stupid woman! You made me fell for you!”

As if Mikasa wasn’t already feeling shocked, now she was feeling more. Still, she was a woman, and so a slight, I mean, a deep red blush appeared on her cheeks. Mikasa’s blush deepened, if it was possible, and asked Rivaille.

“…how do you know if you’ve fallen in love…?”

Rivaille blinked. Once, twice, thrice. Mikasa Ackerman’s a goddamn female! A high school teenage girl to be exact! How in the world does she not know how it feels to fall in love?!? Rivaille huffed, feeling his cheeks heating up as well, he answered.

“When he is constantly on your mind. When you cant look, or find it hard to look at him in the eye. When you get jealous of others around him. When you can’t focus of something. When you feel happy and weird around him. That’s when you’ve fallen in love. ”

Mikasa was now in deep thought.

When he is constantly on your mind. All she had been thinking of is Rivaille for the past few months. From what he was wearing to what kind of expression he rarely shows. Sometimes, Mikasa catches herself staring at him during his lessons.

When you can’t look, or find it hard to look at him in the eye. Lately, Mikasa can’t look at Rivaille for too long, or she’ll feel this weird tingly sensation in her body.

When you get jealous of others around him. Jealous…? Mikasa did feel like punching that group of girls that usually surrounds Rivaille, asking him meaningless questions. And that other teacher… Petra Ral, was it? Mikasa felt like crying whenever she sees Rivaille chatting with her.

When you feel happy and weird around him. Was enjoying the time spent arguing with Rivaille counted as happy? Feeling satisfied when he praises her? Weird… Maybe it’s the butterflies that Mikasa always felt in her stomach whenever she was with him for quite some time now….

Was Mikasa Ackerman… In love with Rivaille as well?

“Ackerman?” Rivaille asked worriedly as he had hear no reply from the woman.

“I… Might have fallen in love with you too…” Mikasa said without thinking.

Now it was Rivaille’s turn to blush. He looked at Mikasa intensely.


“Y-Yea… I’m not sure…”

Rivaille thought about it, and kissed her one more time, before releasing her completely.

“One more year before you graduate. One more year before we can actually date each other. So in that period of time, I want you to find out whether you really love me or not. And even if you don’t, I’ll make sure you fall for me… Hard. ”

With that, Rivaille exited the office, leaving a still-digesting-information Mikasa behind.

Time flies, today Mikasa was going to graduate. Her relationship with Rivaille was normal, ignoring the fact that he became more of a gentleman to her. As Mikasa was about to take a step outside the school gate, she felt someone hugging her from behind.


“Leaving without seeing me? So… What’s your answer?”

Mikasa turned herself around and kissed Rivaille, ignoring the stares of the other graduates and some teachers on the scene. She felt Rivaille’s lips curved up as he kissed her back.

“I’ve been waiting for so long…” Rivaille whispered.

“Well, the wait’s over. Damn you teacher, for making me fall for you…” Mikasa replied.

Yo, so I wrote a song a few weeks ago because I was having massive ereri feels believe it or not and idk I feel this kind of discribes my “idea” that Levi really wants Eren to succeed so he can be used to stop the Titan problem and end all the deaths. So its in Levi’s point of view I guess and singing to Eren or about him? I haven’t figured that out yet…

But anyway I actually am happy with how this turned out which is surprising because Im normally never happy with how my voice sounds or how I play the guitar. So I hope you enjoy it and feedback is always nice but just be kind, Im not an emotionless soul believe it or not.

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