love: humanity's strongest

imagine levi putting make-up:

•applies a lot of eyeliner under his eye so he can look sassy and intimidating and all sorts of shit even though without it he would still look ‘bitch, i can cut you into fucking pieces in just a second & bitch don’t you fucking dare insult my height inside of your brain because i wont hesitate to feed you to the titans you brat’

•doesnt need to contour because he’s like 'girl im flawless af i dont need that shit, i could make men and women fall in love with my flawless af skin’

•also doesnt need to do his eyebrows because he’s like 'bitch dont you fucking dare think about erwin’s eyebrow, just dont fucking dare. im confident af with them and besides they make me look more sassy’

*credits to the owner of the edited picture, just got it from pinterest*

I love Danny Phantom. Love the show, love the (modern) fandom, with its angst and fandom OCs. I think DP is a very well-written, amazing show. But there are a few plotholes/loose ends that weren’t dealt with at the end of the show. I mean, THIS is as close as we got to see Danny’s parents finding out Vlad was physically abusing their son.

Which is sweet (even though Danny tricked Vlad into shooting at him that time). But they never knew the whole truth, even then. I’d have liked to see a full exploration of the “Danny’s Parents Find Out Their Son’s a Ghost” story. And finally taking down Vlad Masters/Plasmius as a team!


The dawn is breaking

A light shining through

You’re barely waking

And I’m tangled up in you

I’m open, you’re closed

Where I follow, you’ll go

I worry I won’t see your face

Light up again

Even the best fall down sometimes

Even the wrong words seem to rhyme

Out of the doubt that fills my mind

I somehow find

You and I collide

I’m quiet you know

You make a first impression

I’ve found I’m scared to know I’m always on your mind

Don’t stop here

I lost my place

I’m close behind

Even the best fall down sometimes

Even the wrong words seem to rhyme

Out of the doubt that fills your mind

You finally find

You and I collide”

Deliberate Beauty of Humanity

Drabble Request by @starswirlblitz: Dean x angel!reader? In which dean plays with her wings and it fluffish/steamy cause she’s ticklish but also has a sensitive spot that makes her squeal sometimes? I hope that’s okay?

Word Count: 1949

A/N: So… this didn’t really turn out as a drabble… I kinda woke up at 3 in the morning and had this itch to write this one and couldn’t go back to sleep until it was out of my head and that’s how you got a full-length oneshot out of this! Also, I just had to write Dean’s POV in first person. It wouldn’t work any other way. I think this is the first time I’ve posted anything in first person on this blog. I hope you like it!

Version en Español: La Deliberada Belleza de la Humanidad

You hoped you never got used to this. You wanted every time to feel just like the first time. Maybe it was that it was a human act, or maybe it was just Dean. Either way, you would never change a thing about any of these moments.

Back when Castiel invited you along to help with the Winchesters, you never dreamed that Dean would ever look at you as more than Castiel’s little sister. You hadn’t known that you even wanted him to see you as anything but an angel. Yet here you were, laying on top of him, feeling the rigid muscles of his body move beneath yours. Bonding with your vessel and becoming one as Castiel had with Jimmy had opened so many doors and opportunities for human feeling and emotion.

It was those very feelings and emotions that you been raised to believe were weaknesses that you couldn’t get enough of now.

Dean’s lips captured yours in a breathtaking kiss. He always had this effect over you. As soon as he pulled you into his room and locked the door behind him, you were right on top of him. Vessels may contain your true form, but it just added to the anticipation and intensity as you were forced to slowly explore each new touch. Some angels saw humanity as a curse, but they were wrong.

Even when your mind wasn’t clouded with Dean’s fingers digging into your skin and his tongue tracing the seam of your lip, you still saw the deliberate beauty of humanity.

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levi craving affection

levi feeling emotionally drained after long expeditions, feeling useless because he couldn’t save everybody, feeling done

levi creeping into erwin’s room, knowing that the door won’t be unlocked because erwin just knows

levi crawling into bed, making sure he’s on erwin’s left side because erwin’s missing arm reminds him of everything that they have lost and that they’re going to lose much more before the war is over

levi curling up into erwin’s side, feeling better but not good because he knows that even a powerhouse like erwin can be taken down by a single crunch of a titan’s job

and he doesn’t cry, but erwin can feel levi’s fists clench where they hold the fabric of his shirt.  on nights like these, erwin pulls levi just that much closer and lets levi fall apart, reminds him that it’s okay to feel like humanity’s weakest once in a while