ONE OK ROCK concert was freaking awesome. It was by far the best concert I have gone to. I have gone to many but nothing compared to this. With just genuine pure japanese rock music, everything felt so surreal. My bestie Melody and her sister Tina and her friend Karina had a blast. With pit seats cuz we waited 5 hours in line for them but it was so worth it. After waiting 7 years for them to come to the U.S., my childhood dreamed happened today. To Taka who is my love, he sang so well. To Ryota and Tohru you guys are just super sexy.. and cute Tomoya playing the drums!!! They ended with my favorite song, “Wherever You Are” and I got super emotional. I wish it would never end XD .At the venue you arent supposed to take pics but I did XD so here are some lovely pics for you guys too look at! I risked it for you guys!!