love. their. artwork

Cei and Corey Morgan, or as @yaboykeiji dubbed them - The Sunshine Twins.

Mars did such an excellent job bringing these two to life, and I am still overwhelmed by their work. I believe their commissions are still open, so check them out!

Corey Morgan is the main character in my novel, Three Simple Words. I can’t put everything she means to me into a few simple sentences, because they just wouldn’t do her justice. But she has a particularly close bond with her twin brother, Cei, even though they spent several years apart when they were young. These two would go to the ends of the earth for each other, though Cei is the one most likely to be upfront about that quality.

I could go on about them for days, but I will keep it simple and say that I love them, and I’m so glad I can finally see the two of them together. If you’d like to know more about them, send me an ask.

Again, I have to give a million thanks to @yaboykeiji for drawing these two for me!

@koko-kone drew zevet recently and i’m so beyond floored. it’s absolutely INCREDIBLE, and so unbelievably detailed– i honestly can’t get over it. i asked if i could post it to my tumblr with permission because i just want to share this gorgeous piece with everyone. thank you sosososososoosoooo much koko! ;_; i’m so grateful.

Wanted to try something to relax… haha. It is Sphinx- Cat-skull (I know it looks more like a bat xD)…. Not sure if I will make a few animations. Maybe when I am bored (or tomorrow in the nightshift, even when I should work on other drawings ;_;)~


This tale of our shared past is entrusted to the King of Kings.

The Six have safeguarded this star since time immemorial - each of a different mind, but united by this common purpose.

The gods’ protection extends to all creatures here below - even to the mortals created in their image. They are feeble creatures leading fragile lives and clinging to foolish fancies. The Frostbearer scorns these visions of ‘hope’ which melt like snow in the sun’s light.

Yet the Pyreburner admires their strength of will. For their reverence, he grants unto them his flame, and the world of man flourishes. His benevolence warms the frozen heart of the Frostbearer. The mortals have earned her respect; he, her love and admiration.

It is not long, however, before some among those men ascend to new heights of hubris. The people of Solheim spurn the gods who blessed them - the gods they once worshipped. The ungrateful mortals incur the wrath of the Pyreburner. He seeks to raze the very civilization his flames once helped build.

But the Six are sworn to defend this star and all of her inhabitants from harm - and, at times, from one another. The flames of war surge as Solheim fends off the Pyreburner’s fire. The gods’ pleas for peace fall on deaf ears and the battle rages on.

When the smoke clears, the world of man is in ruins, their star left scarred for time eternal. Wearied from war, the Six seek solace in slumber.

Today’s little piece of artwork. I’ve wanted to design my own tarot deck for a long time but never knew which style i wanted to do. Today i wanted to try something new and did the Moon tarot card of the major arcana. It’s so sad that the moon card has a negative meaning. But I’m kinda excited for the future cards ♡
To see my future cards you should check out Instagram ( zentaurius  ) or follow me on here as I will try to post all of them here

[edit: actually, it’s incorrect to say the moon card has a negative meaning. It has a few that I wouldn’t consider positive, such as darkness and loneliness (although in a reading they might actually be interpreted as positive) but it also has positive meanings! and btw I am currently on Card number 6 so if you wish to see all of them I will create a separate folder on m Tumblr page so all of them are together. <3]