put you to a test | shawn mendes

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word count: 3,064

author’s note: tw for body image stuff; i’ve tagged it as such, but here’s another warning. there are some dark thoughts and rude comments throughout this, but i promise things get wrapped up by the end - please know that most of the things said in here are the characters’ thoughts and not my own. all characters in this that aren’t shawn are fictional (i guess y/n’s only part fictional, but you know what i mean). title from “be like you” by ed sheeran. i love you, and shawn loves you too. xo

You hated mirrors.

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Happy 34th Birthday, Hayley Elizabeth Atwell! (April 5th, 1982)

“I would hope that young girls can see that they don’t have to sacrifice their femininity to be taken seriously in the workplace. But also they don’t have to rely on their physicality or their appearance; that it’s just as important, if not a lot more so, to be able to use their intelligence, their wit, their humor and their warmth to be able to get where they want to and to achieve their goals in life.”