13rw jocks when you're sick

request: would it be possible for you to write a preference about the 13rw boys and how they take care of you/react when you’re sick?? Love your blog thank you xo

warning: one curse words lol

a/n: this was more of the 13rw jocks, this was also super cute! enjoy! 💗

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Request: You had a similar situation to buckys torture and are rescued by shield. He’s determined to break through your emotionless, sassy shell and to help you in recovery. After a couple failed attempts He finds out you have a soft spot for puppy’s and surprises you with a rescue dog. Which in turn has her confronting him on what this is all about and feelings spill out like a brand new water park. -Anon

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 2237 (ha! Whoops..)

Warnings: Mentions of torture..

A/N: I hope this is alright! It feels kind of like a hot mess, but I didn’t want it to run on too long! Also the dog mentioned is from the hbspca, so if you’re in southern ontario and need a friend :) And yeah, one little part was inspired by Love, Actually. Feedback would be lovely xo

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anonymous asked:

I've been struggling with my sexuality for a while now, and I feel so confused and alone in this journey but your videos have helped me so so much. I came out to myself as not straight the other day, and I felt great. But I still feel confused. Do you have any tips on how to be more comfortable in your skin, or just get a clearer view on the world? Thank you for everything, I love you

First of all, HUGE CONGRATS. Coming out to myself was honestly the hardest part so you’ve made such a huge step in the right direction. I think it’s really important to be patient with yourself. Don’t think you have to be totally comfortable or confident right away. You also don’t have to have yourself or the world completely figured out overnight. 

Just know that regardless of what you discover about who you are, you are perfect exactly the way that you are. I love you back xo

Little Do You Know // Cole Sprouse

Hey girl, I was just wondering if you could possibly do a Cole Sprouse imagine where you have feelings for him but you think he likes Lili and he has feelings for you but he thinks you like KJ, and like I don’t know he gets like kinda jealous and then somehow confesses his feelings in a super fluffy way 💛💛

I’m so sorry that this doesn’t exactly show the jealousy you wanted and that I took foreverrrr to post this, it’s been a tough week for me (and I’ve only just got my Tumblr up and running again) and I’d like to apologize, but things will get better. I promise x 

Word Count: 1,280

Warnings: None

Characters: Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Casey Cott.

“Cole!” You laughed as he threw grapes at you. Your hands were up, trying to defend yourself, but it was really no use, because the childish male in front of you would end up throwing them as soon as you took your hands away from your face. “You’re such a little kid! Stop!” Your cheeks hurt from laughing so much, but you had a huge grin on your face because of the boy sitting in front of you, who you adored so much.

“So Cole, I was wonde-“ you went to ask the recently dyed brunette a question, but were interrupted by Lili Reinhart, your co-star and one of your friends. You weren’t as close to her as you were with Camila, KJ or Cole, but you and Lili did hang out between sets sometimes and you had been to lunch with her a few times.

“(Y/N)!” You heard the familiar voice of KJ call out your name, you turned around, and in those few seconds of you turning to face KJ, you saw Lili sit down next to Cole. You took a deep breath, standing up and giving KJ a hug. “Hey buddy. How has your morning been?” You asked the taller male, sitting back down. You could hear the pair talking about stuff that was meaningless to you.

“Hey, do you guys wanna go out to lunch? Camila, Casey and Madelaine are already out and they’re wondering if you guys want to tag along?” KJ asked, looking at the three of you. You nodded standing up and grabbing your bag from the seat next to you.

“We’ll meet you there. I need to talk to Cole about a few things.” Lili looked at you and KJ, smiling softly. You nodded, looking at Cole and smiling at him. “Just text me when you two are on your way,” you said to Cole, turning around and walking towards KJ’s car, starting a small conversation with him.

*Cole’s POV*

“Why have you not asked her out yet!” Lili exclaims once you and KJ were out of sight, looking at Cole with a wild look in her eyes. She had always loved the idea of you and Cole together, ever since you had started on the show. Cole took a deep breath, shaking his head.

“I’m convinced KJ likes her, and he’s her age, Lili! He’s 19. She’s 19. I’m 24! That’s a 5, almost 6 year age gap. I’m not sure if she like’s that or not.” Cole sighed, turning his phone on and looking at the time, but not before looking at the lock screen, which was a picture of you and him together at your birthday dinner (which had just recently passed. So you had just turned 19. He was turning 25 soon.) He smiled, shaking his head and looking at Lili. “Shall we go get lunch now, with our darling friends, Betty?” He grinned, standing up and slinging his camera bag over his shoulder. Lili laughed, standing up also and nodding. “Of course, my dear Jughead.”

“(Y/N)!” KJ exclaimed, making you, finally, pay attention to him. You looked over at the dyed ginger, giving him an apologetic smile. “Sorry. Lost in my thoughts once again. What were you saying?” You asked, biting on your thumb nail and taking a deep breath. Music from your ‘its so extra’ playlist (it’s an actual thing, guys. Follow it on Spotify @brandenisonn) was playing in the background.

“I was saying, why have you not made a move on Cole yet? You two are so alike, and you are both so happy when you’re with each other. Like, I’m surprised you two aren’t married yet.” KJ laughs, making you blush. You ran your fingers through your hair and took a deep breath. Once you two had made it to the restaurant where you and the cast members would be hanging out, you grabbed your black bomber jacket. Your hands were in the pockets as you walked next to KJ, thanking him when he opened the door and let you walk through first. He muttered something under his breath about losers going first or something like that, but you just laughed, slapping him on the arm.

“Hello, my amazing friends. I missed you all so much, even though just yesterday I was crashing a car with all of you in it!” You greeted your cast members, referring to the last episode you had just previously filmed. You sat down in the booth, next to Camila and taking a sip from her water she had on front of her.

You had all ordered food, and Cole and Lili had joined you, so you were all squished into a booth. All 7 of you. KJ, you and Cole were all in one side of the booth, and Casey, Madelaine, Lili and Camilla were all squished into the other side. You were all eating, stealing each other’s food and laughing.

It had been a pretty long day, so Cole had invited him to your apartment, suggesting that you two could play video games and just eat a bunch of junk food, or binge watch a TV Show.

“Today was amazing!” You exclaimed as you walked into Cole’s small, but decently put together apartment. You placed your jacket on the coat rack that was by the front door, kicking your Converse off and walking into Cole’s kitchen, opening the fridge. “Did you want a soda, Cole!?” You called out, hearing the familiar beep from the PS4 and the start-up sound, followed by a ‘yes please!’

You walked into the living room, placing the two bottles of soda on the coffee table and falling onto the couch, pulling the throw blanket over your legs and watching Cole set the surround sound speakers up. “I’ve never actually used these before.” He laughs a little, untangling some of the wires.

“I’ll be on Instagram; photographing your process.” You laughed, opening your Instagram and seeing you were tagged in a few photos. You saw they were posted by your cast mates, making you let a breath out and open them. The first one was posted by Lili, surprisingly. It was before she had approached you, and you were trying to avoid the grapes being thrown at you by the dark haired beauty that had a huge grin across his face. You scroll down to the next one, which was posted by Camila. It was when the two of you were squished next to each other in the booth. You could tell KJ had been cropped out, but you could just see his hand reaching across to grab the salt. You laughed, the photo being another happy photo of you two. You smiled, quickly turning off your phone when Cole sat down next to you, handing you the controller. “Pick a movie.”

You had fallen asleep long before the movie had finished, your head resting on Cole’s thigh, his arm resting over your side. Cole looked down at you, biting his lip as he started to speak. “I know I don’t show it. And I know you’ll probably never know. You might, but you also might not. I love you so much, I don’t like Lili, I don’t like Madelaine, I don’t like Camila, I like you. I want you to be mine, but I know you probably will never like me in that way. You always tell me I’m your best friend, and it kills me. But I love you so much and I hope that one day, you’ll share these feelings too.”

But little did he know, that you had heard the whole thing, and you loved him too.

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XO - Josh Dun


A/N: I intended for this to be straight fluff but Josh has me feeling some type of way while I listened to XO by Beyonce so this was the outcome. Enjoy!


Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Type: Fluff/Smut

Warning: Cursing, Slight Smut: Blowjob, Alcohol, i’m pretty sure that’s it!

You float around the flatland, the sun beating down on you in your flowy outfit and strappy sandals, searching on the colorful, thin sheet of paper for the next artist to go see. Since you just recently moved to California, you had no one else to take with you and when you landed a ticket to Coachella, you had to admit you were nervous going alone. However, you had never felt more free in your life. You stopped to get in line for a bar, your hair blowing in the slight breeze. You adjusted your sunglasses on the top of your head, now under some cover and shade. You walk up to the makeshift bar and order your drink, getting it quickly made and handed to you in just a few seconds. You go stand to the side by yourself since all the tables were taken, pulling out the paper again and looking for the next show to go see. 

You walk to get to the show a little extra early to get a god view. You stand a ways from the barricade, but once the concert started, you didn’t mind. As one song starts to play, you manage to get behind a group of extremely tall people. You try to fight your way around them, but the crowd isn’t having that. You resort to jumping like an idiot to see the members of the band, but in vain. You frustratedly try to poke your head around them, but another failed attempt. You look to your side to try to find a space to weave between, but an idea crosses your mind. A few feet away, you see a pretty blonde girl on a brown haired boy’s shoulders, her hands in the air, swaying to the beat on the boys shoulders. When you register the idea, you take a deep breath and look around to see any muscular-looking males in your vicinity. You see a neon yellow-haired boy next to you, and maybe its the alcohol (or the drugs you’ve been inhaling unintentionally all day), you take in a deep breath, tap his shoulder, and shout over the music. What’s the worst that could happen? 

“Hey dude, do you mind if I get could, um, get on your shoulders?” you shout. At first he doesn’t hear you, so you say it again, and a smile crosses his lips.

“Sure, yeah, why not?” He shouts back, crouching down. You climb on top of his shoulders, shouting during the process.

“Sorry if I’m like, fucking fat.”

Don’t worry about it, you’re fine!” he shouts, smiling up at you. You sit on top of this random mans shoulders, steadying yourself. You see the blonde girl a few feet away from you look at the man holding you up, giving him a smile while the brunette flashes him a thumb up. You don’t pay attention to it, and continue to enjoy the music. You lean down to his eye level and shout, “What’s your name?” 

“I’m Josh,” he shouts.

“Cool, I’m Y/N,” you respond, sitting back up.

You dance to the music, enjoying the amazing view you had of the artists. 

When the set ends, you hop off Josh’s shoulders.  

“Do you want me to buy you a drink?” he asks, walking towards the bar with you in tow.

“Sure,” you shrug. Josh hands you your beer, holding his own in his other hand. You clink the two beverages together before you each take a swig. The blonde girl approaches you two, holding the brunettes hand. 

“Josh, how sick was that show!” the brown-haired boy exclaims. The blonde girl smiles at you before looking at Josh.

“Who’s this?” she asks, smirking at you.

“This is Y/N, she needed help seeing during the show so I helped her out.”

“Well, bring her with you because we’re finishing the night out with Beyonce,” the girl excitedly comments. “Oh, by the way, I’m Jenna, and this is Tyler.”

You smile at them and Josh slips his hand into yours. You blush and Josh awkwardly comments, “So we don’t loose each other y- y’know?” 

You giggle and nod as he leads you through the crowd of people towards the next venue. You are a few feet away from the barricade, so you don’t have to sit on Josh’s shoulders this time. As soon as the show starts and Beyonce walks out, you loose Tyler and Jenna due to the crazy crowd, but you shrug it off, still holding Josh’s hand. You sway your body to the music and maybe the alcohol finally sets into both you and Josh’s brains, because before you know it, your hips move to the beat of Drunk in Love and Josh’s hands rest on your hips. You scoot back to press your backside against his front.

Then XO starts to blare from the sound system and the heavy smell of weed and alcohol and various other drugs hang in the air around you and Josh, but it only intensifies the ambience. You don’t really know what you’re doing and neither does Josh, but the next thing you know Josh lips are sloppily working themselves on your neck and you breathe heavily, the alcohol in your system flowing in your veins like your blood. You run your hands up Josh’s back, and you don’t care people are near, you run your hands up and down his tattooed arms. Josh’s arms come up to palm your breasts and you let out a slight moan. His hands travel up, cupping your face while his lips connect to yours finally, with Beyonce’s heavenly voice repeating the words, “You love me like XO.”

When the song ends, Josh’s half-lidded eyes gaze into your bloodshot ones and give you a sloppy, goofy smile with his swollen lips. You give the same giddy smile, laughter bubbling from your throat. 

When the set finally ends, you and Josh stagger from the stage. You clutch onto his arm and smile up at him in the night air. A large light reflects on his face while his eyes transfix on the big lit up ferris-wheel. Barely anyone is on it because most of the people are making their way out for the day. You and Josh run (the best you can) towards the big circle, clambering into one of the carts. The alcohol, still present but slowly fading, acts up again as the cart goes up slowly. You grab Josh’s face, kissing his lips again. His hands travel your body again, exploring the nooks and crannies like it was his job. You detach his lips from yours and move your hands to the obvious bulge in his pants. You palm him, and his mouth opens, spilling the most beautiful moan you have ever heard in your entire life. 

You quickly undo his pants as the cart comes to a halt at the very top. You pull out Josh’s erection and waste no time putting your lips to the tip, swirling your tongue around the head, tasting him. He moans again, running his hands through your hair, slightly pulling it, making you moan this time. You take him deeper, working your hand where your mouth couldn’t reach around his considerable length. You hollowed your cheeks, taking him deeper until he hit the back of your throat. You gagged around his length, making him moan out again.

“I’m almost there,” he threw his head back, moaning deeply.

You work your mouth around him faster, bobbing up and down until you felt him twitch. The cart started moving downwards and you run your tongue up his shaft. You take him completely in your mouth again, letting your teeth graze lightly on him. That’s all he needs to clench onto your hair, his length spurting and exploding warm liquids into the back of your throat. You sit up as he quickly shoves himself back into his pants, buttoning and zipping them as you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand. You sloppily climb out of the cart when the cart reaches the end and Josh gives you a peck on the cheek, now mostly sober enough to drive. Slipping his hand in yours again, he leads you to the parking lot. Josh offers to give you a ride to your place, which you gracefully accept, and you climb into his car. You would’ve tried to get him to take you to his place to finish off, but you were feeling tired so you insisted he drop you off at your apartment.

When he pulls up at your apartment, you lean over and kiss him on the lips, running your hand against his stubbled cheek. 

“Thanks for today,” you smile.

“This better not be the last time I see you,” he gazes into your eyes.

“Give me your phone then, if you want to get a part two to tonight that is,” you wink. He hands you his phone and you type your number into his contacts, saving it under your name. You kiss him goodbye again as you get out of the car.

When you reach your apartment, you immediately head to the shower, washing your body from the sweat and grime you collected throughout the day. When you got dressed in pajamas and laid down to get some rest, you received a text from Josh. You smiled as you read it.

I have to see you again. Let me at least take you out to dinner, though, before I take you back to my place and have it my way. How’s tomorrow? Sweet dreams baby 

You set your phone down and close your eyes, thoughts of the yellow-haired boy drifting around your mind.

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“You have sent the fanbase into a frenzy! And why’re you wearing like three layers of clothing? It’s barely cold out.”

Harry looks at his surroundings when he receives the text whilst simultaneously unlocking his car door.

“What do ye’ mean? I’ve not done anything! But how do you know what I’m wearing? I’ve not even started the drive to yours.”

“I think you underestimate my fifth sense when it comes to you, babe! Haha no, woke up to tweets about your long-expected-finally-showing curls. But seriously Haz, aren’t you burning up under all that?”

“Oh, I knew I wasn’t walking alone! You’d think I’d be used to it by now. But not really. Feeling a bit under the weather actually.”

“Harry, meeting my parents can’t be that bad that you’re faking being sick. They’re gonna love you, trust me.”

“I’m not trying to get out of going to your parents, kitten. M'really not feeling well. Been taking medicine so hopefully I’ll be better before we make our trip out.”

“Uh huh, let’s hope you’re not lying to me! It’s probably just anxiety, you’ll get over it.”

“M'not! Promise. Heading over now though. I’ll see you in a bit, pet. Love you xx”

“‘Kay! Love you, too! xo”


“Should have really at least taken the hoodie off, babe. Your hair’s damp and I don’t think it’s from rain!”

Y/N opens the door as soon as she hears his car alarm beep, Harry making his way up the steps to her place. He’s wearing his beanie, hair curling out from under it, and she can see why his fans went crazy.

She opens the door further to allow him to step inside, receiving him with a peck to the lips before shutting the door and helping him with his bag.

“Yeah, feeling a bit hot now, actually.”

She watches as he toes off his shoes. And she really shouldn’t gawk at how broad he looks as he raises his arms up and reaches to grasp the hoodie from behind, ridding his body of the thick garment in one swift move as he pulls it over his head. And then again to remove yet another sweater, leaving him in a white tee.

She walks over to the sitting area and sets his bag on the sofa when Harry throws his shorts over her head, chuckling loudly before walking over and engulfing her in a hug, pecking her head in adoration.

“Harry!” She whines, grabbing the shorts and aimlessly throwing them on top of his bag.

But her whines are drowned with the sudden press of Harry’s lips on hers, pecking lightly at first. One peck. And then he pulls away to look down at her, her lips pulled up into a smile now. Another peck. And he pulls away again, this time earning a light giggle. On the third kiss, he keeps his lips on hers a bit longer, his hands now on the small of her back, pressing her flush against him.

And for a minute Y/N had forgotten Harry is wearing a pair of white tights, but she’s suddenly reminded when she feels his bulge pressing against her, not in a sexual way or anything, but it makes it all the more…innocent? Having Harry so close. Being able to reach out and wrap her arms around his neck, playfully tugging at his beanie until she finally takes it off and puts it on her own head.

And it’s then that he breaks the kiss, with a light whisper of “m'gonna get ye’ sick, too, poppet.”

But she disregards the comment, instead she looks him over. The crinkles by his eyes from how he smiles down at her, puffy for some reason, his lips plump and pink from having just kissed her, his hair just a tad disheveled from having just taken the beanie off.

“If you’re as sick as you say, on you go for a shower!” She pecks his lips one last time before bringing a hand down to his bum and giving him a playful pat.

“M'not fakin’ t'get out of meetin’ ye’ parents, kit'en.”

Harry knuckles at his eyes, his other hand running down her arm to take her hand in his, his rings cold on her skin. He brings it up to his lips and kisses the back of her hand lightly before taking a few steps backwards. And he smirks when he sees Y/N’s eyes linger down south. But she doesn’t even try to hide it, eyes dancing on the verge of lust at the view of Harry’s outlined cock. Tights much too tight that it leaves little to the imagination, and they surely outline it perfectly. It’s when Harry clears his throat that she finally comes back out of her own thoughts.

“Can take a shower with me if ye’ wan’, poppet. Wouldn’t mind it at all.” And he brings his fingers down to the top of his tights, thumb sneaking past the waist band to adjust himself.

“Harry, stop!” Y/N’s laugh echoes through the house and she glares at Harry, but he just winks at her, “but as much as I’d love to, I have to finish packing. Now go!”

With out another word, Harry begins his walk to her room, but not before wiggling his bum her way, earning a giggle.

And Y/N can’t believe that after all this time, Harry still has the power to make her feel weak. Heart thumping, chest tightening, butterflies in her tummy weak.


The drive to her parents has been nothing less than a nightmare. Y/N would have counted on a complying Harry, but all he seems to be doing is complaining. At first, the car is too hot and the air is barely “breathable.” Then, after turning on the A/C, in which moment Y/N has to put on a sweater because even though Harry is hot, she is rather chilly, he complains about a headache. And after that it becomes too cold, and not only does Y/N have to take her sweater off for the third time, but now she’s also having to take her top off. And she would’ve appreciated Harry’s comment about how much he loves when she’s not wearing a top any other day, but at that particular moment the compliment’s only made her all the more frustrated.

So now, the drive’s become more of a chore than she would’ve liked. She doesn’t wanna press on Harry’s illness, knowing he’s probably just feeling anxious. But she does think he should maybe tone it down a bit and stop being so melodramatic.

Harry’s really beating himself up though. Doesn’t want Y/N thinking he’s actually trying to avoid meeting her parents. He’s been eager to make the trip ever since he first pitched the idea, and c'mon, if he didn’t wanna meet them he wouldn’t have even brought it up. Y/N was always going on about how she thought it might be too soon. How she didn’t want her parents to over step their boundaries and judge him because he’s Harry Styles and he might not be living the lifestyle they’d want their daughter to surround herself with. But after much convincing, she’d caved, and Harry’s been ecstatic since then.

So yeah, he really doesn’t like upsetting his Y/N, and he’ll prove he’s not backing out from this even if he ends up in the hospital.

After hours of silence, they finally arrive, but Y/N still doesn’t utter a word. Instead, she opens the car door as soon as Harry’s pulled into the driveway and putthe car on park.

She opens the boot and helps out with the duffle bags, leaving Harry to carry the bigger suitcase. And he has to find the strength in him to pull it out of the boot, stumbling back a bit from the force, his eyes blurry and head woozy. But he takes a deep breath and continues to lock the car before catching up behind Y/N, who’s leading the way to her parents’ home.

From the moment he steps foot inside, he feels it. He feels the warmth that a home should have. Pictures decorate the walls, personalising its surroundings. Y/N’s parents meet him with tight hugs and comments of how happy they are to finally meet Harry. Y/N’s mom makes a comment on how handsome he is, and he swears she might have even blushed when Harry smiles at her. Her dad greets him with a ‘son’ and Harry likes the sound of that.

Y/N excuses them after a moment, telling her parents she’s gonna settle them in her old bedroom real quick before having to head down for an early dinner.

Harry trails behind her, luggage in hand. She sets their stuff down on the end of the bed they’ll be sleeping in, shuffling about to unpack the necessities. Harry just watches her body move around the room, clearly still remembering where everything should go. He stands by the door quietly, fiddling with his rings and biting the inside of his cheek because he really just wishes she’d stop being mad at him, wishes she can just look at him at least. And he can feel the worry lines begin to form on his forehead, his lips pulled into a line in thought of how he’s gonna make this up to her. Not that it’s any of his fault, but he just can’t stand to see her upset.

But he continues to stand there, fingers running through his damp hair, eyes drowsy. And it’s not until he yawns that Y/N finally pays him any attention since they left her place.

She walks over to him and brings a hand to cup his cheek. She stands on her toes and brings her lips to his forehead in a light kiss. “Take a nap, babe. I’ll come get you when the food’s done.”

Harry complies easily at that, toes his shoes off and sneaks under the covers.


Y/N isn’t sure why Harry’s still asleep. She dragged making dinner as long as she could so he can rest longer, but for some reason Harry’s still upstairs.

“Be right back mum, gonna go get Harry.”

She makes her way to the room, peeking the door open, the room just a bit brightened by what’s left of daylight seeping through the window curtains. It’s odd, when Harry’s asleep there’s usually a wheezing sound, a sound that soothes her ears when they’re laid in bed. But the room is oddly quiet. She sees his body stir a bit, and it’s when he painfully grunts that she walks to stand over him, peeling the covers back just a bit.

“Oh my god, babe,” her heart just about stops at the sight of him. Paler than usual, lips a bright pink against his complexion. “You’re soaked in sweat.”

She removes the cover all the way then, tugging at his arm for him to sit up.

“Harry, why didn’t you tell me?” The worry in her voice breaks Harry’s heart, he thinks he really should have taken more medicine.

“Tried t’.” His body is weakly slumped, head hanging because he doesn’t even have enough strength to hold it up.

She’s working to get his drenched shirt up and off, tossing it elsewhere before pulling the covers around his shoulders.

“Oh I’m so sorry, sweets. Crap I’m really really sorry. You did try to tell me.”

“S'fine, kit'en.” He’s rubbing at his eyes tirelessly as Y/N walks away and back, towel in hand. She runs the soft cloth over his face, down to his chest, and wherever else she can reach before bringing it up to his hair. Seeing how week he is, she then helps him put on another shirt.

“It’s not.” She takes her hand to his forehead, and she almost loses it at how hot he feels. And god does she feel awful. Knows she should have believed him, or at least made sure and checked him.

With out a single word, she runs out of the room, and explains to her parents how sick Harry is before running back and taking a seat next to Harry who’s now lying back down, covers tucked under his arm.

He feels her tap at his shoulder to get him to face her, and gulps down the spoonful of medicine she gives him before she tells him her parents have called their doctor over.

“M'sorry for ruinin’ our first day here, lit'el one.”

“Oh no no,” as if she hadn’t felt bad enough, now HE’S the one apologising for being sick, that’s just like Harry to do that.

She wraps an arm under and around Harry’s shoulder, shushing him as she pulls his body closer to hers, her fingers trailing under where his eyes have swollen before tangling in his hair in soothing strokes. She kisses where his eyebrow arches, and Harry can only bury his face in her neck then, pursing his lips to lay a gentle kiss on her neck.

“G'na take care o’ me now?” His glossy green eyes look up at her, the lines on his forehead prominent.

“Until you’re all better, babe.”

Harry hums at that, and even though he’s sick and feeling awful, having Y/N with him, fingers running through his hair, help more than he can ever ever express.

accidents// sidemen

request: during the Charity Match you get injured during the pitch invasion which makes all the boys upset/angry because people did this to you and no one told them until they see you on the bus.

sorry this is so short and shit x

requests are open!

love you all xo

It was an accident, nobody meant to intentionally hurt you and you were fine other than a few cuts and bruises. However, you knew none of this would calm anybody down when they saw the state you were in. It looked a lot worse than it was, which obviously didn’t help.

The day had been going great all in all apart from the odd pitch invader and injuries, towards the end of the match you were practically stood on your seat cheering for the Vikk to score as you knew how much he wanted it and you got a lump in your throat anytime the boys attempted to set a goal up for him. But just when it was all nearly over, hundreds of kids ran down and onto the pitch.

You watched in disappointment as the boys were quickly ushered off, knowing that a pitch invasion was the last thing they wanted to happen and you were desperate to give each of them a hug. Just as you were about to head up to the friends and family area, a teenage boy jumped over the seats behind you which caused you to fall to the ground and bang your head off of the seat in front of you.

The pain was overwhelming and it forced you to stay lying on the floor, you had come alone due to the fact you bought your ticket after everyone else as you wasn’t just whether you could come. It was supposed to be a surprise for the boys and you had been so excited to see their faces.

A woman behind you hurriedly came over to you, checking you over and panicking when she noticed that there was a large cut on your forehead. “Oh, honey, I’ll take you to first aid!” The short, blonde yelled and you instantly noticed that she had an Irish accent.

Catherine, the Irish woman, helped you walked you to the first aiders and refused to leave your side until you was allowed to leave. She even offered to drive you home but you politely refused, you were intending to call one of the boys and squeeze onto the bus with all of them.

You rang the last member of the Sidemen who was in your recent calls, which happened to be Josh; the absolute hero of the day in your eyes. “Hey, (Y/N), did you watch the livestream?” He instantly asked when he answered.

“Erm… No, actually, I watched it from the stands,” you said hesitantly, “is there any chance I can get a ride on the bus?”

“You were here?! Oh my days, guys, (Y/N)’s here!” You heard shouts of excitement in the background which caused you to smile. Finally, Josh remembered you were still on the phone and quickly answered your question. “Of course, you can, but hurry because we’re about to leave.”

After what felt like hours but was probably only a couple of minutes, you found your way out of the stadium and onto their bus. Loud yells and cheers filled the bus as you walked up the steps, some of the boys were having a sing along but it all came to a silent stop once everybody noticed your presence. And then cries of concern were thrown towards you.

Everybody was talking at once, each person looking more confused than the other at your appearance. You had looked at yourself in the first aid room and you had to admit; it looked much worse than it was. The cut took up most of your forehead, however it wasn’t that deep, and it had formed a bruise around it as well as a matching one on your cheek. Your legs that were exposed due to the shorts you attired had scrapes and cuts on scattering across them and you must’ve twisted your ankle on the way down because it was difficult to walk on it.

Harry was the first one up and out of his seat, before he even spoke to you he gently led you over to an empty seat beside Simon who picked your legs up and draped them over his whilst Josh removed his jacket and placed it over you.

“Okay, everybody be quiet!” Tobi yelled over the confusion and again, the whole bus fell silent. “(Y/N), what the hell has happened to you?”

“I just got knocked over during the pitch invasion,” you mumbled, feeling nervous due to all of the attention.

The seven boys around you had nothing but pure anger on their faces as soon as the words fell from your lips. “Somebody knocked you over?” JJ repeated your words through gritted teeth, “did they at least help you up?”

You grimaced as you shook your head and everybody began to shout at once again.

“Absolutely ridiculous! I can’t believe what they’ve done to you,” Ethan exclaimed and the other boys muttered their agreements.

“Are you okay?” Vikk asked quietly as he handed you a water bottle that you took gratefully.

“I’m fine, just a little shook up.” You tried to smile, but instead you winced which caused Simon to reach forwards and run his hands lightly through your hair.

“You should’ve called us as soon as it happened,” said Harry. “I got the fright of my life when I saw your face.”

“Thanks, Harry,” you rolled your eyes laughing and Harry flushed red when he realised how his words had come across. “I was only trying to surprise you lot, if I knew that I’d be coming home with a big cut across my head, I wouldn’t have bothered.”

The boys laugh at your attempt to joke about the situation but you have known them long enough to know that the fact you got hurt at one of their events was making them feel sick. Each of them give you a hug and kiss the top of your head.

“Honestly, guys, I’m fine.” You reassured them and with a cheeky wink you joked, “but you do know this means you guys are all looking after me for the next week.”

“We wouldn’t have it any other way,” Simon raised his eyebrows towards the others and they all rolled their eyes at each other.

You slapped Simon for his sarcastic comment and snuggled further under Josh’s jacket, feeling ever so lucky you had such caring and amazing friends in your life.

Long Time No See

Kol Mikaelson Imagine

Requested: Can I request an imagine where the reader and Kol meet for the first time something like how Klaus met Aurora and then after the Originals flee the place they see each other again, centuries later and the reader is a vampire too?

Word Count: 578 words (3,031 characters) 

Warnings: Swearing.
(gif not mine, credit to the creator)

“You son of a bitch,” you exclaimed at the top of your lungs as you stepped towards Kol, fuming with anger he could practically see smoke releasing from your ears as if you were both in a cartoon “You left me for dead. Mikael hunted us for a whole century whilst you had your freedom” Kol stood in front of you speechless. In that moment he reminisced on the first time you met, it was back in 1002 A.D in the South of France in your family’s mansion.

(flashback, Kol’s POV)
I remembered her walking through the front door dressed in an angelic, white silk dress, my face practically drooling as I looked at her figure in the sheer piece of clothing. She walked towards the front of her mansion and greeted her father politely with a courtesy as her arm remained linked with her brother. I was transfixed, she lured me in with her presence it was as if she was the only person in the entire place.

She finally turned around, her smile brighter than the glowing orbs of light emitting from the chandelier above her. Her eyes turned to meet my gaze, I gulped, my heart racing faster than ever before. Her eyes fluttered and her eyes widened, her features becoming more prominent as I made a permanent painting of her in my head, and torturing myself as I wanted nothing more than to graze my hand against her cheek. I used to be a non believer of love at first sight but, in that very moment she was the one.
(end of flashback)

“Kol, you bastard answer me!”, You grew incredibly impatient as Kol’s mind was somewhere else. He shook his head and snapped back into the 21st century, he made himself familiar with his surroundings once again, looking up at you with tears forming in his gorgeous deep chestnut eyes. “I have endured a century of pain..” You explained, “I will not leave here today with my heart once again broken.” You continued, your whole body shaking as 100 years worth of pain coursed through your veins once again “You turned me.. You are my sire.. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Do you have any idea how you hurt me? Yet I still can’t seem to shake you off. I’m still in love with you!”, You sit down and break down, your body feeling weak and hopeless as you couldn’t believe you were still in love with him after what he had done.

Tears had released from his eyes and streamed down his face. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I promise you I wanted to be with you. It was just too risky, I begged Elijah to let you come, he however did not believe we were in love. But let me tell you now Y/N, You were the first love of my life. I still love you. Your love is infectious.. It.. It consumes me.” You look up at him, your eyes red and puffy as a small smile creeps onto your lips. You stood up and he grabbed your waist pulling you close until your lips were but millimetres apart. He leaned in and kissed you passionately, your arms limp by your side in utter happiness. You had wanted this for so long. It was finally happening. You found your true love again, and you were not about to let him go this time.

Author’s note: This one took ages, it would really mean a lot if you read this and shared it :) Thank you my loves 

-M xo

What’s that?

Request: @mythicbitchbarnes  : Could you write something where the reader gets a tattoo and Bucky is like “I got a punk girlfriend I need one too”? Like, however it ends it cool, I just need tats and Buck and his admiration for his cool girlfriend.

Summary: Bucky sees a tattoo he didn’t know his girlfriend had and immediately wants one too. 

Pairing: Bucky x fem!reader

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1,082

A/N: AHH, my first request. This is so damn exciting and I hope you like it! Writing this one was so cute ugh. Also, low-key summer soldier bc bathing suits. As always requests and asks are open and my masterlist is here. -Much love, Hannah xo

Originally posted by heatherpotter

You had just finished spending the day with Bucky training and running and although the intense workout took a lot out of you, you knew that you had the rest of the day off and you didn’t have to worry about any more training.

The pair of you were back in your shared room to shower off for the remainder part of the day. Bucky had taken his shower already and was waiting for you. You had a towel wrapped around your body and one wrapped around your head. 

You made your way out into the large shared bedroom and Bucky just stood there. Staring. “What?” you asked as you paused in the doorframe of the bathroom. He made his way over to you before lifting up the towel around your thigh revealing a bunch of outlines roses tattooed down the side of your thigh. “What’s that?”

He ran his finger along your skin before you realized what he saw. “Ohhh, that’s just my tattoo.” You shrugged it off as it was nothing and started to walk away before he pulled you back. “Just your tattoo?! Why haven’t I seen it before?” 

He pulled the towel up a bit again and looked at your leg. “Well, I’ve had it for a while now…. I just didn’t think it was that important or anything.” He looked at you like you were nuts. “I have a punk girlfriend….. I need one too.” He whispered to himself. “Buck, what did you say, I couldn’t hear you?” 

“I have a punk girlfriend….. I need one too.” He said with a straight face. You laughed as he looked at you funny. “What? I’ve always wanted one, and now we can low-key match.” He let out a huge grin. “Really? You wanna get one?”

“Yeah, why not right. When can we go?” you kissed him before smiling at him. “I’ll call my guy and I’ll book you his next open appointment.” He picked you up and tossed you on the bed. “Holy shit, my girl is so fucking cute with her little punk tattoo.” He exclaimed before kissing all around your face. 

He started to tickle you as you lost your breath. “Buck, Bucky-, James!” you squeaked out. He stopped and looked at you “Can I change now?” you said laughing, motioning to your towel-clad body. 

“Oh yeah. Go ahead.” He smiled and kissed your cheek as you walked away to put on a black v-neck and a light pair of ripped jean shorts purposely so you could see your tattoo. You called your tattoo guy and he made an appointment for Bucky tomorrow in the afternoon. 

You made your way into the kitchen in the compound and Bucky was sitting at the island telling various other Avengers about your tattoo. “You should see it, it’s super pretty and it suits her unbelievably well.” You overheard him say as you walked over to him and sat on the stool next to him.

“I promise it’s just a bunch of roses, nothing special.” You hummed as Wanda who was standing at the fridge tossed you a bottle of water. “Y/N, show them!” He said really excitedly. You stood up and pulled up the lower part of your shorts to reveal the upper part of your tattoo. 

“See, what did I say, it suits her.” You blushed as you sat back down and started eating the lunch that was prepared for the team. There was talk of your tattoo on and off throughout the rest of the day before you told Bucky when his appointment was.

The two of you were laying in bed when you told him his appointment time. “Really? That soon?” He asked, shocked. “Why? Do you not know what you’re getting?” He shrugs, “I do, but it’s gonna be a surprise.” 

You rolled your eyes before kissing him goodnight. 

When you woke up in the morning he was hovering above you. “Get up, Y/N, we’re getting my tattoo done today.” You groaned as you rubbed your eyes, trying to adjust them to the light. “I’m up, I’m up.” You grumbled out before heading to shower. 

Bucky was already ready to go and you had just pulled yourself out of the shower. You got yourself dressed and before you were barely done Bucky was pulling you out the door. 

When you arrived at the tattoo place you introduced him to your tattoo artist. “Hey Y/N, how are you?” 

“I’m good, Aaron, how are you?” He gave you a quick hug “I’m great, is this Bucky?” He smiled and shook Aarons hand “That’s me.” 

“Cool, if you come with me we can discuss your tattoo.” They left to go to a separate room, and you were suspicious. He still wouldn’t tell you and that led you to believe that he was up to something.

He sat on the tattoo bench but Aaron didn’t start tattooing his arm or a leg like you expected but his hand. Every time you would try to peak he would shoo you away. 

It only took about 25 minutes before he was done. He gave you the world’s biggest smile. “You wanna see it?” You rolled your eyes, “Of course, you goof.” He placed his hand in yours and you saw a little rose that matched one on your thigh on the inside of one of his fingers.

“See, now I can match my cute girlfriend.” You couldn’t wipe the smile off your face as you kissed him on the cheek. “I love it, and I love you.” 

“I love you too.”

@netflixa, @mrsstevecrogers

Be Mine, Valentine.

Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day and your long-time boyfriend has planned an extensive scavenger hunt… with quite the twist at the end. 

Warnings: LITERALLY 250% FLUFF 

(also, general lack of knowledge about a “berry picking farm”… you’ll see) 

Pairing: Lin x Reader 

Words: 3,033 (SORRY NOT SORRY) 

Special shoutout to my main homie and fellow scorpio, @hamilbye, for fangirling over this earlier. I really needed that confidence boost. You’re my fave ♥♥ 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you following me or reading this! I love you all and just picture me sweeping you all in for a huge group hug because that’s what I would be doing if you were all in front of me. 

You were unsure of the time you were woken from your sleep, but you knew it was early. Even with your curtains drawn, you were acutely aware of how dark it was outside. Shaking off your sleep and trying not to trip over your own feet as you shuffled across your floor, you arrived at the door. Simultaneously tugging your hair into a ponytail and peeking to see who was at the door, you were surprised to see no one standing in the hallway of your building. Perplexed, you opened the door to check again. Peering out into the hallway, you shivered in the cold air conditioning the building ran and almost missed the envelope with your name written on it. You bent down to pick it up and stepped backwards back into your apartment, closing the door behind you with your foot. Leaning your back against the door, you tore the envelope open. You never were one for patience.

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get up// simon minter

i’m sorry for how short this is but i couldn’t think how to make it any longer. i haven’t posted any imagines for a while and i really wanted to, so here’s a very shitty simon one. also, i got a lot of inspiration from this post!

requests are open!
love you all xo

Simon Minter was probably the hardest person to wake up in the entire world and you hated when the responsibility fell onto your shoulders to wake him up. Usually, if he was being difficult, you would just leave him but because the two of you were driving down to your hometown for the weekend, you had to power through.

You took a deep breath before approaching your best friend who was curled up in the middle of his bed, his silver hair peeking out from underneath the covers. “Simon,” you sang quietly. “It’s time to get up.”

Receiving nothing but a groan in return you rolled your eyes before nudging him lightly as you kneeled on his bed. “Simon, we need to leave in less than an hour if we want to get there in time for dinner.” Again, he groaned from underneath the covers and buried his face deeper into his pillow. “Fine, if you really want to be difficult.”

Within a second, you had pulled the covers away from Simon, laughing loudly as he let out a high-pitched squeal before he sat up and glared at you. “I don’t like you,” he croaked, his voice laced with the early morning.

You know you love me,” you scoffed as you sat next to him on his bed. He fell back against his pillows and pulled you down with him, resulting in a cry of protest from you. “No, we need to go!”

“Shh, just five more minutes.” His words were muffled due to your hair, his breath against your neck caused a shiver to run down your spine.

You sighed in defeat once he began to trace his fingers on the exposed skin of your waist; he knew that would instantly get you to relax. You and Simon had grown up together, so there was probably nothing that you two didn’t know about each other. Other than the fact that, after over twenty years, you still didn’t know a useful way to wake him up.

Just as you were beginning to drift off, Simon’s quiet voice broke the silence. “(Y/N)? Is that my new t-shirt?”

A grin broke across your face as the question passed his lips, it wasn’t an unusual thing for you to steal Simon’s clothes but there was an unspoken rule for you to at least let him wear them once before you claimed them as your own. “Maybe.”

“I’ll let you off this time, babe, but only because it looks better on you than it ever would on me.” For a reason you were clueless about, your cheeks began to burn at his words and of course, he noticed. “Are you blushing?”

“No, you are,” you groaned at your weak reply, and he looked at you with a stupid smirk on his face, “shut up, Minter.” You hid your red face in his pillow and Simon’s familiar smell instantly clouded your senses as you tried to ignore his teasing laughter.

Aw! (Y/N)’s blushing!” Simon sang, poking your side and grinning when you squealed.

“I hate you so much.”

You know you love me,” he throws your earlier words back at you with a wink. You laugh loudly and push his shoulder lightly, but obviously Simon over exaggerates and dramatically rolls himself to the other side of the bed with a loud yell.

“Why do I still put up with you? You’re such a dork.”

“Yeah, but I’m your dork.” Simon says smiling, before pulling you into his side and pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.

You can’t fight the beaming smile off your face as you lean your head against his chest, hearing his heartbeat speed up slightly as you run your fingers gently through his hair. You would love to stay like this all day, in the arms of the one person you will always love, not caring whether he loved you back the same way. However, you both needed to be up and out within the next twenty or so minutes.

“Okay, you’ve had enough time to wake up,” you say as you sit up and stretch. “Get in the shower, we need to leave soon.”

“Alright, but (Y/N), one more thing,” Simon speaks, his voice sounding a little deeper than usual.

“Yeah?” You turn around, only to be greeted by Simon eagerly pressing his lips on yours. You froze, shocked by his sudden actions but you quickly reciprocated, placing your hands on either side of his face and climbing onto his lap. He slowly moved his hands underneath his t shirt and onto your hips, repeating his actions from earlier and tracing patters against your skin. A few seconds later, you both pull away breathless and a little dizzy.

Maybe we can be a little late,” you mumble causing Simon’s laugh to echo around his room until you pulled his mouth back on yours.

        I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN!  These past couple of months have been those that have taught me many things and have given me a better understanding of why i’m here.  i have never felt so comfortable on this blog  ;  i have met some of the most amazing and talented people on this website!  i have made some of my dearest friends over the past couple of years.  thank you to everyone who has made this adventure a great one!  best wishes & much love!  

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request:  Can you write an imagine where cal is all moody and stuff while with the guys and they call you up to straighten him out and when you get there he gets all happy and stuff?

this is quite short and the request was literally only just requested but i instantly had an idea for it! 

requests are open!

love you all xo

All you had done for the past week was work and work and work. Your job had never usually been so demanding but since some of your co workers had caught a bug that had been spreading, you had to fill in their hours. This meant you’ve had very little sleep, barely had any time to yourself and you also haven’t seen your boyfriend for a little over a week.

Now, a week doesn’t sound that long but it felt like forever. With Callum’s usual busy schedule, you typically only just have a little bit of time together anyway however this week you had only spoke to him on the phone a few times with the odd text throughout the day.

It wasn’t the first time you hadn’t seen each other in a while, you had been together for a year and within that year there had been many holidays that you had gone on with your friends and it was the same with him. However, there was something about living only a few minutes away from Cal and not getting to see him that made it worse than when one of you was out of the country.

After what felt like years, your co workers returned and your boss treated you to a few days off for your hard work and owed hours. You had not long gotten home for the night, ready to enjoy a nice relaxing bath and an early night when your phone rang.

“Hello?” You didn’t look at the caller ID but immediately recognised Callux’s voice.

“Hi, (Y/N), are you still in work?”  

“No, I’ve just got home,” you answered, a little confused at the question and your mind immediately began to think the worst. “Is everything okay? Is Cal alright?”

“Well, to tell you the truth, Cal is being a moody little bitch at the moment.” Lux said through gritted teeth, “the boys and I were wondering if you could come and straighten him out? We reckon it’s because he hasn’t seen you in a while.”

Your heart melted a little at the thought of Cal being upset because he hasn’t seen you for a week, so you quickly began to put your shoes and jacket back on. “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

It was probably a miracle you got to the Tower in one piece as you kept nearly falling asleep behind the wheel. Your eyes would drop shut every time you had stopped at a red light.

As soon as you knocked at the door, Tobi answered within seconds and pulled you into a quick hug. “Please cheer him up, I think we’re all about to murder him.” He said into you ear which caused you to laugh. “He’s in his room. Good luck.”

With a playful roll of your eyes, you head to your boyfriends room and knock on the door. “Guys, I just want to be left alone for a bit!” He yelled through the door, his voice laced with annoyance that forced you to roll your eyes once again. 

When you walked in you saw that Callum was sitting up against the headboard with his laptop on his lap and a pout on his lips; exactly like a moody teenager. “Did you not hear me?” Cal snapped without looking up and you were slightly taken a back by his attitude; he really was being a little bitch.

“Right, I guess I’ll just go home then.” As soon as the words had passed your lips, Callum’s head shot up and a huge grin grew on his face.

“Babe! I didn’t know you were coming.” He practically jumped off of his bed and pulled you straight into a hug, which you quickly melted into.

“I’ve missed you so much,” you said, breathing in the familiar smell you had missed that never failed to comfort you.

“I’ve missed you, too,” he mumbled before lifting your chin up and placing his lips on yours. Soon, you both pulled away and Callum raised his eyebrows at you when he noticed you were still in your works clothes, which you constantly say is the most uncomfortable uniform in the world. “Did you come straight from work?”

“Well, I had to, I heard you were being very moody and a moody Calfreezy is the worst,” you teased and he rolled his eyes but the beaming smile never fell from his face. A loud yawn fell from your lips and you were suddenly reminded about how tired you actually were.

“Hey, you’ve been busy at work all week, do you wanna go to sleep?” Cal asked softly, his hands playing with ends of your hair. You do nothing but nod and Cal presses a kiss to your forehead before grabbing you a t shirt from his drawers for you to get changed into.

You practically collapsed onto his bed once you were changed and Callum soon joined you after turning the lights off. He pulled you into him with one swift movement and pressed another kiss to the top of your head. “I love you so much,” he whispered into your ear as he traced patterns on your skin.

“I love you, too, Cal.”

Even though it had only been a week, you were so happy to be back in his arms again because it was exactly what you both needed.

Dear Journal,

Hey, it’s Teddy here once again. I couldn’t not write in here after what happened last night. It was all I imagined it to be like with James Sirius. Well.. I haven’t “imagined it” but you know.. The thought of doing it with him crossed my mind a few times. He was a bit nervous but he was ready. Merlin he couldn’t stop blushing! When it was getting to cold, we climbed on my balcony and went inside in the house. I didn’t want my dads to worry about me not being in my bed the next morning. The moon was glowing. James was cuddled against me and my arms were wrapped around him. He couldn’t hide the smile on his face. Our legs were tangled together and I could feel his cold hands under the covers.

“Your hands are cold.” I whispered.

He nodded and I took hold of his delicate hands, placing them on my warm thorso. I shivered at the touch but the thought of James getting warmer made me forget the freezing sensation sticking to my skin.

“Goodnight Ted.” He whispered, cuddling a bit closer.

“Goodnight James.” I whispered back, feeling my lids become heavier.


I woke up to the sound of birds and wind. My window was still open, letting the morning light enter the dark room. I sat up and sent a look over my shoulder at the sleeping James. His hair were messy and his cheeks were flushed. I stood up and tried to find some pyjama pants. I was only in my underwear and I didn’t want Sirius to tease me about being half naked with my boyfriend, you see. I silently walked to the kitchen, hoping to find some fresh eggs to cook for my boyfriend. The house was silent… weird. Thunder was sleeping on the living room’s rug and a note was sitting on the counter.

« My dear Teddy! Remus, Regulus and I went to the market to buy stuff for your birthday next week. We’ll be back for dinner. Love you xo

Ps: hope you had fun last night ;) »

I rolled my eyes with a smile while reading the note. I opened the fridge and prepared breakfast for James and I. I wasn’t the best cook but I could cook eggs and bacon pretty well. I was concentrating on the eggs when I heared the door crack. I turned around and saw James. He was barefoot and wearing his boxers with one of my oversized Hufflepuff t-shirt, making him look so small.

“Hey baby.. slept well?” I smiled as he approached me silently.

“Yes, I did. You?” He blushed.

“I always sleep well when i’m with you..” i smiled. “Why are blushing like that?” I chuckled, pocking his cheeks.

He giggled and sat on the counter.

“I was thinking about last night.” He smiled, biting his bottom lip. “I’m happy I got to have my first time with you. It was great.”

“Merlin you’re so freaking adorable!” I laughed, picking him up and twirling him around.

“HAHAHA STOP!! HHAHA!” He laughed.

I set him down and he kissed me.

“Where are your parents?” He asked, looking around.

“Birthday gift shopping.” I said, my hands on his waist.

He set his forehead on mine and kissed me again.

“You should check your eggs before they burn..” he said, jockingly.

“Oh shit!” I said, running to my eggs.

They weren’t burned thank Merlin. I put them in plates with the bacon and toasts and we ate on my balcony. It was a sunny and warm morning. I was happy to spend it with my boyfriend. My best friend. My love.

June 17th 2014