Celebration Promo

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This morning I woke up to find that I made 95k followers! So to celebrate all the love I’ve been getting from you guys and also to celebrate less than 2 weeks until school starts (because I’m excited) I want to do a promo! 

Here are the rules:

  • Must be following me @in-pursuit-of-fitness
  • Must reblog this post
  • I will not promo any bodyspo/thinspo/proED blogs. I want body positive and healthy blogs.
  • Want to be in bold? Follow me on IG: @ec.fritzler or wordpress:  ( message me so I know you followed me)
  • Want a solo screenshot? Follow me on both wordpress and insta! 
  • If you unfollow me I will block you, because that is just mean.

I will promo my favorite blogs in lists of 5 starting immediately. This promo will run until Thursday afternoon :)

Love you all! xo

The time that Blaine starred in a Broadway musical uwu

Meet you at the restaurant. Love you. XO Kurt.

Arms full of bouquets wafting floral aromas underneath his nose, Blaine smiles at his phone as he descends the stairway of the theater with his bag bouncing at his hip. Signing out, somebody passes behind him and claps him on the back. There are murmurs of congratulations, a flurry of hugs, and echoes of pride as people commend him on his opening night.

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A 7 year internet based friendship became real life when my friend Annmarie came to visit this week. (Owner of Three Leaves Co)
Spencer filmed the shit out of our 4 days together and created something so magical and something I will seriously cherish forever. I hope you love it! Enjoy xo

Filmed & Edited by: @deejaybm