When you look at the stars make sure you realise how infinite this universe is and what a miracle it is that the human race is on this world. If you realise this, then know what a miracle it is that you are here: breathing, living your life, meeting new people, interacting with people, changing people’s lives, loving… You are so so special and make sure you realise this, because there is one of you in this whole world and there is one human who can be you perfectly and that is you. So be you, stay you, be around people who don’t contain you, but let you be who you are and who encourage you to be the best you, you can be. Because when you are truly you, what a clash of perfection it will be.
—  Jasmijn Bergsma 
Merry CHRIStmas! ♥

That the ones who were good or bad get what they deserve. 

when we’re drunk, @taibhsearachd and i keep talking about doing a podcast.  like drunk history, but for folklore and comic book plotlines.

just imagine two nerdy-ass lesbians doing vodka shots and alternately retelling the story of tam lin and explaining why civil war wasn’t as bad an idea as people seem to think it was.

that would be our podcast.

i kind of hope we do it one day, honestly.

Petty EXO-L: When will BTS ever–

Petty A.R.M.Y: When will EXO ever–




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Father God, help us to love Your people as You love them; unconditionally, selflessly and purely.

I just reached 1.5k followers! Thank you all for following me! I appreciate every single one of you! I’ve had this blog since February 2011 and I reached 1k in less than a year and it took like 5 years to get to 1.5k
I’ve lost so many along the way but gained a lot more and I appreciate you all for sticking around!

I love you all x


Happy Bday @5sos !!! Thank u for letting me meet all these wonderful gals (@muketrash, @cashtontrash and @itlukey ) and getting to know amazing people all over the world, it wouldn’t be without you guys 💖



Thank you so so much for getting me this far like holy crap. I NEVER expected to reach 500 followers let alone 100!! So I decided to do a little giveaway that’s a little different! A character pin giveaway! Like one of my ocs? I’ll send you a pin that represents them (for example Caleb = cupcake pin, Hank = cowboy boot/cactus/wendigo pin, Kuruk = bear pin) One winner, one pin! I thought it’d be a cute way to show my appreciation! Nothing over 20 bucks though I need to keep this within a budget ha ha;;


1. You must be following me (no giveaway/porn blogs allowed)

2. You must be okay with giving me your address so I can ship the pin to you! I plan on shipping it to you directly from the website so there’s no middleman issues from me!

3. Only likes count! No reblogs! That way it gives everybody a fair chance of winning!

4. Good luck! >v<

I’m still alive and not abandoning this blog! Between trying to save 1,000~ new Keith icons, work, setting up a new job (hopefully soon!), and getting ready for the con coming up– I’m very busy.

But I still try to get through things. More replies and asks getting done tonight( : I hope you all are doing well<3