Monsta X Reaction to: Realizing They Love You Back

Anon: Hi! :D Can I ask for a Monsta X reaction when they realise that they are in love?(the girl already told them)

Shownu: It will hit him when you’re with the boys. He watches as you feed Minhyuk with your own spoon and wipe away the crumbs. He watches you fix Minhyuk’s hair and ask the boys how their day was going. He finds himself thinking about a future with you, with you doing such acts for your own kids, and that’s when he knows that he’s in love.

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Wonho: He finally realizes he’s in love when you’re both fooling around, in tracksuits and bare faces and messy hair. Neither of you are exactly glamorous but something about the casual, natural moment makes him realize ‘I’m in love. I love this person and they love me.’

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Minhyuk: Will realize he’s in love when you bring him food. You’ve visited the boys plenty of times before, bringing food and snacks and drinks. He’s not sure why this time is different. But it is, it’s so different. Because this is the day he realizes he’s in love, as he fills his belly with beef.

He can’t keep this realization to himself anymore. “Babe, I want to tell you that I lo - “

He’s suddenly pushed aside by Jooheon, who’s rushing for the last lamb skewer.

“N - never mind, I’ll tell you later.”

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Kihyun: He realizes he loves you too during a photo shoot. He had been missing you all day and the necklace the photographer is wearing reminds him of you which makes him longing grow stronger. The more he can’t get you out of his head, the more he tries to figure out why.

‘Unless .. Unless I’m in love. Am I?’

But he already knows the answer to that question.

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Hyungwon: The boys are teasing him about his love of sleep. As they’re playfully asking “Don’t you love anything more than sleep?” his mind flashes to you and he realizes ‘Wait, am I .. in love?’

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Jooheon: It’s when you’re cuddling and eating snacks, that he realizes he loves you back. He felt he wasn’t ready to return the sentiment when you confessed but as he eats the snacks you made him, and as you lovingly stroke his hair; he knows he loves you too.

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I.M: The fact that he loves you too hits him as you’re both doing something dumb. You’re twerking and he’s dabbing with some Rihanna blaring in the background. And he suddenly realizes he’s in love and he starts to smile fondly.

‘How did I fall for such a dork?’ he thinks.

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hello hi your art ended up on my dash bc i follow the sanrio tag and i just wanted you to know that you made my day and your art makes me so happy and i love you aaaaaaa

!!!!!!!!!! :D ANON……. U ARE THE ONE WHO HAS MADE MY DAY???? im so  happy u feel that way <3 !!! i want to bring ppl happiness w cute art..

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Could I get some headcanons for team Voltron (+Allura and Coran) playing D&D? Who's the DM, what quests do they go on, what do each of the characters play on, etc? Thank you so much! I love your blog and your writing is always so amazing!

Thank you so much! I love you to anon!

So D&D Headcanons:
• Allura is the DM she is the only one with enough neutrality
• Lance is ranger elf. He fails every time. Chaotic Neutral.
• Pidge plays as a halfing thief. And somehow she rolls perfect scores. Every time. How. Neutral Evil.
• Shiro plays as a human Druid (it’s too real). Neutral good.
• Keith plays as a dwarf mage. He ends up being one of the most powerful players in the group. Chaotic Good.
• Hunk plays as a half-orc paladin. Lawful Good.
• Coran is a human bard (he thinks it’s funny to be a human) and he likes to play as Chaotic Evil (let’s face it he’s a Chaotic good, but he wants feel mean).
• Everybody hates Coran because a Chaotic Evil human Bard. What is he actually doing with his life. What will his character do
• Allura will sometimes give up and let everyone have a free for all.
• Nothing is free in this game.
• Allura accepts bribes
• Pidge hardcore cheats. No one knows how.
• And Lance gets unnecessarily angry at everything
• Lance knows the stats for everything. He’s I a huge giant ass nerd
• Keith is there for the ride. He has no idea what he’s doing but he keeps leveling up
•Hunk is honestly the most precious thing and no one will tell me different. He will sacrifice life to save the others and he gives them things and just…so pure

• Shiro wants to to leave

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okay but like, wow. i gotta confess, i sent in the one about blake proposing... and the one about ghira playing with little blake... and the one about blake giving ruby a piggy back ride. that's three pieces of art based on hc's i sent in. (i think two by the same artist??) and this one is just amazing too, i love it, thank you to the artist and to you for having this blog. i am just SO happy right now. it's beautiful.

@majdart This anon loves you :D

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Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people's asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it's nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Help spread anon love, not hate!

This is lovely, thank you anon :D

Also, done.

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Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people's asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it's nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Help spread anon love, not hate!

Thank you anon!! :D that’s so sweet •w•♥

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Happy birthday! 😄 May it be full of Ravus love! 😙

Thank you, dear anon! :D Definitely all of the Ravus love, that’s for sure!
Perhaps after I take apart my desktop PC to clean it, it’ll be a good day to do a This is Ravus gifset to celebrate, yeah? :D

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Can you please do a fanfic where annabeth is pregnant please; and just her life with Percy and stuff while she's pregnant? Thank you so much, I love your work!!!

Thank you anon! :D Here’s some headcanons cause there’s so much I can think of for pregnant Annabeth.

  • When Annabeth finds out she’s pregnant, she tries to keep it a secret until dinner. And is very successful.
  • She tells Percy by getting down on one knee and asking: “Will you raise a baby with me?” 
  • Percy stared at her in shock before smiling and picking her up to kiss her.
  • First trimester was rough for her. Her morning started at five in the morning with morning sickness. Then she just stayed up to get ready for the rest of her day.
  • Percy started to get up with her so she wouldn’t be alone. And he missed having her next to him. 
  • Second trimester, they started to tell everyone that Annabeth was pregnant. The first person on their list was Sally and Paul. They went over to their apartment and told them in person. Sally pulled Percy into a very tight hug. 
  • The rest of their friends found out during a dinner party that they were hosting. 
  • Annabeth and Percy made sure they remembered their diaper changing skills from when they changed Percy’s sister. 
  • They had races to see who could change a diaper quicker. Annabeth won most of them. 
  • Also the cravings that Annabeth had. She wanted burgers, sugar cookies, strawberry yogurt, and lots of ice tea. 
  • Percy tried to limit her to burgers at least once a week and unsweetened ice tea. Annabeth convinced him to give her burgers three times a week and sweeten tea at dinner.
  • They started to paint the baby’s room. Annabeth had a great idea of making the baby’s room look like Camp Half-Blood. But neither of them were artistic to do that. So they painted the room light orange. 
  • The start of the third trimester, they started to get more essential baby stuff; crib, changing table, stroller, rocking chair, and some other things that Sally suggested to them. 
  • Annabeth tried to guide Percy through how to build things until she gave up and started to put together the parts, Percy put it all together for her so she wouldn’t lift the heavy stuff.
  • As her due date got closer, both of them got really nervous. Annabeth was freaking out a bit more than usual.
  • Percy tried to keep her calm since her stressing out wasn’t good for the baby. He gave her foot rubs to try and calm her down.