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hi, nice drawing :) but maybe representing harley/joker as a ship is a bad idea bc its such a horrible, abusive relationship. I really really hope im not offending you bc i love your art.

To clarify,
I do know Harley & Joker’s back story.
I did read a couple of their comics and watch some of the cartoon series.

I drew D&P as Harley & Joker because I like their character design but I NEVER expected anyone to be overly sensitive for me drawing them in this AU

1. Harley and Joker are fictional characters.
2. my drawing didn’t show/represent their “abusive” relationship
3. the quote I use is from Harley, herself
4. people voted for the captions and I just use it.

Why so serious? xD
Idk, I feel like some of you guys are taking “this” a little bit too “seriously”
I am not offended but I just feel a bit annoyed
Quite a number of people are “blaming” me for supporting an abusive relationship and asking me to stop shipping Harley and Joker.

Drawing this DOESN’T mean I support or ship anything.
Its quite disheartening and sad, to see people assume untrue facts about me and concluding such ridiculous things.
If you dislike the idea, then kindly just step away from it and don’t give 2 fucks


Now. I know we’re all suffering today because fucking Min Yoongi wrecked our world. The amount of orgasmic screams that I could hear from tumblr today is just euphoric. BUT. I need your help. This may not work. But I have been telling @lets-go-north for a while now that Yoongi is going to make a way into her heart (or vagina). That he would completely ruin her and she won’t see it coming. Well. This mixtape is doing an amazing job in pushing her over the edge. But I think she needs a Yoongi anon. And I’m talking a very smutty Yoongi anon. Like don’t hold back. At all. Give her everything you got. She can handle it. Or she’ll die. Either way. This needs to happen. You know you want to. This way everyone wins. You get to write Yoongi smut and she gets to suffer. But I warn you, she does like to play along and it is very enjoyable to read. You’ll have so much fun. Trust me. So now, go go go! ♡

(Hanna, don’t look at this. You did this to me like a month ago and payback is a bitch)

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Do you think the hypothetical AOD sequels should have had Lara in her classic outfit?

Hi, anon! :) Thanks for asking. Nope, I don’t think so. Do you say this because of the recent TRAOD Lara renders dressed in classic outfit, where she’s with Werner? That’s because those photos belong to the past, obviously, they are pre-AOD.

There’s nothing that make me think Lara was gonna use the classic outfit in TRAOD sequels, and for two simple reasons: first one, the classic outfit surely ended up destroyed after her accident in the Kheops Pyramid. She fell to the void and almost died, logic tells me her clothes ended up torn and Putai, who rescued, healed and took care of her, probably removed them and throw them, which is what’s done with accidented people’s clothing, specially when you need to be fast in order to save a life.

But more than this, which is, after all, a theory of mine, is to be aware that TRAOD was a new start for Lara, a next-generation title, a “reboot” -but a well done one, without killing her essence and spirit, which is what Crystal Dynamics has done-. Lara was gonna never use her classic outfit again not just because those clothes surely were destroyed after her nearly death experience -she might have had plenty of previous occasions when her clothes could also be damaged and she would’ve simply replaced them-; but because TRAOD was, in all meanings, a new beginning for her.

Remember the scene when she loses her iconic backpack. This is totally a symbol. She finds it in Cambodia, when being young, and loses it in Paris, when being chased by the police. A beginning and an end. A metaphor that TRAOD was meant to be a new start for her and the series. Indeed, the first and only reboot truly needed for the franchise.

She didn’t lose her backpack in Egypt, ‘cause we see Werner recovers it at the end of TR Chronicles and we know he returned it to her in a brief, yet conflictive meeting between the events of Egypt and Paris. Then she loses it in this chase and we can see how she definitely renounces to recover it. And she just takes a pair of seconds to decide that.

TRAOD was, in the end, a new start, hence all the changes and innovations implemented into the game, and those many other who never made it thanks to Eidos and shit. The classic outfit was never gonna return because Classic Lara was never gonna return. TRAOD Lara is not exactly Classic Lara, it’s still her, but more grown up, more scarred, more experienced, darker and maturer in many ways. A lot of changes oriented to revamp her without destroying her.

In the end, an outfit is just an outfit - l’habit ne fait pas le moine, as it’s said in French-. It might be iconic if you want, but there were more iconic elements, like her braid, the double pistols -which, despite all the bullshit said, were meant to be implemented to the game but didn’t make it, as many other features-, and above all, her sarcastic, dark humor, and her charm, that were totally respected. Even the backpack has its own tribute, in the end. And poor Werner, whose death also marks the beginning of a new era.

That’s what TRAOD was. So, like Werner, like the backpack, like many other things, the classic outfit had exhausted its time and that was the moment and the chance to evolve to something different, still her, but different. A wasted chance. Shame.

By the way, in Putai’s FMV deleted video we already see Lara dressed in TRAOD outfit when she is talking about the past with a character who already belongs to her past, the Bedouin shaman who saved her life. At first I thought it was a mistake and that she should be wearing her classic outfit, but after I noticed it’s no mistake, since it’s a memory-flashback but placed in the present, not in the past as I thought first.

What Crystal never understood is that Lara was more than a mere outfit, double pistols, a backpack and raiding tombs. Which is ironic because they thrown to the garbage, together with all that made her unique, also icons like the braid, the sunglasses and, oh wait, also the classic outfit, except for Anniversary which is, obviously, a remake.

TRAOD sequels were meant to continue the story about the battle between the Nephilim and the Lux Veritatis and evolving into darker and mature ambients, locations and characters, so that’s why I’m sure the classic outfit, as many other many symbols, was definitely left behind, and that doesn’t matter at all because we still gonna have the most important thing: Lara herself.

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This might seem a bit odd, but I'd genuinely like to know where the Symmetra/Genji ship is coming from. Because that sounds like Good Shit that's right up my alley.

):y I don’t have a super good answer for ya anon!
I just think they’d mesh interestingly together.

Symmetra and her whole “for the greater good/ for vishkar” ideology would remind Genji a lot of the Shimada clan’s tactics, and his history with his family + how he ended up breaking away from them puts him in a prime position to interact with her. To me, Genji straddles the line between order, control, tradition- and freedom, individuality, and choice, in a way that I think Symmetra would be able to understand more than, say, someone like Tracer or Lucio. There’re conversations there just waiting to happen and MMMMM.

Sym has a control over herself that I think Genji would be impressed by. Her elegance, and wit, and razor sharp intellect- her ability to visualize the world around her as something better than it is- and her devotion to making that a reality; all of those traits are both admirable… and familiar. Both Genji and Symmetra are strangely hopeful, in a world that has warped and taken advantage of both of them. And I think it’d be nice to see them come to terms with that, together. Genji has a bit of a headstart (thanks Zenyatta), but I think… that there are things that both could learn from each other.

):3c and it’s nice to imagine them training together. Two very graceful, martially proficient agents whose skill is also their art. Hmhm. 

There’s a lot more I’d like to say about this but OH my goodness it is late and I am very fuzzy, sO, UH. This may not be the most clearly worded thing on the planet and I may have missed things but my gosh.

REDUX: Sym can deal with herself, but struggles to find her place in a larger, harmonious design with others. Genji has found his community, but I think the peace he’s found within himself may not be as fully developed as he thinks. I think they could compliment each other nicely, have some Excellent fights, learn a thing or two, and be really, really good friends by the end of it. ANd, u know, other stuff is nice too. :’3

But if you wanted to know how I started thinking about all this in the first place?
They were my favorite characters, and i thought they were pretty. uvu’’

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How did you make that gaster appear as a photobomber?

I would suggest for the mystery to be still wondered but that post has been roaming on the internet for quite a while now so I could spare to all of you the details, basically its -

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run by matt nathanson is such a literati song and it only /just/ occured to me today bc like. it can work for all of their "phases" too like??? their first get together, chance meetings, and just their overall arc together???? jESUS im in my feelings just thinking about this song + literati welp

…………this is extremely upsetting 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

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thank you so much for this blog!!! my cousin is Rajeev Ravi and it made me so happy to know that his work and name is known around the world!!!! I live in the US of A so I rarely get to see my famous relatives recognized and seeing that seriously made my day thank you so much!!!

AHH. Ah. AHHHH. aHHAhaha. You’re THE Rajeev Ravi’s cousin??! And you’re appreciating my blog. Wow. I’m flattered. Thank you so much. And him and his work ought to be known around the world, he’s basically the Padmarajan of our generation. So you’re welcome, but thank you even more for this message!