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i’m not alone this year.


I made Jack look like he has a prosthetic or robot body, giving him an echo eye so it seemed that rhys gave him a body and they are together/ruling together. Idk, I like the thought of it <3 

Hope you like it nonny! :D


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Anon Requested: AniShi 15.11.07
┗ A bigger and dumber face (◕ ౪ ◕)

valentine’s drabbles;

anon requested: Yugyeom + Candy Hearts → you share a sweet moment together that is promptly ruined by his members

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anonymous asked:

Hi! :) can you do Lon'qu and Gaius reaction to f!mu sacrifice thing?


For once, you will be selfish. For once, you’ll break your promise to those that fought by your side. You will trade your life for the millions of others, as long as evil will leave Naga’s lands… You glanced around to catch the ginger hair of your husband, his cape whipping with the wind as he dodged and sliced with his silver sword. He would understand… he always did.

Focusing your attention back on Grima,  you gave a final shout and a flash of lightning ripped through Grima’s chest and she glared at you, her mouth twisting in pain and shock.

“N-NOOOO…” she bellowed, her screech becoming one with the dragon you stood on. 

Her form dematerialized into small particles, which flew at your face, and you smiled from their touch. You heard the sound of Lissa sobbing at Chrom’s side and saw how Chrom shook his head, trying to deny the fact that his best friend will actually be gone, and he put an arm around the young princess to comfort her. Your smile trembled when you heard light footsteps coming your way.


The familiar voice of honey that flowed in your ears and stilled your breath when you looked into a pair of green eyes. The same smile that kept your heart bubbling was struggling to stay fixed on his lips as he walked towards you, and Gaius tilted his head with that small, gentle smile of his. “Piece of cake, eh?” he said, reaching to hold your hand.

You slightly chucked at his words and you glanced curiously at the hand that held yours, feeling a touch that was barely above emptiness on your skin. You realized that your time was running out, and yet, Gaius brought your hand up to kiss it. You noticed the way his eyes were glazed with unshed tears, and you brought your other hand up to cup his cheek, even though you felt nothing but air against your fingers.

“Gaius… know that I did it because I love you…” you said, your voice as soft as a whisper.

His smile grew, to savor the final moment and to reassure you, and even though it faintly trembled under his willpower, he still brought a hand up to hold your transparent hand on his cheek. “You did tell me before… I didn’t want to believe it but hey, you were always the sweet one here… I love you too, ____.”

On that moment, you vanished before his eyes,  and he kept a hand on his cheek, still feeling your ghostly touch on him. He finally closed his eyes, slightly smiling to himself, and he perked his head when he heard Morgan walking towards him. The young tactician stood before his father with a tear that trailed down a brown eye, eyes that matched the person he loved, and Gaius stretched his arms for Morgan to tightly embrace him, murmuring words into his ear when he felt his son shudder against his body from his sobbing. The young tactician that grew to be like his mother, and the greatest gift you could ever give him… the thief knew that he’ll keep your promise, to keep his own smile from fading, and now to give Morgan a reason to smile every day…

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midnight florist
  • midnight florist
  • idiopathicsmile

oh the countdown clock is ticking
but there could yet be a way to slip in under the wire
and when you’re clinging by your teeth
the fall starts almost beckoning but i’m still aiming higher

you got me searchin for a midnight florist
it’s a long shot for a short con but i am hanging on
a hail mary, game ender
or a prayer that gets returned to sender, won’t be long

when the god in the machine is nowhere to be seen
last ditch strategy: plan y then plan z

i’m down to hoping for a midnight florist
running back to paper over all the cracks inside the verse
and the angels of my better nature
wanna have some words but they’ll have to find me first

and you got me gunning for that midnight florist

anonymous asked:

Hey. I get made fun of in High School (and since middle school) for loving Star Wars. I don't talk about it 24/7, but I do quote and wear shirts from it. it's been getting worse, but I don't want to hide what I love. What should I do?

Hi anon! First off, I’m so sorry that this is happening to you, and you’re really awesome and brave for showing what you love despite people giving you a hard time about it. It’s a lot easier said than done, but at the end of the day, their opinion isn’t one that matters because this is something that makes you happy, and small-minded bullies have no right to take that away from you.

If you have friends who are also into Star Wars (or just generally supportive), spending time with and talking to them about it can help a lot - or even if not, maybe finding people outside of school (through extracurricular clubs or cons or meetups) to have some sort of safe/fun outlet where you can be yourself - at the very least, there’s always fandom to talk to online and for moral support :)

Some of my friends have been through a similar experience and mentioned that focussing your energy on other outlets outside of school, and on enjoying the thing you like, helped a lot with getting through high school - and as you get older you’ll find more and more people who like these things that were previously made fun of, and will be heaps more open to talking to you about it. THIS REALLY HAPPENS. :D And if you think about it, why are they even making a big deal about it? do they need to bring other people down to feel better about themselves, because they have nothing better to do? because they’ve arbitrarily decided SW is ‘uncool’ because it’s different to their interests? (in which case, they’re just wrong, because Star Wars is awesome ;D) 

I’m sorry if this isn’t very relevant or helpful at all, but if you ever need to vent or talk to someone about it (or just to talk SW! :D), please feel free to hit up my inbox at any time! I hope things will get better for you and you’ll be as happy Obi-Wan here, BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST AS AWESOME:

May The Force Be With You, anon!! <3 


Now. I know we’re all suffering today because fucking Min Yoongi wrecked our world. The amount of orgasmic screams that I could hear from tumblr today is just euphoric. BUT. I need your help. This may not work. But I have been telling @lets-go-north for a while now that Yoongi is going to make a way into her heart (or vagina). That he would completely ruin her and she won’t see it coming. Well. This mixtape is doing an amazing job in pushing her over the edge. But I think she needs a Yoongi anon. And I’m talking a very smutty Yoongi anon. Like don’t hold back. At all. Give her everything you got. She can handle it. Or she’ll die. Either way. This needs to happen. You know you want to. This way everyone wins. You get to write Yoongi smut and she gets to suffer. But I warn you, she does like to play along and it is very enjoyable to read. You’ll have so much fun. Trust me. So now, go go go! ♡

(Hanna, don’t look at this. You did this to me like a month ago and payback is a bitch)

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