Monsta X Reaction to: Realizing They Love You Back

Anon: Hi! :D Can I ask for a Monsta X reaction when they realise that they are in love?(the girl already told them)

Shownu: It will hit him when you’re with the boys. He watches as you feed Minhyuk with your own spoon and wipe away the crumbs. He watches you fix Minhyuk’s hair and ask the boys how their day was going. He finds himself thinking about a future with you, with you doing such acts for your own kids, and that’s when he knows that he’s in love.

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Wonho: He finally realizes he’s in love when you’re both fooling around, in tracksuits and bare faces and messy hair. Neither of you are exactly glamorous but something about the casual, natural moment makes him realize ‘I’m in love. I love this person and they love me.’

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Minhyuk: Will realize he’s in love when you bring him food. You’ve visited the boys plenty of times before, bringing food and snacks and drinks. He’s not sure why this time is different. But it is, it’s so different. Because this is the day he realizes he’s in love, as he fills his belly with beef.

He can’t keep this realization to himself anymore. “Babe, I want to tell you that I lo - “

He’s suddenly pushed aside by Jooheon, who’s rushing for the last lamb skewer.

“N - never mind, I’ll tell you later.”

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Kihyun: He realizes he loves you too during a photo shoot. He had been missing you all day and the necklace the photographer is wearing reminds him of you which makes him longing grow stronger. The more he can’t get you out of his head, the more he tries to figure out why.

‘Unless .. Unless I’m in love. Am I?’

But he already knows the answer to that question.

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Hyungwon: The boys are teasing him about his love of sleep. As they’re playfully asking “Don’t you love anything more than sleep?” his mind flashes to you and he realizes ‘Wait, am I .. in love?’

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Jooheon: It’s when you’re cuddling and eating snacks, that he realizes he loves you back. He felt he wasn’t ready to return the sentiment when you confessed but as he eats the snacks you made him, and as you lovingly stroke his hair; he knows he loves you too.

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I.M: The fact that he loves you too hits him as you’re both doing something dumb. You’re twerking and he’s dabbing with some Rihanna blaring in the background. And he suddenly realizes he’s in love and he starts to smile fondly.

‘How did I fall for such a dork?’ he thinks.

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Hi! I have a thiam prompt! Can you do Theo having a nightmare while in bed with Liam? P.s. I only recently found your blog but omfg I love it


  • theo is really bad at sleeping. there’s only so many bad habits one can break, and a ten-year-long one from being forced to live with the dread doctors is not one of those breakable ones.
  • so he doesn’t sleep well in general. even before he was dragged to hell he had a hard time going to bed; he was something of an insomniac and often lost track of time.
  • now that he’s back from hell, though, his sleep schedule is pretty regular, but he’s still SUPER BAD at staying asleep. hell was Not A Fun Time (enough said) and the nightmares often wake him up.
  • and not in a pretty way. he’ll lash out, kicking and screaming, to the point where if he Knows he’s going to have a bad night he’ll just avoid sleeping with liam entirely because he doesn’t want to hurt liam (even though, intellectually, he knows liam will heal)
  • but when he does have a sudden nightmare, as he has to sleep at some point, liam just clings to him like a limpet, still half-asleep but aware that theo’s going through a rough spot.
  • hell might be hot for some people but for theo it was cold as a witch’s bottom, like the dread doctors’ labs, like how his heart feels on some days. so liam being super clingy and hot like a furnace is comforting and grounding
  • if liam’s not like dead asleep he’ll put his hand gently over theo’s sternum. it’s a big trust thing, but he’s also reminding theo that his sister’s heart is still sitting there in his chest and that he’s okay and everything will be good when the sun comes up again.
  • theo usually won’t sleep for the rest of the night. he can get hella bored (which, once, led him to learn how to make liam’s favorite meals in the dead of night) but for the most part he just lays there and stares at liam’s face. 
  • the next day liam will give him LOTS OF HUGS and cheek kisses and theo will power nap while he makes breakfast. it can be rough sometimes but they love each other and they’ll make it through the night, no matter what happens. :)

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Could I get some headcanons for team Voltron (+Allura and Coran) playing D&D? Who's the DM, what quests do they go on, what do each of the characters play on, etc? Thank you so much! I love your blog and your writing is always so amazing!

Thank you so much! I love you to anon!

So D&D Headcanons:
• Allura is the DM she is the only one with enough neutrality
• Lance is ranger elf. He fails every time. Chaotic Neutral.
• Pidge plays as a halfing thief. And somehow she rolls perfect scores. Every time. How. Neutral Evil.
• Shiro plays as a human Druid (it’s too real). Neutral good.
• Keith plays as a dwarf mage. He ends up being one of the most powerful players in the group. Chaotic Good.
• Hunk plays as a half-orc paladin. Lawful Good.
• Coran is a human bard (he thinks it’s funny to be a human) and he likes to play as Chaotic Evil (let’s face it he’s a Chaotic good, but he wants feel mean).
• Everybody hates Coran because a Chaotic Evil human Bard. What is he actually doing with his life. What will his character do
• Allura will sometimes give up and let everyone have a free for all.
• Nothing is free in this game.
• Allura accepts bribes
• Pidge hardcore cheats. No one knows how.
• And Lance gets unnecessarily angry at everything
• Lance knows the stats for everything. He’s I a huge giant ass nerd
• Keith is there for the ride. He has no idea what he’s doing but he keeps leveling up
•Hunk is honestly the most precious thing and no one will tell me different. He will sacrifice life to save the others and he gives them things and just…so pure

• Shiro wants to to leave

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Won't you tell me your name is sooooo good! I love that Chris came to visit Peter, it just punched me right in the heart. Stiles being the only one in the know is the best thing ever, honestly having him egg Chris into holding Peter's hand was excellent. I hope that part about soulmates touch helping healing is foreshadowing that Petet will wake up sooner (and saner) then in canon. This was great, thanks for sharing!

Eee, I love you anon :D I’m glad you like it & yess that is totally what’s coming up. Peter’s still spending some time in his coma (4ish years) but he’s waking up without a melty coma brain & the worst he’s getting is an attachment to his favorite visitor not that Stiles is complaining all that much

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Hey I don’t usually message authors and I know absolutely nothing about k-pop (I found ur stories through the soulmate au tag) but I just want u to know that I fucking love your angst anything that will cause me emotional suffering makes my day bless and thank u very much 10/10 I love u

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m so happy my writing can reach different audiences and connect other people. I love you too dear anon :D

(That being said you should totally check out some kpop I promise you won’t regret it :P)

(Not forcing you or anything but yeah)

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i love you , you are part of my life now since... september??¿? just ONE MONTH? it feels like always omg thank you

It does feel like I’ve been doing this longer longer huh? But truthfully it’s not even been 2 months XD I’m glad you appreciate my blog and writing so much though. I love you too anon. :D

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Astral, for the character meme

Why thank you lovely anon! :D

Why I like them:

HE’S PERFECT?!?! Ahem, seriously tho, Astral is such a good character! I love the way he grows from an emotionless being to a beloved friend over the course if the show. I love his adorable curiosity, his funny observations, and his vulnerability, and he’s got cute face and?? He’s just good ;~;

Why I don’t:

He leaves!! In both continuites!! >:c

Favorite episode (scene if movie):

Literally all the really emotional ones, but 121 and 146 are especially my faves!

Favorite season/movie:

Five and six! Though early season 1 Astral was a blast too XD

Favorite line:

Sub or dub? Sub would definitely be the ‘I loved your smile’ *heart eyes* Dub would be ’ Yuma your embarrassing me and I’m invisible’

Favorite outfit:

He’s naked?? Unless you count glowing crotch 4kids put on him XD




Him and literally everybody, but I really like the dynamic between him and Kotori (and Haruto and Kaito and Ryouga and Rio and…)

Head Canon:

Instead of blushing, Astral’s makings glow! He stands on his tiptoes when he gets a human form because he likes to feel tall! He has a terrible sleep schedule because he’s never done it before! He cried at the Esper Robin series finale! He and Yuma formed Zexal to let him eat lots of different foods!!

Unpopular opinion:

Don’t really have one? Um, he’s shippable with literally the entire cast.

A wish:


An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen:

Never let him try to sacrifice himself again. Ever.

5 words to best describe them:

My blue alien baby child~

My nickname for them:


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Can you please do a fanfic where annabeth is pregnant please; and just her life with Percy and stuff while she's pregnant? Thank you so much, I love your work!!!

Thank you anon! :D Here’s some headcanons cause there’s so much I can think of for pregnant Annabeth.

  • When Annabeth finds out she’s pregnant, she tries to keep it a secret until dinner. And is very successful.
  • She tells Percy by getting down on one knee and asking: “Will you raise a baby with me?” 
  • Percy stared at her in shock before smiling and picking her up to kiss her.
  • First trimester was rough for her. Her morning started at five in the morning with morning sickness. Then she just stayed up to get ready for the rest of her day.
  • Percy started to get up with her so she wouldn’t be alone. And he missed having her next to him. 
  • Second trimester, they started to tell everyone that Annabeth was pregnant. The first person on their list was Sally and Paul. They went over to their apartment and told them in person. Sally pulled Percy into a very tight hug. 
  • The rest of their friends found out during a dinner party that they were hosting. 
  • Annabeth and Percy made sure they remembered their diaper changing skills from when they changed Percy’s sister. 
  • They had races to see who could change a diaper quicker. Annabeth won most of them. 
  • Also the cravings that Annabeth had. She wanted burgers, sugar cookies, strawberry yogurt, and lots of ice tea. 
  • Percy tried to limit her to burgers at least once a week and unsweetened ice tea. Annabeth convinced him to give her burgers three times a week and sweeten tea at dinner.
  • They started to paint the baby’s room. Annabeth had a great idea of making the baby’s room look like Camp Half-Blood. But neither of them were artistic to do that. So they painted the room light orange. 
  • The start of the third trimester, they started to get more essential baby stuff; crib, changing table, stroller, rocking chair, and some other things that Sally suggested to them. 
  • Annabeth tried to guide Percy through how to build things until she gave up and started to put together the parts, Percy put it all together for her so she wouldn’t lift the heavy stuff.
  • As her due date got closer, both of them got really nervous. Annabeth was freaking out a bit more than usual.
  • Percy tried to keep her calm since her stressing out wasn’t good for the baby. He gave her foot rubs to try and calm her down.

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Seriously though you're my new favorite blog to fuel my love for darkstache with lmao i love you

!!!! TY ANON!!!! :’D

I love you too!!!! <333

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What other ships do you like?

Your questions have been keeping my mind off my crappy week, so for that, thank you lovely Anon! :D 

I’m pretty much a Eren and Levi shipper, so anything with them, be it one or the other, or together, I don’t mind. 

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Blue Exorcist. I pretty much ship everyone with everyone on that one. There’s so much choice! That and angry little demon boys. Love it. 

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Edward & Winry… because why not. Gotta have at least one canon one in there. 

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Any gay swimming boys. In particular, SouMako. 

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And I guess the other main one is Thorki.

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I can’t think of any others, there’s probably more, but colourful pictures made me happies! :D 

Also I forgot Genosai :D

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Jacki, we have a hit here! Did you see? I need your help to put it all together: Tommo ask Nikki on Fox Lounge if she prefers speedos or shorts, she answered speedos, he says "luckily" and they start laugh. Tommo says on FB he want to see Ichabbie on Maldives and we have all that Nikki on Maldives Movie. Tommo talk about Ichy reaction to a bikini and again about ichabbie beach time in this Comic Con. And remember Nikki in one tvguide interview "beach, please!" moment... {1/2}

Someone should give Tommo and Nikki what they want, I’m so excited and also so happy they both want that. Like, what is this about? Are they talking about that? All I know is that my body is so ready to see Tommo in speedos, Nikki in bikinis… GiveMiharieIchabbieBeachTimes2k15 {2/2}

Omg i love you anon ;D  They are clearly so ready to film on the beach!!! Lmao hmm I’m not sure if I’m ready to see Tom in a speedo though. But if thats what get us an Ichabbie beach scene, lets go!!!! :D

EXo reaction to you showing aegyo

no just no you’re english is just perfect :)

here is it for you my lovely anon  :D


Xiumin :  Omo om omo .. So Cuteeeeeee #fangirlig

luhan : i cant with you anymore #my feels 

Kris : aegyo is his weakness

suho : first he will be like

then he will start doing aegyo with you 

Lay : can i kiss you twice ^3^

Baekhyun : come here let me love you 

Chanyeol : omg what are you doing *completely shocked* awww so cute *3*

Chen : at first 

then omg you’re the cutest thing ever 

DO : aasdfghjkl SOO Cute *squishy*

Tao : will giggle at your cutness ^.^

kai :  too cute to handle 

sehun :  starts aegyo war 

saaaaaaaaaaaawry if you didnt like it :(

i’ll try my best next time :D

HI! I absolutely LOVE what you guys do. You never fail to make my day :) Don’t bother if you’re too busy, but could I ask for a prompt? Wherein Q is the third Holmes, and is hurt during the Skyfall explosion. Sherlock and Mycroft are alerted, and rush to the hospital to make sure their little brother is ok. Sherlock is pissed a Myc because his little brother was supposed to be safe. Q can be asleep or awake. Again, love you, love you, love you, you make my day every day, love you :D – anon

Again, hope you enjoy J Jen.


Sherlock, breathless, glanced between his two siblings; Mycroft was standing tall, with his usual expression of placid control, while Q was curled up on a hospital bed looking extremely small.

“You were supposed to be making sure he’s safe,” Sherlock snapped without hesitation, moving to his youngest brother’s bedside; casts covered his slim form, the young man appallingly battered, and Sherlock was livid. “What are you useful for, if not to take care of our brother?!”

Q was always, always the most precious of the Holmes brothers, and entirely because the elder two had decreed it so. Q’s presence meant a cessation of hostilities between the elder brothers, meant safety, meant peace. Q was the harbinger of calm, and they guarded him and even actually listened to him on occasion.

Mycroft looked, for one of only a handful of times in Sherlock’s memory, sincerely unhappy. “This was outside my control,” he said quietly. “A bomb within MI6. This could not have possibly been foreseen.”

Sherlock raised an eyebrow. “Forgive me, brother mine, but is it not your job to see these things?! R…”

“He is no longer ‘R’,” Mycroft intervened, before Sherlock could continue. “The Quartermaster died in the explosion. Our brother is now Q, and will be known by that epithet until the day of his death.”

“Superb. Third name change,” Sherlock muttered, glancing over his brother. “So he is now Quartermaster? Superb, Mycroft, another stellar way to make sure he stays safe.”

“I am doing my best.”

A disparaging snort. “Apparently not, or he would not be in hospital, would he?!” he asked, voice rising with anger, while Mycroft went just a little bit pink. “That’s it, Mycroft, you are redundant. You cannot even adequately take care of your siblings.”

“And where, precisely, have you been in all of this?” Mycroft returned, with the same razor sharpness Sherlock was managing. “Do not attempt to take a dubious moral high ground, it truly does not suit you.”

Both of you stop bickering.”

Both brothers turned in perfect unison.

Q was lying in bed, looking like a deeply annoyed kitten. “S’ridiculous,” he mumbled. “I’m in hospital, and all you two can do is argue? Not fair.”

“He started…”

“It was Mycr…”

Stop it,” Q repeated, more emphatically. “Just, stop it. Be nice, or I’ll get seriously pissed off.”

Sherlock and Mycroft smiled twin smiles of condescending disbelief. “Quite,” Mycroft supplemented.

“I mean it. Everything electric you own. Poof. Gone.”

Mycroft blinked. Q never made those sorts of threats lightly. “Sherlock, I apologise.”

Sherlock twisted, eyes comically wide with disbelief.

“Sherlock, you too,” Q ordered weakly.

With a great show of distaste, Sherlock muttered: “sorry.”

“Better. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to pass out again,” Q said simply, and did so without further comment, leaving his brothers standing shellshocked around the bed.