“Stuff to do.”  Closed RP with powerfultusks

She’d gotten word that Dumfrey Tweed and Deever Tweed were back in Gotham and worse…they were back in business, as the former leaders and the souls responsible for the incarceration of the Wonderland Gang Jenna Duffy wanted to pay her former bosses a painful visit, the Tweedles were very intelligent men truly the brains behind operations, but they were defenseless, morbidly obese and relied on their cunning nature to avoid conflict.

“I have to do this Socket..they..well they broke the gang up for starters, got us thrown in the slammer! we were like bait!” Jenna began frantically equipping herself with power tools, wrenches and her trusty throwing hammers to inoculate the two eggheads, Socket..Jenna’s beloved Pitbull looked on with big eyes, as his master got ready for a one man war 

“don’t look at me like that Sock…momma’s gotta go, and..and you make sure Moe gets that note okay? good, I love you very much.” Jenna mumbled attaching the note in question to her beloved companions collar, Socket dragged his rough tongue over his masters cheek, just before she took her leave.

The note read:

Moe ~ something has come up, and you know your gal Jen she’s gotta put her nose in it, I have stuff to do…they’re back Moe, don’t bother following me…I can handle it.

and oh yeah, 

I guess I love ya.

~ Jenna