Super fabulous YA lit meme → Five protagonists || 2/5: Adam Parrish, The Raven Cycle

Being Adam Parrish was a complicated thing, a wonder of muscles and organs, synapses and nerves. He was a miracle of moving parts, a study in survival. The most important thing to Adam Parrish, though, had always been free will, the ability to be his own master.

While Reading Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi (*SPOILER ALERT*)

Having the book FINALLY in my hands: 

Warner taking care of Juliette’s wounds: 

Thinking everyone from Omega Point was DEAD:

Juliette blaming Warner:

Juliette is READY to fight and Warner offers to be right beside her:

Getting to know Warner on a deeper level:

The simple thought of Anderson: 

Warner’s closet and his soft spot for fashion:

Warner comforting Juliette after her nightmare: 

All the destruction after war:

Reunited with KENJI:

Juliette accepts Warner’s offer:

Juliette not asking about Adam while talking to Kenji:

Everyone’s reaction towards Juliette’s arrival: 

Adam’s reaction towards Juliette’s story: 

Juliette defending Warner:

Everyone’s reaction to Warner’s arrival:

Castle TALKS:

Adam being a total ass:

Kenji and Juliette bonding:

Adam being an ass once again: 

Warner to the rescue:

Everyone accepting the offer to fight:

Except Adam:

Warner holding Juliette’s hand and her telling him he’s a good person:

When Juliette notices that she never truly loved Adam:

Juliette entering Warner’s office:

Juliette’s plan to destroy the Reestablishment:

Warner working out and in a towel:

Kenji lying to Adam:

Juliette breaking up with Adam for the third time:

Adam bitching out… AGAIN:

“All this has managed to prove is that you are extremely good at turning me off.”

Warner’s mom died:

Juliette finally admits she loves Warner aaaand LOVE LOVE:

Warner was finally told the truth about that James and Adam are his brothers: 

Juliette being able to touch everyone:

Juliette’s Speech:

Anderson being shot TWICE:

Thinking Kenji was dead:


Juliette being a badass:



aww :c lol

It’s really heartbreaking to read Blue lily lily blue because you can seeing the gang slowly breaking under the stress 

Like Blue has dealt with the bullies at her school for years now and the possibility that she won’t get to go to the college she wants but she always had Maura to talk about it. And when she finally finds out everything around her is crumbling she has no one to turn to like no one will understand except maybe Adam but after what happened between them she can’t rely on him. And now that her mom is gone she has no one to truly depend on and she’s cracking under the pressure of knowing that Gansey is gonna die, with her feelings for him and struggling to find a way to keep the boy she loves alive not to mention how she is constantly worried for her mother’s safety

Gansey on the other hand is breaking too as he slowly realizes that what he’s been searching for for years is almost at an end. He’s not 100% sure if he will get the wish he’s been hoping for. And his friends aren’t originally who he thought they were and that plays a big role in unraveling him. And his late night conversations with Blue are kind of a tipping point but sometimes that’s the only thing keeping him sane. and contrary to everyone’s beliefs Gansey does know that he’s gonna die and he’s not really dealing with his feelings for that so one wrong thing and he might shatter

And then there’s Adam who is constantly under enormous amounts of stress whether it’s from school, his many jobs or the pressures of Cabeswater. And after seeing the vision of Gansey dying and finding out for certain from Blue that Gansey will die within the year Adam feels he is responsible in a way for Gansey’s death. He thinks that it’s his duty to save his friend and keep up his hectic lifestyle while straining under the pressures of Cabeswater 

Lastly Ronan is working tirelessly to save Matthew from the same fate as his mother while trying to make sure that Gansey finds his King, Adam isn’t breaking under the pressure and Blue finds her mother. all while knowing that his latin teacher is the one who ordered his father’s death and could potentially cause harm to him and his friends 

These 4 kids are unraveling and no one can do anything because they are the only ones who can save themselves while everything and everyone around them in crumbling

Some nights he lured himself to sleep by imagining how he would word the favour for Glendower. He needed to get the words exactly right. Now he rolled phrases around his mouth, desperately reaching for one that would comfort him. Ordinarily, words would tumblr and lull through his mind, but this time, all he could think was

Fix me.




(1/10) THE RAVEN CYCLE by Maggie Stiefvater

“The king sleeps still, under a mountain , and around him is assembled his warriors and his herds and his riches. By his right hand is his cup, filled with possibility. On his breast nestles his sword, waiting, too, to wake. Fortunate is the soul who finds the king and is brave enough to call him to wakefulness, for the king will grant him a favour, as wondrous as can be imagined by a mortal man.”


Who would ever have dreamed of this…
That I’d be here
With someone I’d love to kiss
It’s something so pure, it almost approaches bliss!
The kind of gift that comes to so very few…