Doctor Who Gifset The Sontaran Stratagem- I have feels so many feels. Sorry, so sorry this one isn’t centered around the Doctor. I loved this scene between Donna and her grandfather Wilfred because of everything she has been through, everything she has seen with the Doctor on their travels nothing out there compares to her seeing and hugging her grandpa. And that means a lot because her grandpa has always believed in her. And sometimes it just takes one person in your family or life to believe in you, to make you feel special and wanted. That is who Donna’s grandpa was to her, that one special person who never gave up on her; who wished her happiness and all the love in the world, and who also wished her all the wonders that the universe could possibly hold for her. 


I did a new style based on just memory, and drew most of the Drawn to life characters :3 I love drawing Wilfre the most, he’s my favorite next to Bowser. Some look weird because this is based on memory, no references.


Doctor Who Gifset The End of Time Part 2-  You’d have to admit that the Doctor cared a lot for Donna even to make sure that she really didn’t die when her memories started to flood back. He left her a little dosage of time lord to help save her life. Now whether or not she will fully remember everything afterwards without her brain burning and killing her, is a whole other topic, but I like to believe that she does begin to remember small things, things she just sets aside as silly ideas or dreams. Things she feels like are memories, but she can’t quite place them. Anyway what I am saying is that the Doctor loved Donna, not in the romantic sense of the word, but he loved and cared for her so much that he made sure she was protected no matter what even though he could never see her person again. 

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To admin Blaze:I do love Claude too ❤️ He really trys to do what's in the best interest of Wilfred and he works so unimaginably hard ❤️.

I know, right??!! He works so damn hard for Wilfred and he gets nothing in return! As much as I love Wilfred too, sometimes I just want to slap him, like that butler loves you (not IN love with him, but I think he still loves him) so the least you can do is show some gratitude! -.- And don’t get me started on the MC in Wilfred’s route, she winds me up SO much. Like she hates on Claude pretty much all the way through, but every time he shouts at her there’s a reason. Usually because she’s a nosy airhead. I have no sympathy for her.

Okay, rant over! XD I’m glad you love Claude, too. He needs some love in this fandom ^.^

~admin Blaze

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Where do you generally like to shop? Your style is 10/10 (Also congrats on baby!)

Lots of my clothes are from aritzia because I worked there! But I really only loved the Wilfred brand mostly their fall collection!!