♥ takeru is a donut eating cutie~ I wasn’t sure how I felt about a guy calling me ‘idiot cat’ all the time but I really love his voice especially when he argues with mineo and says 'baka.’ his blighted love ending made me so sad but the short story made up for it ♥

flaviamarquesart  asked:

"Ask me about Prouvaire and Bahorel some time. I will cry all over everything" - sorry but now I really have to ask. Or I'll not sleep properly tonight. (Really I'm sorry. I'm too curious!)

Oh friend 
oh friend

Talking about Prouvaire and Bahorel and their Real Life AU nature is not an imposition I can go on for DAYS 

Still I will try to keep this as brief as I can so you can sleep the sooner but here’s a cut just in case 

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