i think that the reason that renaissance art appeals so much to me is because of how much of it is inspired by god. here is this golden age of beauty and art and in the middle of it all is catholicism. and this isn’t to say that the catholic church doesn’t have some Serious Issues, but what it says mostly to me is that the crucifixion achieved exactly what god set out to do

jesus didn’t die on the cross because it was easy, or because he knew he would be coming back, jesus died on the cross because the death of the son of god needed to be something extraordinary that humanity would still be singing about thousands of years later. humans are fickle and forgetful creatures, so the ultimate act of salvation had to be brought to our level, to something we could understand. there was no way god could do this without becoming personally involved.

here is your saviour, in a form you can see and understand, so that you will never forget my love for you

it’s easy to become removed from such a vast and nebulous concept like god, but jesus needed to identify himself with humanity, and what better way to do that than through suffering? when jesus cries out to god asking why he has been forsaken, he is not asking as god’s son, he’s asking as a voice for humanity.

so to see an era like the renaissance take up all that is holy and good and turn it into something so visually beautiful and breathtaking is so important to me. the ultimate act of god’s love for humanity is immortalised in art that reaches everyone, regardless of whether they believe or not. 


I’ve decided to compile a list of when Regina brings her hand to her stomach when she feels like she is losing something/someone she loves.

Thanks Swen for helping me do this! Here is the Original Post [X]

1x18 When Leopold proposed her she knew she was going to lose Daniel and her freedom – sinisterliberal

1x22 When the curse was broken she knew that she was going to lose Henry and feared for her own safety. – awistfullove

2x15 When Cora was in Storybrooke, she knew that Snow could be right about her mother only wanting power and not loving her. — little-beastie-the-evil-savior

3x19 When she witnessed Emma argue with amnesia!Henry and he walked away from her.  – dalliance-amongst-the-stars / reighne-sq (me)

3x19 When she was making out with Robin and amnesia!Henry walked away and didn’t give a damn. She knew that her Henry would’ve have said something. It was just a reminder that he wasn’t the same person anymore. – dalliance-amongst-the-stars

3x19 When Emma went to go fight Zelena and walked away from her and Henry. She knew that her white knight Emma could die fighting her battle for her. – reighne-sq (me)

3x1 When Emma was pulled from the ocean unconscious on the Jolly Roger. – adelinawp

You cannot argue that Regina doesn’t care about Emma. I think the evidence above is enough to validate what her character is feeling without having to spell it out.

I think Lana is portraying something like this subtly since she cannot do it canonically (although since this is all from the show, does that make it canon?). She knows that Regina is afraid to lose Emma because she loves cares about her deeply.

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can we destroy the idea that preboot!bruce didn’t love jason? because it’s really starting to make me cranky.

i don’t know if it’s because people think it’s funny or because they want to add some unnecessary angst to jason’s story, but either way, it’s simply not true.

just because jason assumes that bruce doesn’t care about him doesn’t mean that bruce actually doesn’t care. jason’s criteria for proving how much you love someone is pretty warped, and let’s be honest, he’s not the most rational person in the world. (i love him but c’mon guys.) you could argue that bruce fails to convey that love when he runs into jason again, which is still a different argument than saying that bruce truly doesn’t care, and bruce did try.

bruce loved jason todd from the very start and never stopped. even though he knew that he needed to prioritize the joker’s bomb over jason’s mental state, he felt guilty about it, because he was worried about jason. immediately after jason’s death, bruce needed to be convinced by superman to not just kill the joker, and even then, he left the joker to die without hesitation. after jason’s death, bruce did not forget about him. it’s why he was so reluctant to take on another robin. he made a goddamn floor of the batcave dedicated to the poor kid, for fuck’s sake. jason’s death haunted him. i realize that some retcons paint jason in an unflattering light (and battle for the cowl had bruce calling jason his “biggest failure” ouch), but i don’t recall any of them implying that bruce didn’t care about his son whose dead body he held in his arms after over a year of raising him. even talia knew that bruce would not recover from jason’s death.

do i think that bruce handled raising jason perfectly? no. he took too long to address jason’s trauma and he compared jason to dick far too often, to start. do i think that bruce handled jason’s return perfectly? hell no (wow rude). but bruce is only human and loving someone does not mean that you won’t hurt them.