DAY 2: Mythology

There are many legends and myths in our culture. Each of them has a moral to be learnt, some more important than others; such as to have courage, to respect others and to be generous. Their purpose is to make each of us a better person.

One of the most important morals that can be found in many of the stories and legends throughout the ages is that love can overcome any obstacle.

The most famous of these stories is the legend of Queen Elsa’s Icy Touch.

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(set in a happier alternative ending to trespasser in which Solas cries alone in the fade and everyone is happy)

After moving into their new home, Adeline was adamant on getting another dog, half for company for Cullen’s and half for the sake of just how much she loves them.

Cullen’s is called Cainon (though he often refers to him as Pup) and Adeline’s is called Mushu (she often calls her Mush-Mush)

Also, Mushu looks like this: 


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”Just Stop, I love her.” {DracoxReader}{No warnings}

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