The 1975’s iconic performance of Love Me at the Mercury Prize Awards

Dear My Future Girlfriend/Wife,

I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into. You’re falling in love with the nerdiest person ever. Just to elaborate on what I mean here:

  • I’ll sing you the cheesiest love songs ever.
  • Every morning you’ll probably wake up to a text from me with some sort of stupid pun in it.
  • I’ll walk around humming songs from video games and musicals.
  • I’ll most likely ask you out in Shakespearean. 
  • I’ll tell you about all the cartoons I love to watch.
  • I’ll probably constantly tell you you’re adorable.
  • I’ll probably try to tickle you and fail dramatically.
  • I’ll probably take you on a date to my “family’s house” which is just my friend’s house to play video games.
  • Once I get Pokémon Go I’ll name every one of a certain Pokémon after you. 
  • I’ll play songs for you on the Ukulele.
  • I’m just a nerd. 

Best be prepared. 


You’re future significant other. 

Tokimeki Bunruigaku - allocated parts

I’m in love with Dia’s voice in this song, she sounds so nice.

Oh, and forgot to mention that requests are open… You could request muse songs too (but I’ll probably post them after I’m done with Aqours).

Note: Feel free to point out any mistakes, cause may not be 100% accurate



Eyvind Earle painting a background for Sleeping Beauty in 4 Artists Paint 1 Tree (1958) [x

“In searching for a style for a cartoon feature, many considerations are necessary. For one thing, it must be more than merely pleasing to the eye. The backgrounds must harmonize with the animated characters, as well as fit the mood of the story and the music. Sleeping Beauty is a fairytale that is supposed to have taken place long, long ago, so we did a great amount of research into medieval painting and architecture before we arrived at the right styling for this picture.” - Eyvind Earle


watch this when you miss Harry… so, like every day. 


Rihanna - Love On The Brain (Global Citizen Festival 2016)