Rey has to kiss Kylo - not the other way around

Does any one know the artist of this gorgeous pic below ‘cause I’m going to stick my neck out and say this is what I want for the Reylo first kiss. It looks to me like Rey is kissing Kylo, not the other way around. I would really love to see this. Sure, I want to see Rey take the initiative because ‘why the hell not’. But I also think Kylo doesn’t see himself as being loved or lovable - especially after the end of TFA (rejecting his father’s love in such dramatic fashion and being rejected by Rey). If it was Rey who kissed Kylo then what would that say to him - that he can be or is loved. Luke already showed us that love of one kind can turn someone away from the dark side. I want to see Rey’s love turn Kylo away from the dark side. 

God, just cancel it and give the show a decent closure. We deserve it, the cast deserves it, THE STORY DESERVES IT. This show has a plot since the beginning: Emma Swan, the lost girl, finding her family and helping everyone to get their happy endings back. She did it. And she got herself her own happy ending. Do not screw up with this. Do not do a reboot and change all the things we love about this show. I’ve already said it and I’ll say again: I’d rather it to end with only six seasons and a good end than to go on with more episodes without the main characters and with a whole new plot.