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I'm not totally sure words can express how much I loved the recent part of IKYW. Ditto deserves so, so much better than her b*tch of a mother and I'm really glad she could stand up for herself. Plus I love the emphasis on family, and protective Jensen is the best. AMAZING JOB I love this series so much.


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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twenty-Three

Black Eyed Monster - Hour Three

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Series Masterlist

Year One, Hour One, Hour Two

Summary: Crowley pops in on the reader before she receives her third injection…

Request: No

Pairing/Characters: Dean x Demon!Reader, Sam Winchester, mention of Castiel, Crowley 

Word Count: 

Warnings: angst, language, description of murder, mention of death/murder, injections, threats

A/N: loving the reaction from this series

It was dark in those woods that night. Nothing but quietness filled the air until a pair of running footsteps interrupted that silence. The man fled down the path and veered around the corner. He pressed his back against a tree, his breath quickening. He could hear the echoing footsteps of another. He didn’t dare to look in fear of what could happen. He jumped at the sound of barking, but stayed in place. A whistle rang out, singing swiftly to a familiar tone of his. He heard it plenty of times as a child, but hadn’t heard it until this day, this night.

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Early Summer 2017 Ranking
  1. New Game 2 - Did I mention I love this series, and how much I love Hifumin?
  2. Tsurezure Children - This is actually a great short.  Great humour, and I love all the characters, even if I can’t remember anyone.
  3. Aho Girl - Another great short.
  4. Aikatsu Stars - Been a solid second year thus far. Not seeing it improving greatly, but hoping it stays this way thoughout.
  5. Gamers - Expected very little of this, but it’s been much better than expected. Decent watch.
  6. Sakura Quest - Gets more meh as the week goes by. Highly disappointed with how the series has gone.
  7. Teekyu 9 - It’s Teekyuu
  8. Fate/Apocrypha - What the hell is this plot even? It’s almost as awful as the original Deen FSN. At least Mordred is great.
  9. Kirakira Precure a la mode - Boredom central. Might just be my least favourite precure of all time.

On the queue to watch:

  1. Dokidoki - the original was my childhood, so I would love to see the remake
  2. Isekai Shokudou - I dunno why I didn’t pick this up initially. Looks right up my alley

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I don't know your time zone so hopefully the box is still open! I'd like to request Kasamatsu with the song "Eyes on Me" by Faye Wong from FFVIII. I really like this song because it gives me warm yet somewhat sad feelings in the heart, and I like her voice. I'd love a bar!au and an old-fashioned theme, thank you!

This is a great song! I love the Final Fantasy series and of course am a huge fan of its music. I really hope this hits the mark for what you wanted. Thank you for requesting Kasamatsu, he is one of my absolute favorite characters!

Eyes on Me by Faye Wong - Kasamatsu

As you take the stage, your eyes roam over the room taking in the sight of customers sat comfortably in arm chairs or at tables, conversation murmured as drinks are consumed. Smoke curls up from hand rolled cigarettes and long stem pipes, the smell of tobacco thick but not unpleasantly so. But despite the warm familiarity of this place, you’ve begun to feel restless, like there’s something more you’re supposed to be doing with your life. And so, tonight will be your last performance, though no one knows that but you.  

My last night here for you

Same old songs, just once more

My last night here with you?

Maybe yes, maybe no

The music begins and you take a deep breath, noting heads turning their attention to you as you begin to sing but your eyes don’t really see them, wandering to a man who has been coming here for a little time. He sits cast in shadow but even without his crest and uniform, you know he’s the same one though his garb is different now. Normally he’d be cladded in blue and white splendor, a captain’s crest at the shoulder clasp of his cape. But tonight, he’s opted for darker shades, greys and black settling against him to blend him into the back ground or at least that’s his attempt. But he’s caught your attention on more than one occasion and you can’t keep your eyes from his form. There’s something about him that draws you in.

He barely ever looks at you, casting glances every so often you think but it’s hard to tell when his face is shrouded in the dark. A drink is usually with him, small and light but it acts as his place holder, a reason for him to sit as long as he likes without distraction or input from those around him. Previously to this evening, he’s been flanked by members of the royal guard but tonight he’s come alone.

I saw you smiling at me

Was it real, or just my fantasy?

You’d always be there in the corner

Of this tiny little bar

Your song continues on, your mouth and vocal chords acting on auto pilot and you’re trying to focus on the whole room but your eyes continually flick to his position. He hasn’t moved, just stares at his glass in deep contemplation. The lighting of a lamp above his head casts a sudden light upon his countenance and you have to stop yourself from gasping; there’s something about the expression on his face that pulls your heart strings violently.

Darling, so there you are

With that look on your face

As if you’re never hurt

As if you’re never down

Shall I be the one for you

Who pinches you softly but sure?

If frown is shown, then

I will know that you are no dreamer

An unexpected pain shoots through you and you have to stop yourself from walking over in the middle of your performance. Suddenly the words aren’t coming easy and you have to work hard to finish what you’ve started. At your faltered, a little off note that you quickly recover, you see his head finally lift and his eyes set on you. It’s the longest he’s looked at you, but now you’re too shy to return the gaze, embarrassed that it’s your mistake which has drawn his full attention.

I kind of liked it your way

How you shyly placed your eyes on me

Did you ever know

That I had mine on you?

You look away, smiling brightly though the melody of your song is melancholy.

When it ends, you take your bow quickly, shooting back up only to catch a glimpse of him exiting through the side door. With hurried movements, you hustle after him, the need to speak to him too strong to ignore any more.

Bursting out the door, you see him just about to mount his steed and call out, “Wait, please wait!”

He starts, turning his attention to you even as his boot remains set in the stirrup. Slowly he places it down, but maintains a hold on the reigns of his beautiful white horse.

“Yes, may I help you?” he asks. His voice is rough and deep but somehow soothing to your ears.

“Please, may I know your name?” you inquire.

His eyes widen, a faint flush overtaking his hue unexpectedly but he clears his throat and replies, “Yukio Kasamatsu.”

“You…you’re the captain of the royal guard, are you not?” you breathe.

His body stiffens, eyes closing as if in momentary pain but he rallies quickly, setting his face back to its grim expression so quickly you begin to wonder if you imagined his reaction. Brusquely he says, “Former, m’lady.”

The pain in your heart returns, deep and tragic and you blush as the impulse to hold him floods your person. Despite his impassivity, you feel waves of pain and frustration rolling from him increasing your want to drive it away but you don’t know how to. You don’t even know him and yet you’re here, standing outside in the middle of the night wanting nothing more than to throw your arms around him.

You settle for stepping nearer. His body is still wound tight and if you did not know any better you would say he may even be wary of you. The placement of your hand on his makes him flinch but as you close your fingers more firmly he does not withdraw.

“Why?” One word, but so bold. This is none of your business! What happened to the filter between your brain and your mouth?

He swallows once, eyes burning into yours and you feel your face heating up under the power of his scrutiny. “Because there’s something I need to do.”

You clench tighter, moving closer to place your other hand against his chest. Despite his warmth you feel him tremble, the beating of his heart somewhat erratic and you don’t know if it’s from you or from the knowledge of what’s lying before him on his journey.

So let me come to you

Close as I want to be

Close enough for me

To feel your heart beating fast

And stay there as I whisper

How I love your peaceful eyes on me

Did you ever know

That I had mine on you?

The next words tumble from your mouth with little care for the implications or consequences. “Take me with you.”

Yukio’s eyes go wide and for the first time he allows himself to touch you. The grip of his hand on your shoulder is strong and you doubt he knows how firmly he’s squeezing but you endure the pain because until now you’d not known the need of his touch. To lose it will mean more pain than what you experience under the pressure of his hold.


“Because this is something I need to do,” you whisper, eyes filling with tears for reasons you don’t understand.

Yukio stares hard at you. He knows this is a bad idea, you’ll most likely only become a liability but he can’t tear away from your gaze. It’s like you have him hypnotized and he wonders briefly if you may be a sorceress.  

He makes a decision. “You’ll need to change, where I’m going is no place for this refinery,” he intones, tugging briefly at the sleeve of your dress.

A smile, genuine this time, splits your lips and you lean forward impulsively kissing his cheek. Crimson floods his face but you’re already turning away to prepare for departure. In little time you return, ensconced in black pants, purple long sleeve shirt and proper riding boots, a bow and arrow slung over your shoulder and quiver upon your back.

Yukio’s face betrays his surprise at your appearance.

Darling, so share with me

Your love if you have enough

Your tears if you’re holding back

Or pain if that’s what it is

How can I let you know

I’m more than the dress and the voice

Just reach me out, then

You will know that you are not dreaming

“What, did you think all I could do is sing?” you ask cheekily and he chuckles.

“Forgive my ignorance…” he trails off, and you supply, “F/N, L/N, daughter of the town fletcher.”

In a quick motion, Yukio mounts his horse, hand coming down to assist you to do as well. You take it, the flesh of his palm burning into yours but the fire ignites something deep within your soul and you know; this is who you’re meant to be with going to do what you’re meant to do, whatever that may be.

I finally won

this was such a fucking addiction, but I just realized I haven’t had fun playing it- it was just a time killer. I could be using this time to play other games I bought but haven’t touched that i could really love, or watch some series I missed out on.

I was up to 2600 hours of game time 3 months ago, this was like a drug, so I feel really clean now honestly

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Jealousy Doesn't Look Good On You - Chapter 1 - tacha_bacha - SKAM (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: SKAM (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Even Bech Næsheim/Isak Valtersen
Characters: Even Bech Næsheim, Isak Valtersen, Julian Dahl
Additional Tags: Baby Isak, Jealous Even Bech Næsheim, sneaky Julian Dahl, lol I still crack up over how we refer to him with his full name, promt, AU, first year of Nissen, Isak is just so lost in love that he doesn’t realise how Julian is being sneaky, Tumblr Prompt, Young Love, Jeaously, cosmic love
Series: Part 1 of Epic Cosmic Evak AUs

Throwback to Baby!Isak at Nissen, but where he’s only started dating a jealous!Even. Julian Dahl starts to enter the picture, which causes the rare side of Even to be shown.

Or potential AU! where Even has had bad past experience with relationships and is on the brink of breaking his relationship with Isak until he finds out that Isak is the help he needs to get over it.

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So I just got my FEA print that I ordered from you a few weeks ago and I haven't been more excited in such a long time! I love it sooo much ^_^ thank you so much. I absolutely adore your artwork and your love for the FE series!

Wahh! I’m glad it arrived safely~! And thank you, that makes me happy to hear~ ;//w//;


Castlevania S01 (2017) : 

favourite aesthetic shots 

I love BNHA a lot in general but one of my highest praises is for how they handle Bakugou.

Like, the “cool, angry, top-of-his-game rival character who hates the protagonist” is dime-a-dozen in shonen series. That’s who Bakugou is. And its real common to toss a set of rose-tinted glasses on every other character so they all see Rival Guy as cool and amazing and admirable. That way the protagonist has to work extra hard to beat his rival AND prove himself to everyone else, who all just blindly adore Rival Guy.

And BNHA…doesn’t do that. BNHA lets everyone understand that Bakugou is an asshole. He’s strong. He’s talented. He’s a force of nature. The other kids know this, but theyre not blinded by it. They understand he’s unfairly cruel to Deku. They know his ego is a problem. They’re not scared of him or dazzled by him. They take notice when he’s being a problem. They call him out. They tease him.

There’s the bus scene in early season 1 where Deku’s cowering in shock because Good god, these kids have the nerve to mock Bakugou. Because the kids in Deku and Bakugou’s old school were a lot more like the typical shonen characters. They let Bakugou get away with his awfulness because he was Bakugou. The UA kids are a different cut though. They don’t care Bakugou was #1 in the exam. They don’t care that he’s Bakugou.

And heck, half of Bakugo’s character arcs involve him hopping from one angry existential crisis to another, because he’s not always the best, because he can’t win everyone over to his side with confidence, because he can’t accomplish every single thing his inflated ego says he should be accomplishing. The audience witnesses him meet resistance and hardship and consequence for being an egotistical, hot-headed bully. He faces real-world honest consequences for being that kind of terrible person.

Bakugo hasn’t had one definite character-redeeming moment–no “oh you talked sense into me and now im Good™ “. But as the manga goes on, he’s become less volatile, less cocky, less eager to harass Deku. He still is an asshole, but he’s changed. I have a lot of respect for how it’s been handled. Slowly, progressively. His ego has been chiseled down by personal failures, by witnessing how his cocky confidence does harm to himself and others. 

I love that BNHA doesn’t let the cool, powerful, rival character just have his way. I love that BNHA doesnt just whack Bakugo with a single character-redemption arc and pull him through the other side. I love that BNHA shows us what things are whittling down Bakugo, that they take a metaphorical spray bottle to him again and again, pushing him into something less cruel than he was.

And it’s really good.