Me: I love all the characters on MTV scream! 

Will Belmont, Seth Branson, Mayor Maddox, Miguel Acosta, Kevin Duval, and Nina Patterson all in unison: Wow thank you so mu- 


tales of timeless love: the rogue not taken by sarah maclean

“We aren’t supposed to like each other.” Her words came on a sigh. 

“Don’t worry. We don’t.” 

What a lie that was.

how do you tell your best friend that you may have accidentally fallen in love with them

silversflint replied to your postWith the new of black sails ending with the 4th…

also, that convo between mr scott and madi was about madi trying to keep these two from seeing the other as the enemy? more than anything i could see her playing the role of a mediator between flint and silver - her people’s future depends on keeping everyone’s interests aligned

OOH GOOD POINT!!!! I wasn’t thinking about that scene but YES YOU’RE TOTALLY RIGHT, SUS!!! 👏🏼

that’s so interesting, too?!? because it’s like they’ve set her up to play two different roles (or one very conflicted role.) on the one hand she says that she sees the relationship between silver and flint as “volatile” and she clearly thinks that silver is the vulnerable one there (at least right now.) but then again, like you just said, she recognizes that if either one of them sees the other as the “villain” in the story, then all is lost, so her seeing flint as an adversary wouldn’t serve her or anyone at all.

[throwing hands up in the air] I KNOW NOTHING!!!! I HATE THIS SHOW!!! :’)

Reunite My Separated Heart

Written By: @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell​​ and @mindyleeb

Pairings:  Gabriel/Lucifer/Sam Winchester, Gabriel/Lucifer

Timestamp 17 of the Loving Heart series

Summary - They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But has a forced absence healed old wounds?

Word Count - 6553

Warnings : Reconciliation, Fluff, Smut, D/s relationships (mentioned), a touch of angst

A/N - This a timestamp for our Loving Heart series that you can read here or on Ao3. Feedback is welcome and makes our day. Send me a note if you ever want to be tagged on this series posts or any of my works. Enjoy.

Bold dialog is spoken Enochian

Tags: @torn-and-frayed @mysupernaturalfics @skeletonsparrow @tattooedluci @aspiritwind  @helvonasche @sassysupernaturalsweetheart@mypeopleskillsarerusty0203​ 

Lucifer was lounging in the nest, reading a book, when he heard a noise in the bunker. Jumping up, he grabbed the seraph’s blade that his Father gave him and went to go investigate. As the only person in the place, he had every right to be paranoid.

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so you gon write that 'Clarke left Polis & Lexa lived' au or must i take my angstthirst elsewhere

since when do I write smh

(I actually!!! wanna languish in angst as well 😭😭😭 I’ve been thinking lately about, like, my original? expectations/hopes for clexa, in which they didn’t get like a fairytale ending thing but had like a. thiiiing between them forever……)