Daryl Dixon’s puppy headbutt | Carol 5.01 “No Sanctuary” // Rick 7.08 “Hearts Still Beating”

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Most coders think debugging software is about fixing a mistake, but that’s bullshit. Debugging’s actually all about finding the bug, about understanding why the bug was there to begin with, about knowing that its existence was no accident. It came to you to deliver a message, like an unconscious bubble floating to the surface, popping with a revelation you’ve secretly known all along. I don’t know why I’m saying all of this. […] Usually it’s because there’s a sense it’s coming. A bug buzzing its way towards me to gum up the works until it forces me to make a call. Kill me or embrace me.

S-sorry,” Red muttered.

S’okay,” Papyrus said.


Heh…s’okay, Red.

Now heeere is the angst!
A scene from @gumweedsins‘ HoneyMustard Collection.
I love that fic sooo much, it gave me the feels…like…a ton of feels. qvq

I hope you like it dear, you deserve for writing that pile of awesomeness. :3 <3

Cordelia: Oh, Angel! I know that I am a Slayer, and you’re a vampire and it would be impossible for us to be together, but…

Wesley: [imitating Angel] But… my gypsy curse, sometimes prevent me from seeing the truth. Oh, Buffy…

Cordelia: Yes, Angel?

Wesley: Oh, I love you so much I almost forgot to brood!

Cordelia: And just because I sent you to Hell that one time doesn’t mean that we can’t just be friends.

Wesley: Or possibly more?

Cordelia: Gasp! No! We mustn’t!

Wesley: Kiss me!

Cordelia: Bite me!

Angel: [entering, surprising everyone] How about you both bite me?

I love this scene sooo much! Cordelia and Wes are nailing the impression of Angel and Buffy, but it is so hilarious. Then Angel comes in brooding (surprising, right?) and makes the scene that much better.