Most coders think debugging software is about fixing a mistake, but that’s bullshit. Debugging’s actually all about finding the bug, about understanding why the bug was there to begin with, about knowing that its existence was no accident. It came to you to deliver a message, like an unconscious bubble floating to the surface, popping with a revelation you’ve secretly known all along. I don’t know why I’m saying all of this. […] Usually it’s because there’s a sense it’s coming. A bug buzzing its way towards me to gum up the works until it forces me to make a call. Kill me or embrace me.


Disney Challenge - Fave Tangled/Frozen Scenes [4/10]: Queen Elsa’s Transformation.

“Let it go, let it go. And i’ll rise like the break of dawn. Let it go, let it go. That perfect girl is gone. Here i stand in the light of day. Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway.”

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Awww, I love your writing sooo sooooo much! Can I get a scene or headcanons where the RFA members (including V and Saeran) found out that the MC is actually the young famous author who debuted her first novel in high school and the book is too cruel yet beautiful that literally torn the reader's heart in to pieces (an audio book she voiced it herself for V maybe?). Then they end up reading that book...Thx ;)

Thank you for such kind words Anon-san! I love you! (●>ω<●) 


  • The way Jumin finds out is funny.
  • You’re both at a party and when he introduces you to someone they freak out
  • “Oh my god!! You’re MC! I love your book!”
  • Jumin kind of just stays quiet, like what. 
  • When you go home he won’t stop asking about why you didn’t tell him.
  • Comes home the next day with your book in his hand
  • He’s constantly reading it, and when he’s finished he nearly tackles you.
  • Jumin’s so distraught because no book has ever made him feel like yours did.
  • He spends the rest of the night talking with you about your characters, the story conflicts, and just rambles with you.
  • You’re so proud that he went and finished reading your book take that Rika he finished MC’s
  • From then on to relax, Jumin likes to put his head on your lap as you both just read quietly. 


  • He’s at work one day, when he gets a call.
  • He’s been casted as the main lead in the movie adaption of your novel.
  • When he goes on set and finds you there, he’s so confused.
  • “Babe? Why’re you here? I thought you said you had something to do?”
  • As he reads through the script he just feels his heart aching. 
  • Because he knows that to be able to write something so tragic, you have to had known how it feels like
  • And boy oh boy is your novel heart-wrenching
  • So he calls you to his dressing room and just hugs you
  • He hugs you as if he were going back in time to hug the you writing the novel.
  • You just smile, cause you know that’s what he’s trying to do.
  • The movie becomes a big hit, and you and Zen become a famous couple!


  • He’s checking the mail one day when he finds a letter for you
  • It’s fan mail.
  • And being Yoosung he reads it lol
  • He’s so confused, “Why would you get fan mail? IS THIS FROM A SECRET LOVER?”
  • You have to just throw your book at him because he won’t stop crying
  • For the next few months, every time he dies in LOLOL he reads a little
  • Sometimes you’d just be doing laundry or something and he’d just come from behind and hug you while he cried.
  • “The book is too damn sad MC.”
  • You find it pretty damn cute.
  • Whenever you go out, he likes to bring up the fact that you’re a famous author.


  • You catch her reading it on the couch one day.
  • When you ask her about she lights up like a kid
  • “This is my favorite book. I’ve re-read it so many times.”
  • And you just die because she’s so cute!
  • When you tell her you wrote it she doesn’t believe you.
  • You get in a debate about it but then you flip to the back of the book and whoop there’s your real name instead of your pen name.
  • Her jaw just hits the floor.
  • Jaehee kind of has a fangirl moment.
  • Literally will not stop bugging you about it.
  • She even asks for your autograph lol


  • He actually had no idea, since you used a pen name when you published it.
  • Seven finds it on your bed one day wide open, dog eared and worn out.
  • He starts reading where you left off
  • Before he starts to research deeper and deeper about your book and soon he finds out that you’re the author
  • When you come home he’s literally sitting in a blanket in front of the door.
  • He’s an absolute mess.
  • You start to worry, but he just stands up and picks you up. Sits on the couch, and holds you.
  • You find the book opened next to him, last page open, and you know he’s upset about how sad it is.
  • Basically cries
  • But it’s in your arms so it’s okay!
  • “But he loves her!’


  • V likes to play audio books over a speaker, so he can hear it while he works on his photos or around the house.
  • He’s listening to your book that you voiced over and you’re just sitting there laughing wondering if he’ll realize.
  • V’s listening and listening when the audio freezes.
  • He’s so upset because, 
  • “MC stop laughing. It was just getting good!”
  • So you stop laughing and recite the next line.
  • And V just stops whatever he was doing. 
  • “Say that again.”
  • Finally realizes that it’s your voice.
  • The rest of the day is spent in bed, V on your lap as you play with his hair and read from the book.


  • You actually catch him reading it one day.
  • But it’s his copy, not yours
  • When you ask him about he kind of closes off
  • “I use to read this when Mint Eye got overwhelming. I just sort of picked it up.”
  • And you’re so touched that you don’t say anything.
  • But one day your on the couch at Jaehee’s just talking and he comes in rage rolling off him in waves
  • He just picks you up over his shoulder and takes you home
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • Seven told him that you were the author
  • You make up some excuses and eventually he comes and just wraps his arms around tightly.
  • “You saved me twice now. “
  • He explains how the book was like a safe haven for him, and he just kind of nuzzles into your chest because he’s just so grateful. 
Rebuilding Erebor // Thorin & Dwalin


Thorin was sitting in the common room again, and he was tired, or, exhausted was more the word he would use now. He had spent all day in the council from Balin and the elders of Erebor. The meeting was so very tedious for he had to sign treaties, agree to meet up with the people of Dale, Lake-town, and even that Elvenking, Thranduil, to give them all their fare share of the treasure. Not that he did not wish to do so, oh no, he was over the gold sickness. He was still in much pain from all the wounds he had received in the battle of the five armies. Yes, he and his nephews had survived that horrible battle, but not without many injuries, and many months spent in recovery.

Now, Thorin had been crowned the King of Erebor, and his coronation had been held not a week prior, and his duties did not end there. He had been ensconced in daily, and even dare he think it, hourly meetings with Balin and his council, and by the end of each day, he had stumbled to his chambers and fallen asleep half the time in his Kingly attire.

He really did not mind the meetings, because he knew being a King had its duties, but he relished the times he could spend with the rest of his company. They always made him feel better, and as if he were just Thorin Oakenshield again, even though they still called him your majesty. He did not mind that. But there was one constant still in his life, in that he really looked forward to being with his dearest and oldest friend, Dwalin. Now this time was no different, as he had promised to meet up with him, and to share some ale over their nightly talks. Half the time they would end up in a drunken stupor, singing old bawdy songs, just as they used to when they were younger, and in happier times.

Thorin was leaning heavily against the edge of the table, with important papers strewn all around him over the surface of the wooden table. His wounds were still a bit fresh, but he knew the pain would subside the moment he was in Dwalin’s company again. He raised his head when he heard a familiar tread approaching the common room, and he sat up straight, with a huge grin on his face, awaiting the arrival of his dear friend.