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Still from me : i wanna ask.. maybe you already got this kind of question but how do you see the chemistry between timmy and armie? And is there any scene that really leaves you in awe... like "i'll never forget forever" kind of scene between elio and oliver from the movie? And what do you think about cmbyn chance at oscar race since you already saw the movie?

Do I think it has a chance at the Oscars? Absolutely. yes. 100%. especially after Moonlight’s win this year.

however I have zero knowledge of how nominees are picked. so its up to Sony Classics to really market the film for the Oscars crowd. but i do so hope that it gets nominated for any oscar, best picture, director, screenplay, actor, music, ANYTHING. it deserves it. the film has been praised by critics and has STILL has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. so it definitely could pull awards. I so hope it does. it is a beautiful film with an amazing cast and director. they deserve it. 

I’m sure you’ve seen heaps of posts on the chemistry of timmy and armie. it’s just so real and intense. honestly all their scenes are really good so its hard to pick.

 *SPOILERS* I still love their first kiss scene sooo much. also their morning after scene (i think) where Oliver tells Elio to “call me by your name and ill call you by mine”. its just so intimate. so loving. its all consuming. 

in summary:

Cordelia: Oh, Angel! I know that I am a Slayer, and you’re a vampire and it would be impossible for us to be together, but…

Wesley: [imitating Angel] But… my gypsy curse, sometimes prevent me from seeing the truth. Oh, Buffy…

Cordelia: Yes, Angel?

Wesley: Oh, I love you so much I almost forgot to brood!

Cordelia: And just because I sent you to Hell that one time doesn’t mean that we can’t just be friends.

Wesley: Or possibly more?

Cordelia: Gasp! No! We mustn’t!

Wesley: Kiss me!

Cordelia: Bite me!

Angel: [entering, surprising everyone] How about you both bite me?

I love this scene sooo much! Cordelia and Wes are nailing the impression of Angel and Buffy, but it is so hilarious. Then Angel comes in brooding (surprising, right?) and makes the scene that much better.

I loved that scene sooo much. You can literally see her inner conflict, that struggle not to give in to look at him. Because she knows he already got her heart. She knows she won’t be able to resist him, resist loving him.
And that baby smiling back at her is the most prefect reaction.
Such a quiet little scene, among all the action and fighting villains and new love interests, and yet, one of my favorite moments that season.