Birthday speech and tweet for Aizome Kento of THRIVE from the official B-Project twitter.

“I don’t need things like presents. In stead, promise that you’ll still be next to me this time next year. I’m actually pretty jealous, you know ♡” — Aizome Kento

Goushi: ….. Gross, I have goosebumps.
Yuuta: I see, so Kenken gets lonely easily!
Kento: Well, the girls will be happy to hear it ♪ Rather, Goushi, hurry and take more pictures.
Goushi: Haa? Dammit, how many more do I need to take!? They all look the same!

src @Bpro_info

“And what, leave you there to die?” Ryan slides his fingers into Gavin’s hair and grabs them roughly, tightly. He forces the blond to look at him, suddenly furious. “You really think I’d take losing you over getting shot?”

Blindfold by - miss-ingno