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Can we go around doing a favorite moments from the past seasons or fav moments of fandom, or what we're most excited about this season meme thing while waiting for the trailer? Anything to try and erase all the negativity that's been going around?

I think this is an excellent idea, and I’d love to challenge any of my followers to pick one of those three topics–favorite moment from the past seasons, favorite fandom moment, or what you’re most excited about for the upcoming season.

I have a ridiculous amount of favorite moments from the show (though to be fair…it is one of my favorite shows), but I thought I’d take a moment to appreciate two scenes from season one between Oliver and Felicity, from 1x21 “The Undertaking”.

Felicity and Oliver spend the episode working as a team separate from Diggle, since Diggle is still pissed off at Oliver for the whole Deadshot debacle. This is also the episode where Felicity is introduced to two important parts of Oliver’s life: Laurel, and his family.

Taking a look at the Laurel scene first. Laurel came to Verdant to vent to Oliver about her breakup with Tommy. Felicity had been working on breaking into a laptop for Oliver. She pops up into the club, interrupting Oliver and Laurel’s talk. Felicity claims she’s no one; Oliver ends up introducing her as the girl who’s setting up his internet. Felicity’s very aware of the significance of Laurel in Oliver’s life at that point, and Laurel’s bemused by the blonde IT girl who described her as “gorgeous Laurel.”

What I particularly love is the contrast of this scene to one of my favorite scenes, near the end, where Oliver ends up introducing Felicity to his family for the first time. They’re all at the hospital with Walter, Oliver struggling with the knowledge that Moira had a hand in Walter’s kidnapping, when there’s a tap at the door, and a familiar voice commenting that she’s interrupting a family thing.

Three Queens and a Steele staring her down, and she’s beaming like the little ray of sunshine she is. Not even a “who are you?” from Moira Queen fazes her.

And then Oliver is quick to speak up and step close to her, drawing her into the circle of family. He introduces her as his friend. (Which Walter seconds, a moment later.)

She’s there for such a brief time, until she opts to leave them to their “hugging,” but before she goes, she and Oliver share one more look:

Felicity’s smile is all about a job well done, as partners, a team, together, bringing Oliver’s family back together. And Felicity may very well be the first woman Oliver’s introduced to his family as simply a “friend”. This episode was a giant step forward for their eventual partnership and ultimate relationship, and I think the contrast between these two scenes sums it up perfectly.

The scene in the hospital with his family also serves as a nice parallel to this moment in 3x01, don’t you think? ;)