fav pics of 2016 :) was alive 4 another yr so all i can say is alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah 

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Frooti Beltran: A sim download

Lowkey sobbing bc i love her and im selfish but I’ve decided to share her either way so somebody can give her the full life she deserves ;_;

CC used: check my resources, hair is from GTW ep, top, pants,shoes, socks, bra straps(classic), nose ring, freckles, eyebrows.

TOU: Be free pals! (((as long as u dont like claim her urs or something) 

Origin ID: nsnislifex


Michelle @punkdickgrayson tagged me in the six selfies thing!! I only have like two selfie poses and I could only pick from selfies taken after I lost everything on my phone in July, but here they are anyway. I’m tagging @not-the-drones @c3p-n0 @tenthousandliteratebees and tbh anyone else you all have great faces