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👑 Cirillia

(dressed like royalty) 

THERE SHE IS, MY GIIIRL, MY BEAUTIFUL GIIIRL, oh no I love this. Cirillia would make a terrible ruler tbh “New mandate, everybody just, like, be chill”

Trans Luke Headcanon

Luke doesn’t know if Vader thinks he was assigned male at birth, or if he’s just respectful of his pronouns.

He usually trends towards thinking that he just passes pretty well, but sometimes when he’s feeling dysphoric, Vader will suddenly be speaking into his mind, and calling him “son” and “Luke” a lot, for no real reason, and he questions whether Vader might know after all.

Vader tries desperately to come up with excuses for his visits to his son’s consciousness, but they usually end up amounting to more or less, “Luke, are you absolutely 100% positive you don’t want to tell me everything about the Alliance.”

Vader enjoys Luke’s exasperated tone as he rebuffs Unintimidating Attempt #8450 with a vague, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure.”

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McKirk AU in which they are both huge art nerds and meet at an art museum

  • Jim likes to sit quietly on one of the comfortable benches that overlooks this giant 20th century painting. His life is so busy as it is, and Jim is so easily distracted; his mind easily moving from one thing to the next. Except in the art museum in DC. He can just sit with his notebook, quietly redrawing the paintings. He’s not necessarily good at it at all, but at least no one bothers him.  That, and the museum is also a great place to pick up people.
  • But Leonard draws his peace to a quick end. He just walks in with a big fake smile, surrounded by tourists. He talks about the origin of the paintings in the room, blissful southern tone to his voice. It instantly catches Jim’s attention. He’s no longer paying attention to his own drawing. Instead, he’s listening to the guy. He follows the group of visitors and tourists, mostly because he’s interested in whatever else this guy - Leonard, according to his name tag - has to say about the numerous paintings around. He answers all of the questions too, even the real stupid ones. 
  • “You’re not a paying customer,” Leonard tells Jim, and Jim grins a little. “I have a museum pass, I don’t need to pay.” “You need to pay for guided tours,” Leonard points out, “I saw you were sitting near the Experience America exhibition before you joined us.” Jim’s lips tug into a grin. “So you paid attention to me?” Leonard huffs. “Maybe,” he replies, and Jim quirks up his eyebrows, lips tugging into a smirk. “Well, then maybe you should let me pay you a drink.”
  • Their first date is in the museum cafe. They drink a coffee; Jim explains he’s just there to draw and relax. During the day he’s in college, and at night he’s working in a bar. Saturdays in the museum is like his hour long sanctuary. Leonard’s working there only part time. He’s only just moved into the city. Total art nerd, with a hobby gone way out of hand, and he’s given up his medical career to focus on art instead.
  • Their second date, Jim takes him to a different museum. Turns out, Leonard wasn’t exaggerating when he said he knew a lot about art and art history, because Leonard ends up lecturing him on Dali. He uses that same, thick southern accent when he talks to Jim. Jim falls in love with that accent before he even realizes he’s falling for that guy, too.
  • They go out to a game, and both enjoy a stadium hot dog while yelling for no team in particular. Despite that, they do end up in that art museum again. Jim sits on his usual bench, overlooking the giant painting, and he’s just sketching while listening to Leonard talk about the new exhibition that’s opening soon. And Jim leans in to kiss him - totally distracted again, as usual, because kissing Leonard is much nicer than that large painting he’s trying to redraw. Kissing Leonard surprises the two of them, but Jim only leans in for more and Leonard doesn’t mind at all. 
  • And Leonard drags him into the museum bathroom, pushing him up against the wall while Jim’s wraps both his arms around Leonard’s shoulders. "In the bathroom, really?“ Jim laughs, breathless against Leonard’s lips, but he’s definitely not stopping Leonard when his hands slide under his shirt. His fingers trail down over Jim’s chest and his stomach, ready to push the Jim’s pants down.
  • Jim certainly visits Leonard in the museum more often. He still hasn’t paid for one of Leonard’s guided tours, but he’s somehow on almost all of them. He counters Leonard with tricky questions, and Leonard counters him with clever answers. 
  • As much of a genius Jim is, he definitely struggles concentrating sometimes. And so Leonard helps him study. As distracting as Leonard is himself, he has this system that means a lot of making out after every successful chapter and test exam. 
  • Jim finds himself not even really being interested in other people. He doesn’t need to; he’s got his fill for attention and affection from just one person, and that’s just such a foreign concept to Jim, but somehow this feels good. Comfortable. That doesn’t mean that he’s not a little intimidated when Leonard asks if he wants to join him to Amsterdam because he wants to visit the Van Gogh- and the Rijksmuseum. Holidays together is serious thing, and Jim’s never been serious. It’s terrifying, and Jim doesn’t even know how to respond. “You can say no,” Leonard says, and Jim frowns a little. “No, I’d love to go, but I’m thinking-” “Too much too fast?” Leonard asks, and Jim hates justh ow well Leonard can read his mind. “It’s okay,” Leonard says, “I know about your emotional constipation.” “Hey,” Jim huffs, but he smiles - even more so when Leonard still kisses him, and doesn’t hold anything against him.
  • But when Leonard is gone, Jim is miserable. Because Jim is alone, and Leonard is traveling to Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris, to visit the continent’s rich history in arts. Definitely something Jim wants to experience, and definitely together with Leonard. “You are such an idiot,” Uhura points out with a smirk, as Jim sits next to her on the couch and quietly munching on popcorn. “What, since when?” “Since you’re sitting here watching stupid movies,” Uhura replies, “while you’re boyfriend’s off to exciting cities.” “He’s not my boyfriend.” “Jim.” “What? He’s not. Is he? You think he is?” Uhura rolls her eyes and doesn’t reply, letting Jim think this over a little longer. “I can’t just go to Amsterdam,” Jim argues eventually. 
  • An insane number of people on bikes just ride through traffic and that looks both terrifying and thrilling enough for Jim to want to try that out at least once. He’s tracking Leonard’s phone past cozy canals with houseboats; the sweet smell of weed on street corners surprisingly pleasant. And he finds Leonard outside the Van Gogh museum, surprising him by suddenly showing up next to him and kissing his cheek, which mostly ends up with Jim getting punched in the face by a startled Leonard. “Jim,” Leonard says, grabbing Jim’s arms and holding on to him. “What are you doing here?” “I came here to go to these museums with you,” Jim says, rubbing his cheek.
  • And Leonard leans in to kiss him, arms sliding around his waist. “How long are you staying?” Leonard asks, and Jim grins. “At least a week.” “Alright, let’s go,” Leonard says, dragging him away from the museum queue. “What about Van Gogh?” Jim asks, following Leonard. “Van Gogh will be there tomorrow. I missed you more than a few paintings.” Leonard says, and Jim laughs, pulling Leonard in for another kiss. “Let’s Gogh.”

Here’s my quick thought on Ashly Burch being on Steven Universe.
So I know the most popular theory is that she’ll be the Lapidot fusion. But I don’t think it’s because of reasoning, I think it’s just because Lapidot is one of the most popular ships in the fandom. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if Lapis and Peridot fused, and see how their fusion would work, and act like. And admittedly, Ashly’s voice does sound a lot like a blend of Lapis and Peridot’s. But Ashly’s role in SU is still completely unknown, so before everyone starts saying stuff like “Lapidot is already canon.” And that “Amedot is dead.” Wait and see what actually happens in the show. Remember that just because two gems fuse, doesn’t mean they’re automatically in a romantic relationship. Look at Steven and Amethyst, they’ve fused twice and I’m pretty sure they’re not a couple. Now I’m not saying to take off your shipping goggles or stop assuming overall. I just don’t want the majority of the fandom to be disappointed if Ashly Burch doesn’t turn out to be the Lapidot fusion. Even though there’s a very high chance she could be, it still might not happen. I just think that when Lapidot shippers are constantly wanting Lapis and Peridot to fuse, they forget what Lapis went through for several months; which was an abusive, unstable, and toxic fusion. She might still need time to rest from that. But, this could also be a chance for Lapis to maybe heal from her toxic fusion, by being in a much more stable one, with Peridot. And if Lapis were to fuse, who else would she fuse with (besides Steven)?
Now, I’d also love if if Peridot and Amethyst were to fuse because it’s undeniable that they’re very VERY close. But I just can’t see Ahsly’s voice being the voice of Peridot and Amethyst combined. I think that the crew might wait a little longer for Amethyst and Peridot to fuse into a healthy, and maybe even romantic fusion. Now, I know this is a little hypocritical of me to use my shipping goggles for this one, but with all the hints, and theories and screen time of the Amedot relationship, romance between them almost seems inevitable! So there still is a good chance Ashly might be the Amedot fusion, but again, we’ll have to wait and see. The theory I doubt the most is that Ashly Burch is gonna voice the Myster Girl. Why you ask? I’d imagine S. would have a deeper voice and even sound a little like Rose. Maybe Ashly can and will adjust her voice to fit the crews ideal voice for S. But I don’t think we’re ready to see the Myster Girl again just yet. Although we will soon enough. If you want anything more elaborated, you can always message me!