One Day Soon

“One Day Soon”

Maybe one day I’ll be more than this
Someone who you can admire
Someone who you can kiss
Before my time has expired

I’ve almost forgotten how to love
But you reminded me again and again
With a playful push and a shove
You’re my lover and dear best friend

We’ll walk together hand in hand
Mine in yours and yours in mine
For we know the master plan
Patience through layers of time

I’ll listen close and always care
As we progressively make haste
Above the travesties we’re almost there
Can you begin to feel the taste
Of sweet things and melodies through the air?
Such a pleasant song to grace the ear
And though we know life is not fair
Our arrival everyday soon grows near

We’ll look back on this when we’re old
And laugh to our hearts’ content
When I gave you my jacket in the cold
So you would not lament
The very soul I’ve been given
Is not a skill that I have
But I would steal the sunrise risen
Just to make your smirk grow glad

This to you I give my soul
A small memento to thank
You for helping me feel whole
And no longer a slate that’s blank


Society’s constructed ideas of beauty,
To make ourselves appealing,
So ingrained in our minds,
Raised to believe it is our duty

We skip meals,
Starving our bodies,
To insure we look perfect,
In six inch heels.

These self destructive self made fights,
Because your cheek bones are not high enough,
And you hate your skin,
And the way it look in the bathroom lights.

Too strong, too weak,
Too smart, too dumb,
Afraid to be ourselves,
In case we are called a freak.

Perfect makeup around our eyes,
Straight white teeth,
Born with this burden,
And feed off the lies.

That we are nothing more than our looks,
They tell us all we need,
Is the clothing and makeup,
Leaving no time to read books.

Because it’s been drilled into our brains,
That no man wants a smart girl,
No man wants a strong girl,
No one wants a girl who speaks up who complains.

We are more than bodies,
We are strong and independent,
Not made to be your cook
And no you can not play us like those barbies.

We are humans,
Deserving all the same rights,
We can break down these walls,
Of society’s illusions.

This is why we need feminism,
Because we deserve more,
And all those preaching hate,
And the ones filled with skepticism.

We deserve fundamental rights,
To respect ourselves,
And walk the streets with out being cat-called,
We will put up a fight.

Until we are seen for more than our beauty,
We will not back down,
Until children are raised,
Without the notion that pleasing men is their duty.



arrowpartners and liloempire tagged me to post my 10 favorite pictures of liam/louis, but somehow there are now 48 of them. y’all knew this was coming bc honestly… i’m the biggest and nastiest liloe out there.

i don’t know who’s been tagged already, but i’m tagging lilopranks loadedlilo proudliam albaenianhoe and liumpayner :-) make sure to tag me when you’re done!


Send this  ▶ ✆ ◀  for a doodle of our muses taking a selfie!


          “So, aside from us being a little lost and hopefully heading in the right direction, how about a selfie to capture the moment!? It is a nice day out and I totally wanna brag to the guys about my adventure over here!”  Prompto just loves capturing the moment, hopefully she wouldn’t mind a picture or two.


Everyone describes hide to be a tanned greek god covered from head to toe in freckles. Like golden fucking skin. Mocha deliciousness. Crispy like he’s been digging ditches all day in the hot smouldering sun. 
That kid is a pasty white Asian boy
The thought is nice, and i appreciate that visual, but are you guys blind.

blewinonaleaf asked:

The house was empty that day. Just Clara and Jesse and she had already cleaned everything up and now had nothing to do. She walked over to him. "Thomas, will you teacher how to ride a horse today?" she asked softly.

Jesse was the kind that when the house was empty; he enjoyed the quiet. Sitting in his rocking chair, he had a cigar in one hand; but hearing the crows outside he couldnt help but look. Enjoying such simple things, he then heard Clara.

Then looking at her, he thought about it; but then looked outside now. “Well of course, today is a nice day. The winds are not too bad and when I walked the grass earlier there were no snakes to scare them.” He explained and then smiled at her. “Right now?” He asked, a small smile on his lips.

Headcanon Time!

There are so many possible headcanons you could play with on the topic of what would happen if Baron ever turned human.

For example, suddenly he just has skin instead of fur and HE BURNS REALLY EASILY OH HOLY MACKEREL HARU WHERE IS THE ALOE VERA IT BURNS

But on the other end of the spectrum, no fur = no automatic protective layer against the cold. So of course snow is really cool the first time around, but Baron quickly learns that actually it is pretty freaking cold HARU WHERE ARE MY GLOVES I KNOW THEY’RE NOT FOR WINTER BUT I NEED THEM then of course followed by him catching a cold and then sulking because Creations don’t get sick what is this nonsense?

I have no idea how to shave a beard, but that’s fine because I’m pretty sure Baron wouldn’t either and that’s all I need to know.

If we go on the headcanon that Creations don’t really dream the same way that humans do, just imagine the first time Baron sleeps and Haru finds herself being shaken awake at ridiculous-o'clock because Creation dreams are symbolic and so he demands to know what she thinks a dream concerning chasing off dinosaurs with a giant rattle might mean. Haru spends the next hour reassuring him that human dreams don’t mean anything and BY THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD JUST GO BACK TO THE SPARE ROOM I HAVE WORK TOMORROW MORNING

Or moving onto the fact that he suddenly doesn’t have his usual agility. So Baron, being Baron, will probably try to jump over a fence or something to get somewhere quicker (and to show off, the drama queen) but he doesn’t have a half-feline body anymore so he just trips over the fence and face palms the ground instead and has to pretend that he totally meant to do that what are you laughing at Haru help me up

I’m just saying. So. Many. Possibilities.

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so i was watching Anastasia and now I can't stop wondering about an au where zevran is a conman trying to get a cousland or aeducan warden to denerim or val royeux

OH MY GOD YASSSSSSSSS THAT IS AN AMAZING AU!!!!  I watched Anastasia two days ago on netflix for probably the 100th time (at least), so I wholeheartedly endorse this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Give me all the Anastasia AUs  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Dinner Date...?

“Did you see last night’s episode of Mad Men?” Dean grinned from ear to ear. “It was insane. Don was all like-“

“No spoilers!” Cas let out a shout as he covered his ears dramatically. “My parents decided to have one of their fights in the living room and I didn’t get to see it.”

Dean’s smile faltered a little before he scooted closer on the bench seat and slung an arm across his boyfriend’s shoulders. “Sorry, baby.”

The darker haired boy shrugged. “It wasn’t too bad. Just the usual. Do you mind if I hang out at your house after school?”

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GUYS okay so turns out the guy who played Steve on Full House, Scott Weinger, is a writer for fricken Galavant