Honestly, I live for ace/aro Reyna. Like, Reyna wasn’t attracted to Jason, she knew she should’ve been but she wasn’t. Despite her lack of sexual or romantic attraction toward him, she knew it’d be the best diplomatic choice to pursue a relationship with him. And besides, she loved him as a friend, she could just learn to love him as more than that, right?

And of course then he goes missing and when he turns up again, she clearly sees his feelings for another girl. And she knows that she should be jealous, and she is. But in a completely different way. She’s jealous that he disappeared and showed up with a group of new friends. That she was the person he used to confide in but now he always turns to Piper.

And Jason obviously interprets this as Reyna being (rightfully) jealous of his feelings for Piper and Reyna doesn’t correct him because why should she? That’s how she’s supposed to feel, right? Why correct him when it would do no one any good?

And by the end of HoO she’s so confused. Because someone should love her and she should love someone. Look at all her friends, all of them in relationships; Jason and Piper, Percy and Annabeth, Nico and Will. Even Leo turns back up with a girlfriend. Why was she the only one incapable of finding someone she legitimately loved in a romantic way?

And over time she realizes that she simply doesn’t want nor does she need a romantic and/or sexual partner. All she really wants is companionship; a friend. And she finds that in the seven and Nico. And she bonds with Rachel because Rachel isn’t allowed to have a romantic relationship and Reyna doesn’t want one, so they kind of just form this friendship built on the mutual lack of desire for romance and that grows into a sister-like bond.

And just, I love Ace/Aro Reyna so much.


Sophie & Ben in 2006


Get To Know Me Meme: Favorite TV Shows [1/10] The Mentalist

“/’men-tə-list/ noun. Someone who uses mental acuity, hypnosis and/or suggestion. A master manipulator of thoughts and behavior.“

a dennor au where mathias and lukas go on their first date and at the end of the night they go in lukas’ apartment and lukas kisses mathias who is so surprised and  he kinda stumbles back a little and flails his arms for something to get balance on. his hand ends up landing on the opening of a vase on a nearby table and when he leans on it the vase and mathias crash down on the floor.  mathias cuts his hand on a shard and starts bleeding everywhere. lukas is standing there in complete awe of the stupidity he just witnessed. the night ends w lukas driving mathias to the ER for stitches.

Some messy drawings of Gabriel Reyes is good for the soul

I’d like to think that he is LITERALLY made of smoke so when he breathes it’s a part of him leaving and when he’s angry he becomes this burst of smoke and it covers his entire face. I dunno just some ideas. Also, curly fry hair :> 

I might pick back up on this later 

When you refused to pick dandelions from the ground when spring was first born, I saw, you like the idea of home just as much as I do. And there’s something beautiful about the way you fill the negative, shivering particles that hover in the air. It’s almost like they were waiting for you for all time, and nothing before or since could ever, ever, compare to you.
—  A.P. (6.16)
Just Go With It

Not a request but I just had this idea and I really wanted to write it lol

Peter Parker x Reader

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“So, single replacement or displacement reaction. In this type of reaction, a more active element replaces a less active element in a compound. ” Mr. Rodriguez explained.

Hands slightly cramping, I scribbled down notes as quickly as possible so that I wouldn’t miss anything important. I was completely engrossed in chemical reactions when I felt a tap on my shoulder. A string of curses ran through my mind as I lost my train of thought. I shook my head, ignored the tap, and continued with my work.

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okay oh my I’ve calmed down somewhat but I still really cannot believe how into each other Giles and Jenny are because it’s unbelievably adorable

first off, Jenny’s face as Giles is leaving is wonderful

she starts off with kinda soft eyes

and a sweet smile

and then goes to “dorky as all get-out” once he’s turned around and is walking away

the Unflappable Jenny Calendar seen here, folks

look at this lil bean she can’t take her eyes off him and she can’t stop smiling

she tries to go back to being cool at the end but we all saw that, jenny. we all saw it.

ALSO OKAY I HAVE TO ADD the fact that Jenny looks suddenly cool and collected at the end probably has to do with the fact that Giles, who was walking away, turned around again to look at her? Like she’s all dorky grins and stuff when he’s not looking but when he turns around she has to pretend she was already going back into the classroom.

“yep. cool. just leaving. look, I’m going to toss you a flirty look over my shoulder because I’m totally confident and casual about this. not a dork. not me.”

meanwhile gILES



I cannot with these two they’re such smitten idiots even when they’re dating