i’m making a zine about 2016 #realisations a la kylie ! if you’ve realised something in the year of our lord 2016 pls send me a message and tell me about it (totally cool if u wanna be anonymous) and there’s a good chance i’ll include it ! i’m looking for #deep ones and also very ridiculous trivial ones (for example, i realised showers are not all that bad … suspicious) so anything is gr8 !

p.s. to the person who sent me one about eggs … pls tell me more about your new egg making technique vs. the old one im SO intrigued

“It was Laura, but, it wasn’t her Laura. Carmilla stared at the zombie…Her skin was dulled and looked tight from the stitching pulling it all together so tight. It took Carmilla a moment, but after enough staring she figured out all her hair was still connected to her scalp in one piece, but was knotted and matted with dirt, and lacked its honey glow. Her eyes were dull and a bit milky, looking wild as her pupils were constantly trying to focus on Carmila. And the fact her jaw was in her hands, leaving her tongue to hang from the open hole in her face, didn’t help much either.” 


based on this fic that’s been fucking me up for days (in the best of ways ofc!) 

sadly i don’t know the tumblr user who’s writing this lovely fanfic so i can’t tag them but keep up the good work! 

I am the weaver of lies, the facilitator of dreams, and I’ll ignore your gentle cries, ignore your desperate screams.
—  s.z (Hollow Backs Carved From Cedar)

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Okay, I love your blog, it's seriously one of my favourites, anyways could you see a fanfiction with all the Servamps turning into 5 years old as a phase for vampires and all their Eves having to take care of them?

Aw, anon, stop complimenting me, I’m blushing! Just kidding, keep being a sweetheart and making me flustered X’D Oooh, and I can totally see that, this is an amazing idea! Oh my God, I can picture so many things~ Imagine Kuro being a shy kid and hiding behind Mahiru all the time or having his Eve piggyback him around everywhere ‘cause he’s too lazy to walk (and probably falling asleep on his back). Imagine Lily being a literal sunshine of a child and super affectionate to Misono (who gets super embarrassed) and wanting to do everything together. Imagine Hyde being all clingy and bratty and annoying the crap out of Licht even more than he already does and refusing to fall asleep in the evening until Licht’s with him. Imagine Wrath trying to befriend other kids but scaring them all away with their perma-glare. (Bonus: her rescuing another kid from bullies, perhaps?) Imagine Gluttony eating everything in the pantry and then denying that it was him who ate it (bonus: he eats too much and gets a stomachache afterwards). And imagine Jeje being a really quiet child who doesn’t even talk to Mikuni, but still rolls his eyes at his man-child of an Eve. And then there’s Hugh, who doesn’t change at all… Holy smokes, I’m having way too many ideas! I’d love to see this written, anon, I’m sure it’d make a great story!


“Open up when you have internet connection” / “ Oskar 8.10.2016 02:54”

The night before I flew to france to become an au pair, my boyfriend made me a playlist including 42 songs that remind him of me and our times together. When I was packing, he wrote the song titles down - one song on one piece of paper. On the other sides of the papers he wrote me why does this song make him think about me or what memory does the song bring back up. Each day I try to have some time to take one piece of paper and when the song is playing I read what he has written to me.


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Say 10 things about yourself.

1. I spent most of my life trying to be straight and realised I’m super gay last year

2. I got my bachelor degree (Creative Arts majoring in Film & Television) just after I turned 19

3. I have a girlfriend and she is the most wonderful person on the planet and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise

4. I’ve travelled to 21 countries and have plans to visit 4 more in the next 3 months

5. I try to do landscape photography in my spare time (heres me sideblog with some of me shots)

6. I’d like to move to Canada next year otherwise I might go back to university and study again. Ideally I’d love to move to the US but visas are impossible..

7. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 11 years old

8. I feel like this should have been said ages ago but I GUESS ILL DO THE BASICS NOW. My name is Bella, Im 22 years old and I’m from Australia!

9. My favourite movies are How To Train Your Dragon 2 and Big Fish

10. I’ve never broken a bone and have a squeaky clean permanent record

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“Bruce,” Geoff says as he holds the phone to his ear. “I didn’t know you even had my number.” The words were casual but the accusation underneath was not missed.

“I got it from a friend.”

“And who-”

“We need your help,” Bruce interrupts, his tone firm and not betraying any further intentions though Geoff could tell immediately something was up.

“And what makes you think we’re going to provide you any help? I thought you would ‘rather loose your dick than accept help from us’ if I remember the conversation right.”

Bruce doesn’t react, doesn’t correct Geoff that that wasn’t what he said and Geoff frowns in concern. Clearly Bruce wasn’t fucking around. This was serious.

“We need your help. They have Elyse.”

Geoff takes a sharp intake of breath, face hardening. Geoff starts trying to calculate what weapons they have, how many people he can spare at this moment, how fast he could get there-

“What do you need us to do?” Geoff says, already preparing himself to do whatever is necessary to help.

hi here are some random “the mad doctor’s wonderful world of evil” hcs:
- everyone in toon world loved it bc look two “evil” dorks with their own homemade show with this rlly authentic feel and cardboard cutouts and catchy songs whats not to love
- doc and prescott were both rlly invested in it
- they have that couch for guests but the guests are, again, cardboard cutouts
- “we have a very special guest with us today!! please introduce urself”
*slow zoom out from the doc to reveal that one cardboard cutout of oswald looking grumpy on the couch*
“u’re not very talkative are u”
- “prescott how good is your impression of oswald”
- all voices are done by 2 ppl
- in one episode they deliberately replace prescott’s amazing drawings with doc’s stick figures. they blame it on “budget issues”
- they blame a lot of things on “budget issues”
- remember that thingy with all these pictures of various characters haphazardly put together? doc did that one. he tried pouring glue all over the thing b4 prescott had to come in and give him the scotch tape
- 30 seconds of doc doing his thing and prescott’s horns sticking out from the bottom of the frame b4 prescott notices he’s not in the frame and flies up to doc’s height
- running gag where prescott finishes his sentence with a word that doesnt rhyme with anything and doc starts to continue singing and then freezes with his mouth open trying to come up with a rhyme while prescott has the most shiteating grin possible
- mickey comes back from wasteland and is met by conspirologists trying to figure out this one-hit-wonder of a show and where did it come from and where did it go and maybe the thing they were playing up about “taking over the airwaves” was true. honestly there is no official mention of it anywhere on the internet wtf.
- there’s a petition to bring it back


dear anon,

4give this half-assed drawing (i can’t aone he’s 2 magnificent 4 this)

(this is how pre karasuno vs datekou bathroom funtime adventure should’ve gone)