Sup, all my awesome followers? Hanging with the fam today, so thought I’d get my sister to take my picture? She took like 27.

I’m a Genderfluid Male/Non-Binary. I am most days male. I was born AFAB. My girlfriend is my biggest supporter, and we have a nice life together in a small apartment. I’m gonna be 20 on the 22 of April. I love all of you!!

Didn’t brush my hair.

The sickest mixtape by Grace is a Duck’s original gangster

Grace drop that beat for me

yeah b0ss

yo this the duck family we have

grace and eli pinata loving cross borders alien

james the hentai tentacle raping porno

sydney the peruvian potato farmer that got owned by spanish man

myra the terrorist

liz the bible loving gay hatin texan

and dave the baguette whiskey loving slave driver

grace-is-a-duck zoru-fox-thing-myra hella-fab-duck midorithenerd and James holla at me

pls love me its just banter m8s

20/03 - Happy Birthday our beloved Nerd Chief of Staff !!
*A*)9 I’m done!
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December 14th at 11:02 pm
We met on this day, you took care of me because I was too drunk to take care of myself. You’d soon learn that I’m always like this.
December 18th at 3:00 pm
We went on a nature walk together, you told me my eyes were the trippiest things you’ve ever seen. You left soon after we fought.
December 19th at 10:07
I got drunk with the guy I lost my virginity to, I didn’t fuck him. I went home and called you 8 times, I don’t remember anything either of us said.
December 20th at 12:33 pm
You told me you had feelings for me, you came to see me at the coffe shop that night to hear bands play. I was drinking again. You dropped me off at midnight.
December 21st 10:46 pm
You brought someone you’ve fucked to a party, I got so jealous that I got drunk and had sex with another guy right upstairs. You didn’t like it at all.
December 24th 11:41 pm
You asked me why I have feelings for you, I didn’t know what to say. I told you that I love your humor and how open minded you are, but that doesn’t begin to explain why.
December 25th 12:01 am
You told me so much about yourself, I could never share it with anyone. Because of the conversation from that night, I still think you’re a good person, despite everything.
December 26th at 11:55 pm
I asked you to come over to my house, I really wanted to see you.
December 27th at 1:35 am
I went to see you, we had sex for the first time. Afterwards you asked me what the scars on my wrist are from, I couldn’t stop stuttering; I was a drunk, emotional mess. You pulled me closer into your chest and told me I was worth more than what I do to myself. I went to sleep with that on my mind.
December 27th at 10:14 pm
You came over, but I was drunk and high off of who knows what. I was feeling so sad that night, I sat in the back room reading books and writing poetry. You came and sat down with me while I broke down. We had sex again that night. You snore really loudly.
January 1st at 4:53 pm
This was the first time you’d talked to me since December 28th. I couldn’t understand it, if you felt the same way I did, like you said, you wouldn’t have been able to keep yourself from calling or texting. I told you you were a piece of shit, I meant it at the time.
January 3rd at 11:28 pm
I asked you if we could be fuck buddies, I couldn’t stand not seeing you, even though I was the one who told you to leave me alone. You said yes, I was hoping you wouldn’t. You make me so weak.
January 5th at 9:52 pm
I went to the hookah bar with my best friend, I saw you there. I didn’t know what to do. I ran out. Apparently you smiled at me, but I couldn’t handle seeing you.
January 6th at 5:32 pm
I haven’t spoken to you since then. You were being such an asshole.
January 24th at 5:09 pm
You passed me in your god-awful truck that we both hate. The void is back in my chest.
January 26th at 5:01 pm
I can’t stop thinking about the 33 freckles that litter your stomach. I love that hard spot on your chest, it’s like armor to protect you from fuck ups like me. I miss your soft skin, it’s almost as white as your teeth. I wish I could create art on your back again by scratching it. Do you miss me at all? February 2nd at 12:56 am
You were at the same party as me, but I didn’t see you, I left at 11:57, thank god I did. I had just fucked the second guy since you, it didn’t feel right. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I saw you. I drunkenly messaged my best friend for advice, he told me that I was one of the most beautiful girls he’s ever seen and that you’re stupid not to see that. He told me I was “the sweetest fucking thing ever” and not to change for anyone. So fuck you, I’m over it.
—  Ellen Gwin, 1/26/14

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. Jackunzel. Pitch is back, and this time, he’s making sure no one in the world believes in Jack Frost.

Jack Frost has made a friend — the girl with the magic hair — and Pitch is using this newfound bond against Jack, to win him over to fear. ”Well now, I wasn’t aware that you two were acquainted!”

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