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Okay, another headcanon for you: Jehan has water-colored style flower tattoos to represent all their friends, each one corresponding with their personalities. They also has one for Parnasse. It’s something beautiful but deadly. (Options would be Wolfbane, Nightshade, Monkshood, something like that)


They have a beautiful blue/black-ish Wolf’s Bane flower over their heart.

Montparnasse already had red roses, but he would have gotten that for Jehan. Since he didn’t know what to get, Jehan suggested a Lily-of-the-Valley. It symbolises Spring, sweetness and the return of happiness. Plus, legend says a lily-of-the-Valley bloomed in May because she missed a nightingale, and it’s an inside joke about Jehan loving Keats’ Ode to a Nightingale

Updates and End of Summer

lucile.patronSorry for all the 🙊 🙊 🙊  I’ve been extremely busy working on future Catalist plans and hope to share more soon. 

But till I’m ready I wanted to let you know the next update and that Act 3 is officially in the works with art to be done by the awesome and talented Jerome Queval! We are working on a new mre mobile friendly site and you can also sign up for the mailing list

My boy Hal & Catalist Act 2 The Sage are back 9/13. The final releases leading up to Act3 the Heart 💗 10/31Here is a sneak-peak at artwork from Act 3 of the guild called “The Surd”. Love you all and hope you are having a fantastic end of summer.

Concept art by Xanthe
Pixels by Lucile Patron

How to determine what my favourite ship in any given fandom is: figure out which one I make suffer the most. 


Amy: This is the start of the process for Ruby and Merida.
Meghan: Yes, it’s very early.

Amy Manson and Meghan Ory for “Merida in Storybrooke” (OUAT Season 5 Special Feature)


Bakugou Katsuki for Emily  ♡

Happy Birthday @kurohiru !