Hermione is my favorite character, I really love her and can see a bit of myself in her. We’re both Gryffondors who could have been in Ravenclaw, we love reading, we’re both a bit bossy, know-it-all, sensitive and stand up for what’s right. But this year I’m failing all my exams and kinda feel ashamed. The thing is that I don’t love what I’m studying anymore. I know I’m not Hermione, but it’s frustrating because I know I would do well at Hogwarts because I would want to learn everything!!

I don’t know how I went this long without knowing that Alistair Theirin’s characterization was inspired by Xander Harris and Malcolm Reynolds.

But now that I know that - I can totally hear it.

Considering that I was a hardcore Buffy and Firefly fan long before I played Origins… no wonder I instantly fell for that dork.

(Also, they originally wanted Fillion to voice him, but decided against it on account of his accent. I love Fillion’s performances to bits, but I’d say that was the right call.)


Sweating like the filthy pig I am in the sauna after my workout yesterday. Soaking up the musk into my already filthy jockstrap. Haven’t washed that thing in months. Inhaling those delicious, sweaty pits and loving every bit of it. Then I decided to show off a little in the locker room. As soon as I pull my shorts down, the rancid stink of weeks of musky dick, piss, and cum that I’ve put into my jock fills the room. Fucking drives me wild.

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I recently followed you and I always ask this to the people I follow. Favourite guild both flavour-wise and gameplay-wise?

I know next to nothing of MTG lore but Boros is the best guild. The first real deck I ever made was Boros and I loved it to bits.

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Hey dude this blog is awesome???? A+++++++ mate. Also i may have fallen in love a tiny bit with your SF bros haha. Could you maybe do US and SF reacting to a really add socially awkward s/o that also really (and i mean really) over uses finger guns? But like in a dorky way? (is this too much? Im sorry ;-;)

Thanks so much! :D Aww, I’m super glad to hear that you love them <3 I’m really having a lot of fun exploring them here. And also finger guns are awesome and I use them regularly. B)


– Plum doesn’t mind that you’re socially awkward! He’s pretty much got the whole conversation covered if you look like you’re having trouble, and happily steps in to help out. He’ll even pun a bit to help loosen you up, if that helps.

– When you finger gun at him for the first time, he’s confused. Are you trying to speak to him in hands? He tentatively asks you what you’re trying to say, but when it’s cleared up that you don’t know what he’s talking about, he sighs in relief.

– After you explain, he thinks it’s a little odd. But he doesn’t say so, instead trying to incorporate them into his own gesticulations. He warms up to using them after a while and you two will finger gun non stop at each other, much to Papyrus’ amusement.


– Cherry understands where you’re coming from. He’s usually pretty good at navigating conversations, but he still fumbles more than he’d like. He’ll do his best to steer the interaction into a direction that allows you both to be comfortable - meaning he throws three bazillion million jokes out there for you to laugh at.

– You finger gunning is so funny to him. If you do it in his direction, he’ll do it right back. He probably teases you a little (a lot) about really “sticking to your guns”.

– All in all he thinks it’s charming, really. In a way your awkwardness helps him come out of his own shell so he can help you out and it makes him less nervous about social situations.


– Hunter doesn’t understand it and is quite possibly the worst guy to be with if you’re super socially awkward. It’s not that he makes it worse but - okay yes. He makes it worse. And it’s cause he acts like such a snob to other people who aren’t you or Hound.

– If you’re both involved in a group conversation and you get flustered and stutter, he’s gonna try and over compensate for you. And this means he’s going to take over the conversation almost completely. It’s his way of helping you out, but he probably comes off as very overbearing to the other person/people. You should probably let him know if this makes you more anxious/awkward.

– He’s completely baffled by your finger guns, and laughs purely out of surprise when you first use them. When you explain, he’s highly amused. Finger guns as a tool for humour? He’s going to try it out on Hound just to see his reaction next time. He doesn’t care that you use them often, though it is unnerving to see it for the first little while. It reminds him of someone.


– Like Plum, he doesn’t mind it. Hound’s not much of a talker anyway so it’s very unlikely that he’ll put either of you in a position where you’ll have to converse for long periods of time. 

– He’s completely alright with long silences, and very patient if you’re having trouble expressing yourself. When he thinks he knows you well enough, he might take to answering other people for you. This will especially be so if you look very uncomfortable - he’ll make up some excuse so you don’t have to stay and chat.

– As for your finger guns, he thinks they’re an interesting habit. He just takes it as one of your regular mannerisms and doesn’t comment on it much. Hound will even direct a couple at you himself once in a while just to see you giggle back at him.

I just asked the Nostalgia Critic to review Robotboy.

 I kinda hope he does. xD It’d be really interesting to hear his thoughts on my favorite show and presh blueberry son. ;v;

I love the show to bits, but even I can see many things wrong with it and he might see them, too. xDD;;

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I just wanted to say that following your blog was one of the best choices I made on tumblr. Your work, your opinions, it's all so much fun and I love every bit of it. Honestly, you're an inspiration. Keep up the awesome work. :)

i’ll try √ tyvm :]

another music tag!

thank you @lilchurrogames for tagging me i love these things a bit too much

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle. List the first ten songs that come up, then tag ten people.

1. franz ferdinand jacqueline
2. balthazar sides
3. lou reed temporary thing
4. j dilla thunder
5. cat stevens oh very young
6. esg what she came for
7. buzzcocks no reply
8. richard hell & the voidoids blank generation
9. television marquee moon
10. violent femmes gone daddy gone

what a dad playlist lmao

i tag @shaysimmer15xx, @thepinkplumbob, @msqitotrap, @ohare-lane & @maxvillareal (feel free to ignore this if it’s not your thing!!) 

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Woah, #3 for his second week is incredible! He didn't slip down too far and staying at the top of the billboard chart means that his sales are coming from the general public and his reach is well beyond his established fanbase. And this is just the start for him really because I feel like he's just going to keep gaining so many new fans and proving that he's legitimately a legend in the making already 🙌

YES EXACTLY!!! I’m so insanely proud of him 😌 the reaction has been so incredible and seeing so many different celebs that you wouldn’t normally think would say anything giving him attention is so cool too and obviously that’s helping more people check him out, too. I never doubted for a second that he could do this, but watching him succeed is so insanely amazing and I love him to bits 🌸