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unpopular opinion: yatesmann and yatesbert make more sense in canon than holtzbert

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I don’t agree or disagree because I don’t think one ship has to be more valid than another. That being said, the interpretation (of canon) where Erin and Abby are ex-girlfriends offers a whole new level of wonderful to the movie. There is more than enough ‘evidence’ in both the movie and the deleted scenes for yatesbert, and the whole yatesmann dynamic is amazing both platonically and romantically, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is so much blatantly obvious flirting between holtz and erin throughout the whole movie, and definitely in the deleted scenes. My personal theory is that Kate McKinnon was portraying Holtzmann as totally having the hots for Erin, but that yatesmann and yatesbert (and tolzmann) happened without the actresses even meaning to.

but praising all of these wonderful ships aside, I really think that we as a fandom need to stop with this rivalry of ships. All these femslash ships are so beautiful and so valid and they each have their own amazing scenes and all make so much sense (even within canon), so why do we have to hate on each other? Why do we have to tear each other down constantly? Love and let love guys. I support all femslash ghostbusters ships, and I hope you can too.

for @cldreality: Keith + Kimchi-mart (a supermarket near them)

Keith squints at his phone, scrolling through the grocery list posted in the group chat with his roommates.  

myshinykeithandme: im at kimchi

iseelondoniseelance: what do u mean ur at kimchi

myshinykeithandme: … kimchi mart?

iseelondoniseelance: !!!!! keef u failed me……… u l eft my meme hangin………. #betrayal

myshinykeithandme: uh
myshinykeithandme: anyway last call for food requests, can’t stay too long

hunkules: can you pick up more salt pls? we’re out smh

iseelondoniseelance: y u need salt when we got pidge lmaooooooo

pidgeonpidgeoff: wow wtf you’re the one who used up all the salt????????

iseelondoniseelance: um???? lies and slander

pidgeonpidgeoff: i have Evidence that you poured the entire carton into the toilet while drunk and crying bc you were convinced a demon would come out of the sewers you memeloving fuck

hunkules: LOL

iseelondoniseelance: jfdklafjdlkj piDGE

The chat explodes, and as interesting as it is to see Lance dragged about something new, Keith ignores his phone in favour of putting things in his shopping cart.

okay, so before i show u guys this scene i wrote HERE’S SOME CONTEXT

 marquise works at a vegan pizzeria after school and chrys has been sick and home from school, so the two don’t get to see each other as often as usual.

so one day, marquise has a short shift and decides to visit chrys (because he really misses him but won’t really admit it to himself) chrys is still in his pajamas and bed-hair and all when marquise comes over and marquise still smells like pizza stuffs because he didn’t have enough time to go home and shower but they’re both okay with this. 

chrys notices how tired marquise looks and brings up the idea that they should both just go to sleep. so chrys invites marquise into his bed, they talk about school stuff for a while until they both start to get sleepy, and then the following happens~

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Payback to @thelonelybrilliance for the vid she tagged me in earlier! I had to dig deep to find this one again, but it’s a vid edited to one of my favorite songs by my favorite band, I knew I still had it in my favorites file from college somewhere! I guess we are having a Winchester brothers fanvid battle now :P

First Sentence Fic Meme!

Was tagged by talking2thesky! I’ve not really written anything in a long while, and I’ll I’ve done is LoM stuff, soooo here goes! Tagging anyone who’d like to do this. <3

The first line of my last 20 fics:

1. You had no choice. - Choice [Life on Mars, Gen, rated M]

2.  ‘Do you know why you’re here, Mr Tyler?’ - Love Lies Bleeding [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, rated T]

3.  When Sam first noticed his wings, at the tender age of 4, he’d been thrilled. - No Fear of Falling [Life on Mars, Gen, rated T, WIP]

4.  ’… and then I’ll have something very special waiting for me, stuffed into very special stocking.’ - What’s Good For Him [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene/Annie, rated G]

5.  'Sam, where’s the sauce you made last night?’ - Lord of the Kitchen [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene/Annie, rated G]

6.  He had promised her an experience she was never going to forget, and he bloody well planned to live up to his claim. - So She [Life on Mars, Sam/Annie, rated G]

7.  Sam doesn’t ask for much, really. - There May Be People You Know There [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene/Annie, rated G]

8.  “You what?” - Insinuations [Life on Mars, Gene, rated G]

9.  He’s done it again, gotten himself into trouble like the little gobshite he is. - What You Do To Me [Life on Mars, Gen, rated T]

10.  From the moment Sam Tyler jumped off a roof in 2006 and landed in a train tunnel in 1973, he hasn’t slept a wink. - It’s Just The Night [Life on Mars, Gen, rated T]

11.  'Don’t see why we 'ave to dress up for this,’ Gene grumbled, looking down himself with a pout that was nothing short of impressive. - Heaven Is A Place Upon Your Skin [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene/Annie, rated T]

12.  'Sam.’ - Messin’ Around [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, G]

13.  'Armed robbery in progress.’ - Deal Me [Life on Mars, Gen, rated T]

14.  He’s in his car, driving through the outskirts of Manchester, head full of what is to come. - I Dub Thee Unforgiven [Life on Mars, Sam Williams & Sam Tyler, Gen, rated M]

15.  Alright, it had been a bit of a sticky situation. - Twist Snap I love you [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, rated T]

16.  Sam betrayed him. - I Don’t Know What Went Wrong [Life on Mars, Gen, rated T]

17.  The next time she appears, she’s silent. - Her Name [Life on Mars, Gen, rated G]

18.  'Oi. Who said you could stop?’ - Prowess [Life on Mars, Sam/Gene, rated M]

19.  One of these days, Gene would keep Sam locked up in his office at the station – or better yet, in the cells – just to teach him a lesson about rushing off ahead of the team. - You Put Me In A Spot [Life on Mars, Gen, rated T]

20.  Whisky. - Save You, Save Me [Life on Mars, Sam Tyler/Dora Keens, rated T]

One of those questions posts

I was tagged by @ohsobittle​, thaaanks hun! I miss you tons~

1) If you could study anything in the world, regardless of future career, what would it be? 
I would love to spend more time studying sociology, and the social aspect of psychology. My major (English) doesn’t really delve into them, but I practically drool at the thought of spending time dissecting the social contexts of modern literature. 

2) Do you speak any foreign languages? If so, how many and which ones?
Speak? No, nonono. I barely speak English. I am studying Japanese (日本語), but I have serious issues with memorizing large amounts of vocab….and speaking with people…and listening comprehension…shit, I have problems with learning languages in general. I also took Spanish in High School. American Public High School. So no, I can’t speak that either (turns out, knowing a handful of Puerto Rican Spanish does more harm than good).

3) Which fictional characters do you most relate to? 
I…oh dear. Why you gotta call me out like this? Well, I can relate a lot to Sam Vimes (Discworld). Like, pre-”Guards! Guards!” Sam. I’m a tired, tired person with a lot of feelings about social issues but I can’t really do much about it rather than bang a couple heads of people who I catch doing shit I disapprove of. 
I guess I also relate a lot to Bernard from Black Books , because he’s a disaster of an adult and basically the entire pilot is me on a daily basis.

4) What are you most grateful for? 
I am really grateful for my friends and family. Like, I have such a close bond with my brothers it’s unreal. I love how we get along and help each other. My friends too…guys, even if I don’t talk to you much anymore you have to know that I think of you all almost every day, and I miss hanging out with you so much it hurts.

5) What is your passion?
I………read? Shitpost? idfk
I used to sing…

6) Do you have any ambitions, currently?
make it to the next year, preferably with grades intact

7) Big family or small family?
….medium-sized? I have two brothers, and we live with Mom. Do pets count? Know am I kidding, pets count. I have two dogs and a cat.

8) Favorite holiday? What do you usually do for it?
I love Halloween, hands-down the best holiday. I usually plan a cool costume to strut around in. And I love to spend the holiday watching movies with my friends.

9) What holiday would you slam dunk in the trash, if you could?
Columbus Day. Seriously, fuck that guy.

10) Any pets? If so, post a pic! 
I am SO glad you asked

On the left are my two dorky dogs, Fergus and Grommit!
One the right is my nerd cat, Munch-Munch!

11) If you could travel anywhere in the world, and safety wasn’t a concern, where would you go and why? 
I would love to go on a tour of rural Japan. I just crave to see how the countryside looks different from the countryside I grew up in. I want to smell different air, see new trees, eat new food. The whole nine-yards.

My 11 questions:
1) If you could afford any type of clothes, and could wear whatever you wanted, what kind of style would you wear?
2) Are you a TV person, a videogame person, a book person, or all the above?
3) If you could speak any language fluently, what would it be and why? 
4) Are you a wacky socks person or a wacky coat person?
5) What show are you currently watching?
6) What’s your favorite dessert?
7) What is the last song you listened to?
8) What Hogwarts house are you in?
9) What is your ideal pet?
10) Would you rather have a house or an apartment?
11) If you could restart your life anywhere, where would you go?


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