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I requested this two times,but I see that hasn't been writen ,but I will ask again because I really love your guys writing and I really want a scenario where Jungkook and I have a fight about something and stop talking and later they have an small concert and I was in a front row and the sang their song "hold me tight" and Jungkook was singing and looking at me and you can continuee from there <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

Omg I’m so sorry.  The ask was in here at one point but disappeared.  We probably accidentally deleted it :O  But here you go and so sorry for the wait!!

Hold Me Tight

  Jungkook approached you with a gift in his hands.  It was a small envelope and he handed it over smiling.  You two had a little friendship anniversary every year and today was that day for the year.  You had gotten him a movie pass for the local cinema so he could go on his off days. 

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My boyfriend is actually the cutest thing (no not Patrick stump sadly) and he teaches me spanish because he's fluent and he went to his first concert with me (fob) and I force him to guess the band (songs between fob,patd&mcr) and I play with his hair and he hugs me really tight and kisses my head and says I'm all his and I love him so fucking much. I love you too. You're lovely. Everyone's lovely. Yes, even you in the back. I see you. You is kind n lovable

Omg this is great I love it

Sleepover Saturday

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You can't go away from tumblr never again. You make tumblr a happy place, and make me happy, and your posts make me smile and think "God bless this person". *Holds really tight to not let you leave ever again*

whaaaaaaaaaaa!?  omg thank you so much….this is impossibly sweet i dont even know what to say i got big smiles! You made my day have sunshine! xoxo thank you lovely shawol

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#and while i'm lying dead on the floor sojin can step on me || [[ omG LMAO srsly i love girls day so much just destroy us honestly

I’m ready to bury myself while holding tight onto the teaser pictures and listening to Girl’s Day World on repeat.

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If I met you, I would cry. Just, like, straight up ugly bawl for probably forever. And then hug you super tight and tell you how much I love you and how disgustingly happy I am to finALLY BE MEETING ONE OF MY MOST IMPORTANT FRIENDS.


omg i love music so fucking much lol like honestly i love how so many songs can connect to certain memories that shit is tight as hell

m1kaelas replied to your post: ❝Because people don’t have wings, we l…

omg nina this is so lovely?? you’ve improved so much since I first followed you and I just… 14/10 good shit right there

gldfkgdgl thank u so much omg ;A; <3<3<3<3
i was just so happy throughout the entire process of these pics so i think that might’ve come through
reading this means a lot and it’s really sweet and it inspires me to keep moving forward ;v; *hugs you tight*

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( Normal, Ground , Rock, Steel, Psychic, Ice, Dragon )

Normal: I love you.

Ground: I want to meet you in real life.

Rock: I can relate to what you’ve gone through.

Steel: I think you’re strong.

Psychic: We have a lot in common.

Ice: I want to be closer to you.

Dragon: I think you’re amazing.

Ahhhhh omg omg thank you so much ;A; this really made me smile after a terrible first night of my mama being gone. *hugs tight* I’m really glad you feel the same way Sis <3 One day we’ll see each other again we just gotta keep going so we can get there!

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gah, everything about this blog is just so sweet. and not in the "yo dude, sweeet" way. I mean genuinely sweet. sweet natured. kind. the colours are kind. everything is cute and adorable and warm and welcoming and i just love it so much.

AW OMG this is prolly one of the best stuff i’ve ever received EVER i love you with a burning passion seriously im so flattered i can’t compose myself. You are legit the sweetest kind of lil human bean and i wanna hug you real tight right now too sad we live so far away from each other anyway, i love you thank you!! 🐝🙈💓

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I'm so sorry about your shitty day baby but remember that a shitty day never equals a shitty life. I love you, take care okay? Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let anything bite unless it's Ashton Irwin giving you a hickey ❤️

damn this was the cutest and sweetest omg thank you so much :))))) I love u

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Omg, the good news just hit me like a truck, this is frickin beautiful! Gay marriage is not only legal in all 50 states of the US, but in Mexico! We need to celebrate (even tho Canada is way ahead) You have no idea of how happy I am!

Isn’t it lovely?? I’m so happy for you guys south of me right now, I can’t handle it! There’s so much reason to celebrate tight now!! I’m super happy for you!!

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whats ur havourite lilo head cannon

Louis has always had this huge, ridiculous crush on Liam even if he doesn’t admit it and if someone asks him, he denies it because he doesn’t want to fall for “his boy” when they’re so good together already just as friends and writing partners. I have a thing for angst and pining and I can see the two of them writing about loving someone who isn’t there for them and Liam sees it as when Sophia isn’t in town, but it’s more emotional for Louis because Liam is there for him but not in that way he secretly wants. I’m sorry this is so angsty and sad omg.

I also have this “thing” where they got drunk and lonely cuddled on valentine’s day because by that point, Louis knew things with Eleanor were pretty much over and he wanted to be sad about it, but he couldn’t when Liam was hugging him tight from behind and had his chin resting on his shoulder. He can lose everything and it’ll still be okay ad long as he has his boy, Liam.

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I would like to take this time to express my love for you because when I'm sad, your kyungsoo scenarios are what cheers me up. So thank you so much, you will forever be my most favorite writer ❤️❤️❤️❤️

omg omg *blushhhhh* *grabs you and hug you tight* you’re so sweetttt!! I’m so glad that they can cheer you up! when I’m sad writing about ksoo cheers me up too so i’m glad I could share that with you yayyyy!!! which story did you like the most??? please tell me it will really help me with my writing heheheh ^_^ <3<3

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you should read the raven boys by maggie steifvater!! also you should listen to halsey >:)

okay, i keep seeing this book get mentioned but have never really looked too far into it! but i will! and i love halsey, pls omg. 

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want this?

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if I met u I would (check u were ok w hugging) immediately hug u tight and probably say smth emotional like 'my sweet hufflepuff cinnamon bun' & hug u more & not b able to stop smiling tbh i have kind of daydreamed abt that god i hope ths doesn't sound creepy

(this isnt creepy dw!! and i love hugs more than i love myself tbh) omg yES this would be the best we could like hug and watch a movie maybe and talk abt mikey way and just chat but like, while hugging which would make it so much better


I love these tags so much.
the2012turtles you’re welcome :D