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Giving oral to dyl and him doin oral to you? ;-))) omg im feelin conflicted maybe both??? UGG sorry hun is that i just live on your frggn blog (!!!!???)

I’ll do both <3 

Giving Dylan head would include

  • him being so fucking vocal
  • ugh he’d want you to deepthroat him all the time 
  • so much groaning 
  • his eyes would be squeezed tight
  • ‘’fuck y/n’’
  • he would fuck ur face
  • and make you gag
  • it would be so hot

Dylan going down on you would include

  • sloppy wet kisses down ur thighs
  • he’d love when you’d tangle your hands in his hair
  • he’d spend his time down there fuck
  • like he’d lowkey love it dayum

ღ Pastel Grunge Meulin Leijon (Part 1) ღ 

requested by anonymous

Long Tipped Blue Sherbet Tail - $30.00

Black Cat Tights - $12.00

Galaxy Black and White Cat Sweatshirt - $22.50

Evil Animal Charms - $8.00

Skeleton Cat Necklace - $12.00

Studded Pantyhose - $19.70

Harajuku Openwork Mesh Hooded Jacket - $31.70

Neko Bell Choker - $5.00

Sugar Pop Sweet Cream Sundae Kitty Sweatshirt - $35.00

Vampire Kitty Cat Necklace - $9.48

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OHHH MYYYY GGHHOOOOODD. WHY. HOW. WHAT FOR. HOW DARE YOU. ehm. sorry. i just saw stripper!iwa/oikawa gif and that was pain. i literally should stop myself from doing THINGS right there tight now as soon as i saw it. it's gorgeous. thank you so much. iwa-chan is soooo sexy~~~ and oikawa is so cute

omg what things

(/coughs but thank you i love them sexy iwa-chans and flustered cute oikawas 👍👍)

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This isn't very interesting, but here's my George story. I went to the signing in Sydney and after having a convo with Matty which George occasionally commented on, I moved over to him. George is my favourite, okay, I've been George stan forever, and I freaked out. I started crying and just said "Holy fuck I can't believe you're real." He'd already signed my card and went to hand it back to me but he grabbed my hand, grinned and replied "Yeah babe, I'm real. We're real." He's so sweet.

my jaw dropped and this and my throat got really tight do NOT SAY HE CALELD U BABE i almost just threw up  HIS VOICE TOO jfdge BYE!!!!! GOTTA BLAST ASAP

this is beautiful omg you’re the sweetest bab too and i’m sure he thought the same!!!! 

omg i love this story so much thakn you for sharing!!!!! <333333 xxx

OMG, I just made this following this brilliant tutorial : I changed the lines and dots colors to pink because it seemed to fit better with the image, but honestly, it was super easy! Amy btw is my favorite companion ever (a tight runner up might be Rose) and she went through so much with the doctor and still kept somehow a childlike innocence and fierce protectiveness of her loved ones it was easy to love her. Just saw Karen Gillian in The Big Short and I wished she could get some more screen time in American shows and movies because she’s awesome. 

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Anon who asked for 15 here! Yes, I know I forgot to write the pairing but yes, I had akkr in mind :D It was adorable, thank you! I really love the idea of Nigou interrupting Kuroko love live (poor Akashi, having to deal with this.. but Kuroko's worth it, hahaha ^-^) Thankies!!

Omg thank youuuu!! You’re too sweet ahh(❁´▽`❁)*✲

Haha poor Akashi, he always suffers (but it’s okay Tetsuya-kun will make him feel better lol)

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ricky omg im so happy to see how far you've come as a person??? like, i've been following you since ur pornstuck days and ahhhhhh im so happy for you and im so proud!!


;~; wwwhwwhhwwhhwhw!!

thank you bby omfsgs THIS MEANS SO MUCH TO ME cuz i suck at accepting that i’m doing well y’know and just hjdfsgfg ;~; ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i love you sweetie thank you for sticking with me for so goddamn motherfuckin long, you are GREAT

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what do you think of shadowhunters?

To be honest I don’t like it that much? 
I think Clary is a terrible actress (like omg she’s seriously SO BAD?) and I hate how oversexualized she and Isabelle are. Like is it seriously relevant for Isabelle to wear tight dresses and ten inch heels all the time? I know she’s supposed to be confident and sexy but she’s also a FUCKING SHADOWHUNTER YOU GUYS. She’s calm and professional and competent and badass and she has all these feelings inside of her and she adores her brother and she loves Jace and she’s scared and insecure and she’s so MUCH MORE but all we get to see so far is Isabelle pouting seductively and purring. Seriously. This has got to stop. x__x 

Also, in the books Simon is my favorite character, but here I find him really really fucking annoying and so whiney and he’s such a “nice guy” - ugh. x_x 

Surprisingy I love love Jace (but Dominic Sherwood is at least a decent actor) and Alec and I have a good feeling about Magnus. I like how much Jace/Alec parabatai stuff we get - keep that up. 

I kinda hope we get to see a different side to Clary and Simon and Isabelle pretty soon because at the moment I’m really disappointed with them. 

So … yeah. Overall I’m not that impressed.  


Absolutely in love with these guys!!…. all vikings, of course!.

Marco Hietala from the Finnish band Nightwish. I still can’t believe I spent some time with him and hugged him tight!. I love him so much! Beautiful voice and great bass player.

Heri Joensen from Tyr, a band from the Faroe Islands. So hot! and and excellent guitar player and singer,

Mathias Nygard from the Finnish band Turisas. His voice, OMG! and he’s so damn handsome!!.

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omg ur edits are what gives me hope in this dumb site. they are so flawless and beautiful! keep being amazing (´∀`)!!!!

awwww sweet anon ; u ; thank you so much for your lovely words! It gives me so much life TT u TT ahhhh! Really happy you enjoy my stuff, seriously made my day all better!! <333 /hugs you reaaally tight!! you’re so sweet >/////<

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assumption: a creative writer that has a way with words and draws wonderfully and is such a kind genuine soul based on how you interact with people // aa you seriously deserve a thousand hugs, what a gem you are ;o;


THANK YOU SO MUCH ;A; I’m so happy you like my art and my writing!! :A: <333 Let me give YOU a thousand hugs!! *hugs very tight* <333

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Omg, you wouldn't believe how much I'd love to be pounding your ass right this minute babe!! And slapping your tits, which I'd tie real tight, so they turn nice and purple!

My favorite color is purple

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Would love to see your man stuff himself into some super tight, old clothes and then have you (or himself) feed him so much food that his massive, swollen, growing gut pops each and every button off. You both are super cute and I can't wait for him to get bigger and bigger. :3

Omg yes I want that too!!! We might buy some small shirts soon to see that happen ;)

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I listened to all the parts its really good i havent heard a nice song in that genre for in while *thumbs up* you should do another song to !

Omg, I’m glad you liked it! ^_^

BTS - 잡아줘 (Hold Me Tight)

“오직 너 하나만 보여
나 오직 너 밖엔 안보여
봐 공정하지 공평하지 너한테 빼곤 다
이젠 단 하루도 너 없이는

(I can only see you
I can only see you alone
Look, I’m fair with everyone else but you
Now I can’t live a day without you)”

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Can i get a ship??? My name's Angela first of all. Looks: 5'1, dark brown hair/eyes, glasses, tanned skin. Personality: I'm really quiet at first but once u get to know me I'm really outgoing and sweet. I'm really creative and love art and photography. I love reading. I have a tight group of friends and am not really popular. Thanks!

hi! xx
(first off it’s almost like we are the same person we have so much in common omg)
I ship you with soda! I think he would really admire your artistic and creative side because it reminds him so much of Pony. I think he’d love to playfully tease you but always remind you that you are beautiful. I think for your birthday he would save up all his money from the DX and buy you a camera and he’d giggle because all of the film roll would just be of you two and then he’d gasp at all the amazing artistic shots you got in between. I think he just can’t get enough of you but would always try and bring you out of your comfort zone even more and experience new things. y'all would have plenty of dates with wild adventures and taking pictures

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omg ★★★★★ for bonnie (and five for tink if thats not too much) and ☆☆☆☆☆

Aah, thank you so much! I really love doing these. Sorry for the wait, though. ^^”


  1. Her relaxation wear is tights, Uggs, an old slouchy beanie Izzy crocheted way back when, and one of Clydes’s hoodies, which is long enough to go past her butt! She doesn’t actually wear anything under the hoodie, so when she gets warm and takes it off, Kingfisher gets to complain about her lack of decency for walking around the ship topless.
  2. And this is what she used to wear more often than not as her first identity, which is part of the reason it’s her comfort-wear! She intentionally dresses pretty distinctly as Bonnie to separate herself from who she was on Alternia, but the clothing is still what she feels most at home in.
  3. (Yes, she tucks the hat over her horns. Yes, they bulge up all silly.)
  4. She doesn’t have a particular hoodie or sweater of Clydes’s that she steals - he just has to raid her closet on Kingfisher for his shit on the rare occasion he’s not wearing a suit and suspenders all day.
  5. “It’s not like you wear any of it ANYWAYS, it might as well get SOME use! What is this, FUCHSIA CASHMERE? You pompous fuck, you can’t even GO OUTSIDE in this.”


  1. The mushrooms on their face extend all the way down their neck, spot their shoulders, and all over the side of their body!
  2. The reason they’re so coherent despite being mostly a zombie is that they are actually just mostly infected - Izzy keeps the fungus at bay with a large amount of regular antifungals.
  3. Tink is, in fact, locked into their room. They have a little corner where sun shines down from about 40 feet where the surface is for a couple of hours every day that they bask / photosynthesize in, but otherwise they haven’t seen or been outside since Izzy found them nearly a sweep back.
  4. They no longer possess any of their cerulean mind control powers! Alas, their body is too dead.
  5. Under their head scarf, half their head is curly chin-length hair and the other is mostly-bald and speckles with baby shrooms.


  1. Now I gotta draw Bonnie dressed like that, aaaah.
  2. The mushrooms I draw on Tink are (on the advice of toomanydamnhelmsmen) based on turkey tail mushrooms which I have discovered do, in fact, come in cerulean blue in real life!
  3. Tink’s bedazzled cowboy boots are, in fact, meant to be horrifying. It’s just good that I designed them before I discovered what ‘joots’ are.
  4. I spent like a week trying to just find a cerulean troll adopt to use for Tink before giving up and drawing them myself, and I’m actually very glad because I’m really pleased with how their design turned out. ^^” Mushrooms!
  5. When I designed Bonnie, I didn’t even know her crew totaled five people, much less that one of them was a social justice zombie named Tink. I really like leaving openings like that which I can fill in and take advantage of later when I have fun ideas!