october 25th, 2016.


yugyeom in hard carry mv (meme7 version)


the Skywalker family overhead swing™

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10/24/2016 ↣ 4 years of Emily Bett Rickards as (DCTV Queen) Felicity Smoak

We saw like a bunch of actresses, I mean, I remember Marc was standing over my shoulder and Emily read. She was.. working at a pet store at the time, she had like one credit.. like one guest starring cred– one like co-star credit on like some Canadian show. And we were both just like.. bedazzled by her. Like she was weird and quirky and funny and we’re like ‘let’s hire her!’, ‘we’ll make that scene fun!’ … And we got those dailies back and we were all like, everybody was like.. ‘did you see the dailies with Stephen and THAT GIRL?’ … Then the network called and then the studio called. And they’re like, ‘this girl.. who is she?’” - AJK


Autumn is the best time to sulk on the couch with tea and blankets, painting space things with a bit of Keith.