so if the castor clones are like the Leda clones brothers then not only was the thing w Krystal in the first episode like inbred af but Gracie is not only pregnant with her fathers child but she was also like married to its uncle. So that babies like her child, her sibling and her niece/nephew all rolled into one wth???

Wtf apparently I sound Saudi when I speak Arabic because about 5 times when I played that game and the people would start speaking Arabic and I’d respond in Arabic, and then tell them that I’m from Kurdistan, they were like “ARE YOU LYING???” “NOOOO I DON’T BELIEVE YOU” “NOOO YOU ARE A SAUDI GIRL” loooool so I asked each time and they said “okay say something again in Arabic” and I’d reply and they’d be like “OHHH OH MY GOD NO YOU ARE SAUDI” lol so I’d start speaking in Kurdish, and they were like “ohhhh okay I believe you now, you are a Kurdistan girl” lol

You know what I don’t like?
When people say you’re a player, because your feelings have changed. That doesn’t make you a player, that makes you human. You’re allowed to change, you’re allowed to not love someone anymore. Sometimes it just happens with no explanation for the cause. Even if you never loved them it’s okay to back out if you don’t want it. It’s okay to hold your hands up and say “you’re not who I thought you were” or “we’re two opposites that can never work”
Also if the relationship doesn’t include anyone else’s feelings then why are they getting involved

i can’t believe this ryan goes to square up and lindsay just


“When the universe wants to make something happen, whether it be giving a young man lightning speed or putting two people together, it has a way of figuring those things out.”

  • Ferre:*breaks into science museum at night for fun*
  • Courf:u beautiful rule breaking moth

The X-Files │ Scully in Mulder’s apartment in Herrenvolk