Colored sketch

I’m practicing sketch commission for the upcoming Otakuthon (one week left already!!! OoO)

I really, REALLY liked the Mr Greg episode. Such good song. Such good pearl. Man that show is awesome.

People need to stop taking their shit out on Jasper and not bat an eye for Lapis bc she’s “cutesy blue pure fairy!!1″ 


Don’t sit there telling me how pure Lapis is when you clearly didn’t watch “Alone at Sea,” because if you did you would have placed the blame on BOTH Jasper and Lapis for both their abusive, disgusting behavior. 

It’s especially gross when people want to compare Lapis and Jasper’s abuse and say one is worse than the other. OPEN YOUR EYES. ABUSE IS NOT MEANT TO BE DEBATED ON OR COMPARED TO.


i’ve seen posts going around wondering why Steven just says Jasper is terrible and doesn’t acknowledge that she’s sick while he’s always trying to improve Lars’ life, and I think there might be a good reasoning for it from Steven:

Jasper is a threat. Lars is not.

I love Jasper, I love that big buff hulking pile of energy constructed into eight feet of PUNCH YOUR FACE IN. I love every time she shows up, I get massively excited, and I really want her to have a Peridot-style redemption arc. But the thing is… Jasper is a threat to Steven, idelogically and personally.

The first time she showed up, it was in a massive ship that showed how little he knew of the world and the power Homeworld posed, and the threat as well. She split Garnet with almost no effort, tried to take him and his family away to an uncertain doom, and then all that business with Malachite… it’s not hard to see why he consders her to be bad news.

Thus far, Jasper has shown Steven little reason to trust her or see any good in her. It’s not so extreme that he thinks she’s unredeemable. He is concerned when she appears to be in danger, which isn’t really something you do with someone you hate. The impression I get isn’t that Steven hates her, he’s just scared of her and wishes she would just leave him and his family alone. The fact that Jasper refuses to acknowledge Steven as anything but a weakened version of Rose isn’t helping, since Steven might well see himself as such.

Lars, on the other hand, is a jerk. He’s obnoxious, unpleasant and thinks that being negative is clever. But the thing is, he’s not actually dangerous or honestly that bad. But he’s not about to bring the wrath of Homeworld upon them or fuse into a destructive fusion made of spite and the urge to hurt something. 

Lars isn’t dangerous. Jasper, especially at this moment, is. And Steven knows it. He might pity her, he might be afraid of her, though he doesn’t actually seem to hate her (consider how much stronger he felt about Kevin; Jasper gets off somewhat lightly).

Lars has never actually tried to physically do Steven harm, and Jasper has. That’s going to factor into Steven’s different treatment of the two. Above all us, he seems to panic a bit whenever she shows up, which is interfering with his better instincts.

Things that Steven Universe taught me:

-You determine your own future

-to be whoever you are

-that everyone is important

-that everyone deserves a second chance

-that being different is an advantage and part of who you are

-that being yourself is the best way to live

-that boys can look great in pink

-that females don’t always have to have the same body types

-that girls are independent in their choices, and don’t have to be convinced to do things

-that love at first sight doesn’t exist

-that I’m still a child in the inside

-that any boy can be sweet and feminine without changing who they are 

-that love can exist in any form

-that platonic love is normal

-that desiring a relationship for the sake of a relationship can be unhealthy

And most of all:

-that gemstones are way cooler than I thought they were