The signs when they see a ghost
  • Aries: screams and then sits on the floor as far away from it as possible and silently watches it
  • Taurus: sees it but still doesn't believe ghosts are real and shrugs it off
  • Gemini: sort of freaks out, makes a salt circle and starts trying to record it on their phone from the safety of their circle
  • Cancer: is convinced its a demon and starts reminising their most cherished moments
  • Leo: is terrified but prepares the ghost a nice room in their house for it to live in
  • Virgo: opens their book of ghost classifications and starts trying to figure out what type of ghost it is
  • Scorpio: gets their oujia board out, has a nice conversation with the ghost and falls in love
  • Libra: pees their pants but afterwards tells their friends how cool it is that they can now see ghosts
  • Sagittarius: is part of a ghost busters group so is completley used to this
  • Capricorn: puts their pre-prepared holy water in a water gun and starts squirting it everywhere
  • Aquarius: smiles and starts making small talk
  • Pisces: barely has time to react because they've already fainted

Since I was talking about them earlier, here are my boys. They’re actually the two characters with the most interactions that I’ve mused about. Alanis (left) is such a flirt with all the members of the clan, but his favorite one to tease is Nahein (right). The security chief will humor him most days, and it makes for fun banter. 


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