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Hello this is the ships anon. Thanks so much! A little about me, I'm short (5'1), African American, curvy/athletic body. I love to bake and draw. I'm shy until I get to no others then I'm very playful. I love to mess around and play (harmless) jokes on others. I love animals especially cats and dogs. I love sports (basketball and soccer), make up, getting my nails done, piercings, and tattoos.

I ship you with Jay ^-^ Our CEO loves his African American girls as you can see from his music videos, his obsession with Tinashe, and his fanboying over Queen B! He’s a short guy himself standing at about 5′6 ~ 5′7 so your height of 5′1 would be ideal. He’s not a very serious guy so your playful character and his naughty character would be perfect together. As you may already know, Jay is a very fit and healthy man, so I’d assume he’d want the same for his girl, so your athletic body type is a must! He also loves dogs and owns 2 of his own PJ and Oscar, so you can give not only Jay lots of love but PJ and Oscar as well :) You love tattoos and he’s got a LOT of them, he has a nose piercing too! SO IN CONCLUSION!!! Y’all would be goals af <3 <3 <3