Dear Future Wife...#527

The first time we kiss, I’m going to be a nervous wreck. I’m not going to be even remotely suave. Even if you catch me totally off guard, I’ll find a way to get really nervous a split second before it happens. I know this because that’s how it has always been.

The second time we kiss, I’m going to be much less nervous. I’m going to make a joke about how suave I’m (not) being. And maybe you’ll laugh and I’ll miss because you’re laughing, but it won’t matter because then we’re both laughing and when we finally calm down, I get to feel your smile against my lips. I know this because I’m pretty hilarious and you’ll find that charming in a “I just rolled my eyes at how dumb and cute I find you” kind of way.

The first time we make out on the couch while we ignore an entire movie will the best day of my life up until that point. I’ll say some stupid thing like “I like television better anyways” when you point out we missed your favorite part and I will refuse to rewind because “I have better things to do.” I know this because I really do like television better and I will definitely have a better activity to dedicate my time and energy to at that moment.

A thousand and forty seven kisses later (but who’s counting?), you and I are crawling into bed after a day out with friends when we realize it’s only 9:42 and “what the hell is wrong with us?” But whatever, I have my arm around you and I’m mumbling nonsense trying to fight the heaviness of my eyelids and you’re right there with me. I know this because we might act like teenagers when we’re with our friends, but we love going home to the quiet with a cup of tea and an early bedtime.

Seven thousand and ninety two kisses later, our beautiful peaceful night’s rest is invaded at the crack of dawn by an adorable demon wedging herself in between us. Apparently it’s “totally the next day” and she’s in her dinosaur printed onesie and her 6 month old little brother told her “I could open up all the presents,” apparently by telepathy, because the younger pre-demon hasn’t yet grasped spoken word nor is he awake and screaming for attention. “That’s very generous of him,” you mumble from your side of the bed as I silently try to wrangle the beast into a bear hug. I know this because there’s no way the universe would give us a quiet, wise-beyond-her-years kid when karma is a thing that exists.

you make two months
seem like two years. 
the time spent with you 
has been the best i’ve ever had.

just think-
a couple years from now,
we’ll have that jeep,
riding down a lonely highway
with your hair spiraling through the wind.
and we’ll obviously have that penthouse
overlooking a gorgeous lake
and kids skipping down the banks. 
we have come so far,
and we have so much farther. 
—  j.e.b. ((for your two month anniversary.))

I’m sorry for being a good girl. I know you get tired of me for being a good girl. I’m a boring person I know that and I really don’t understand why you fall for me. I’m just simple. I’m not even attractive. I’m not even talented. I’m not even intelligent, but you fall in love with me. I’m sorry for being plain. I’m sorry for being not good enough for you. I’m sorry for being a boring person. I’m sorry because you didn’t have fun to our date because I’m a good girl who doesn’t drink, who doesn’t even know how to smoke, to get high. I’m a good girl and you’re the bad boy.

But you know. I love you. I love every part of you even though some people judge you. I still know you and you care me the most. I always say I’m not good enough for you and you suddenly get angry at me for saying that, you said I’m good enough. You told I’m beautiful. You told me your not tired of me. You told me I’m amazing. You know you’re the first person who say I’m amazing and the way you speak my name, I love it.   You say every time  you look at me, your love for me goes deeper and deeper.

I love being in love with a bad boy like you, because people didn’t know your sweet and caring. People didn’t know how much love you gave to your love ones. People say I should change you for being a bad boy to a good boy. But I always decline, ignore them. Because I love you. I love every part of you. I don’t want you to change because of me. I accepted you even your mistake in the past. I love you. Your my bad boy and I’m proud of it.

—   Dear my future bad boy.  // a.j 
I often feel as though no one knows me. But then I remember the way I speak day-to-day isn’t an actual reflection of who I am. I’m just talking to talk. I hate that.
—  will that ever change?

for anyone who wanted to know :)

the feels are TOO real

I’m gonna miss my dream tour for the rest of my life :’)

God is forever too good to me. <3

****the story is from the Baltimore date, the pics are from Raleigh, Charlotte, and then Bmore

Therapy (Live)
  • Therapy (Live)
  • All Time Low
  • Nothing Personal

I know a lot of fans never have seen or will ever see All Time Low and are going through a hard time in their lives. So, on May 24th, 2015 in Baltimore I decided I wanted other fans like me whom love All Time Low and had Therapy come to them during a hard time in their lives hear the love and passion for this song, not over a studio version were its just the guys, but live where there is the emotion of everyone in the crowed falling more in love with a band that means so much to them. 

With my own experience, it was my second time seeing All Time Low and the first time Alex was on stage singing it I was crying, because it hit me, it hit me how much I loved that song and how much I love that band along with who they are in general. I just want other fans to know the feeling of the song live.