The blue eyed gem stood still, silent. The only thing to be heard were the occasional tears that fell like the heaviest rocks onto her blue dress. Her chest hurt, her arms were restless and her feet were cold. 

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Dear Future Wife...#522

I’m so exhausted. I’ve been up since 5am and I’m still going. I think I’ve slept a consecutive 9 hours the past 3 days. My feet and back are killing me. But here’s the thing…I love this job. I am so lucky to have it. Sure, most of my friends are chilling out right now, beer and pool time…movie night…family day…and I’ve worked all weekend. Everything hurts.

But, I think the client is happy with the progress we have made. I’m excited about the results we’ve gotten. And I’ve met some cool new people. Not bad for a few days work.

I figured if I keep this up, it just gets me closer to you. So if you’re working weekends, too, think of it as paying your dues so we can go on spontaneous road trips somewhere down the line. If it were up to me, you and I would be heading to the beach and possibly Disneyland next weekend.

Humanity Turned Off

Stephan left the house, he needed blood, he needed blood from someone who does not use vervain. He walked down the dark street, he stopped and looked to have no one he suddenly lies down and closes his eyes.

He went up a few minutes and a car to a man leaves into it and go as far as he is Stephan attacks this man, nothing else matters to him now he is the pure darkness. After kill the man he drops him on the ground. He covered in blood, he looks to Julianne walking towards him his look full of danger and darkness.


literally i don’t even care about what color his eyes are or what color his hair is anymore, because i’ve found that before and it didn’t mean anything. all i want is for him to talk to me like oceans and be that restless guy who has wild things living in his eyes like animals and wants to stay up late and paint pictures and dance barefoot on the kitchen floor and sleep in late and be frustrated and restless with the way the world is and wake up sighing “we’re gonna freaking change the world today. you in?” 

my future- living with 2 friends in a shitty apartment in inner city melb with too many plants all around the house. there is a cat who belongs to no one but who is always hanging around. we steal lemons from our neighbours tree in the alleyway once a month. I wear mum jeans all the time. one of my friends has her paintings all over the house except that none of them are framed and they are all done on cardboard. i still work as a receptionist and still don’t know what I want to do as a career. I am little bit in love with 3 girls who all are a little bit in love with me. i learn pottery and make them flower pots.


Last night my boyfriend got on stage with All Time Low and sang Time-bomb! He even rubbed butts with Jack ! and yes he is blowing me kisses♥

(The video is in HP so it looks crappy when on the lower setting)