life is beautiful.
  • for most of my life I thought life was about finding oneself; but with time i realised that; everything i wish to become is already within me i just had to realise it. the same goes for many other concepts such as love, truth and enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something to be attained but rather something to be realised. the problem most individuals have is our constant focus on the past and the future, we tend to forget about the present moment; we forget that the quality of our lives depends on how we spend our days. we need realise that life is beautiful. life is like a rose bush we can either wake up everyday and only see the thorns or we can wake up each day and focus on the roses. we just have to live life and be present. we are the creators of own reality, we are the orchestrators of our missions in life, we are born to be beings of love and light. the world needs more love , more light ,more truth and more peace.
Dear Future Wife...#643

I know you had a rough day…a really rough one. But when you come home to me and you’re slowly getting ready to take a shower, you still make me laugh. You still have it in you to brighten up my day. You still make silly fish lips while I’m trying to kiss you until you can’t help but laugh too. 

I’m waiting for you to get out of the shower so we can go run some errands, but I just had to let you know that my heart is so full right now. I love you so much, baby. 

Dear Future Lover: I’m Not Afraid

People say they want to experience the depths of you.
Yet they don’t travel beyond the surface.
Instead they stay in the shallow end, nervous.
But me,
I’m not afraid to dive into your depths.
I’m not afraid to hold my breath.
I’m not afraid of being brave and taking the risk,
because when we kiss, you leave me in bliss.
I’m not afraid to give constructive criticism; I’ll let you know
because I will always support you and help you grow.
I’m not afraid of facing the trials and tribulations,
because ups and downs are needed to build healthy relations.
I’m not afraid of the tests, that will come our way
because by your side I will always stay.


                                                     HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY ♡
                    Joyous, Optimistic, Noisy, Generous, Delightful, Ambitious, Ethereal