I will love you until the earth is swallowed by the flames of the sun and the universe explodes until it is nothing. I will hold you in my heart until every animal ever existed will rise against humanity and kill us cruelly. I will be there for you until the sea rises upon the land and swallows us all. Until the impossible happens, until the stars fall from the sky, until the end of the universe, my love for you will stand strong, and I will be the perpetual shield for you. Anything that will be against you, shall not accomplish in its will to harm you. I will always carry the scars for you, for I will always love you immensely.
—  excerpt from a book that never was

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Kallura- Flower

“Red?” Allura laughed, holding her freshly cut bouquet of roses. “You truly do like the color, don’t you?”

Keith blushed, his cheeks matching the flower’s deep shade. “Actually…red roses are a – a symbol of love on…Earth.”

“Oh!” Allura paused before she cocked her head to the side. “What does love mean again?”

Flustered and uncertain, Keith panicked and pulled Allura into a rushed but smoldering embrace. When they finally broke, breathless and giggling, Allura’s cheeks matched her flowers as well. 

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taking a break from shipping week today to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALE!!!!! @mostlikelytofangirl you’ve been such a great friend to me ever since I joined the boueibu (akorima) fan base and I couldn’t be more happy to have been able to get to know you <3 Thank you for being there for me, I hope your day is special! 

Read Ale’s fic which this is inspired from here! x

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whats ur favorite mix of energies between signs. Like ur fav doms for people to be


I love cancer when its mixed with leo and sag. A sag dom cancer would be such a wonderful mix of energy to me

I love when sags are earth dominant. Especially virgo dom. It makes them so wise and intellectual calms down some of that messy sag recklessness

I love Aquas are water dom. Especially scorpio dom aqua’s it brings a duality to them and makes them so magentic and mysterious.

I love when caps are aqua or sag dom. I feel it loosens uptight Capricorn ALOT. and it makes them alot more intrensting imo.

Pisces who are sag dom interest me alot. All that Jupiter makes one hell of a character.

Cheers! To Saeyoung and Saeran!! Happy Birthday!!!!😚😚😚

Q: Who is the better hacker? 🙄🙄🙄

>>lowkey wanna see them duel it out 😂😂😂 and Vanderwood is gonna be the judge!!

^^sorry for this rough sketchy,messy doodle of colors, was super rushed, panicked, and just wanted to post this midnight june11 in my timezone(i made it)..i will try to get back to this and clean all this..but for now!! Happy Birthday dearest Saeyoung and Saeran! ! You will never be forgotten 😚😚😚❤❤❤

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Destiel Playlist

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1. I cant help falling in love with you | Elvis Presley

2. Take me to church | Hozier

3. Wonderwall | oasis

4. When i’m gone | 3 Doors Down

5. Your Guardian angel | The Red Jumpsuit apparatus

6. Wallflowers | The chaingang of 1974

7. Ocean eyes | Billie eilish

8. Somebody to love | Queen

9. Easy | Commodores

10. You da one | Rihanna

11. Island in the sun | Weezer

12. Shoop | Salt-N-Pepa

13. I touch myself | Divinyls

14. Happy together | The Turtles

15. It’s gotta be you | Isaiah

16. Howlin’ for you | The black keys

17. Anthem of the angels | Breaking Benjamin

18. Touch me | The doors

19. Bad Things | Jace Everett

20. Cinema | Benny Benassi

21. Drop dead legs | Van Halen

22. Burnin’ for you | Blue oyster cult

23. Sunshine of your love | Cream

24. Earth angel | The penguins

25. Angel Baby | Rosie and the originals

26. Angel with a shotgun | The Cab

27. Trench Coat Angel | Tyler Ward



whether she was moulded from clay or god-blood she is as celestial as the stars and she burns just as bright as any supernova before her.

she believes in love and love believes in her. mother earth guides her, the moon threads constellations through her hair as she sleeps, daisy chains on fire woven into a crown that holds meteor in place of diamond.  

she laughs and even the sky weakens; lightning pauses as she passes, thunder falls under her spell. she is the daughter of amazons, god-slayer. she is warrior, weapon. woman.

l.s. | warrior. weapon. woman. © 2017 

Working with Earth

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Our Earth is beautiful and majestic. There are many ways that you can connect to our beloved world because it is one of the two elements that you can actually touch. I love our Earth, feeling the vibrations going through my body is one hell of an experience. 

Here is a list of different ways to connect to our Earth. 

  • Go outside. Whether you have a special place in your neighborhood, your backyard, or a park; go to that place and sit there. Place your hands on the Earth and feel the heartbeat vibrate through you. 
  • Do yoga outside, with a mat or not (your choice). Let the Earth steady and form you. 
  • Plant a garden. Fill your space and let it flourish. NOTE: Be mindful, plant things that won’t harm your health or others or pets. Do your research. Gardening takes time, patience, and all of your love. You must dedicate yourself. 
  • Take a walk and collect what comes to you. NOTE: Be mindful. Do not collect anything harmful to your health, do your research and keep a notebook or a book on you that can help you identify plants. Only collect items that happen to fall upon your path. Do not pluck, pull, rip, cut. Not only is it disrespecting, it will hurt the plants and not let them grow properly afterwards.
  • Make a special Earth altar, preferably facing North. Fill it with colors of greens and browns, special items you have collected, crystals, rocks, coins, Mother Earth symbols, statues of trees, etc. Anything that is related to Earth. 
  • Make a sigil that means “I connect to my bountiful Earth and protected by her arms.” or something along the lines. (Again, I am not a sigil maker but something I would like to include for others who are) Wear the sigil on you as you go on walk or take hikes.
  • Be respectful to animals. (I feel) they are messengers of the Earth, (I feel) they watch us for a reason. 
  • Talk to the trees. Learn from the wisdom they have to offer. 
  • Research Gnomes, they are protectors of our Earth. NOTE: Like working with any spirit, do your research and be respectful. I don’t have any resources to give with working with Gnomes but here are a couple ways I have personally used. 
    • Leave offerings (like flowers or rocks you have collected in the past or food like bread) inside a tree or under a rock. NOTE: Be careful, make sure you are not disturbing an animals home.  
    • Leave currency (coins) to offer respect for all they have done to keep our Earth stable. NOTE: Make sure you do this somewhere that others won’t steal your offering. Make sure it is hidden where only Gnomes can get to it. EX. under a rock or if you have a backyard have a special place in the corner of your yard for this kind of offering.
    • Be kind to the Earth. Don’t liter, recycle, and show them you are one with the Earth. They care and respect seeing how we can be caring to our Earth.
    • Join a volunteer group that helps to clean up our Earth or make your own group. Check local listing online for your town.