Yeah, what on Earth have I been doing all this time? Sorry it’s taken forever. orz

Anyway, wrapping up scanlations before season 2 is the goal! <3

The question I have for all of you is this:

Chapter 9 is going to be complete by tonight. Would you like it now or would you rather wait until I have 7-9 finished all together? 8 leads into 9 and is best read together, but 7 can be read standalone. Any preference?

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insomniacmaybe asked:

Hey, truffles. This isn't the usual science-y stuff you usually post about, but who do you think the Man in the Iron Mask is? Because the signs all point to a John Wesley Shipp-Jay Garrick, but all the hints the cast and showrunners/directors/writers (etc.) keep dropping in interviews kinda seem to be pointing somewhere else. You might've posted about this before and I don't know... If you have, sorry for wasting your time!

Coincidentally, I was telling @crazycarebare about this very topic earlier!  I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking about the man in the mask as we approach the season finale.  Honestly, I suspect we’ll get a look at his face: probably not his whole story (they’ll wait until next season for that!), but there is a certain timeframe when the reveal will have punch and I’m sure we’re on the cusp of that.

I have meta’ed sparingly about him before, but I’ll sort of conglomerate my thoughts here.

Based on the blond-haired white male criteria, I have three candidates in mind:

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(1) Earth-2 Jay Garrick.  This is my “Harrison-became-an-entirely-different-person-after-that-night” theory.  When Dr. Tina McGee comments on Eobard!Wells, it reminds me of how Hunter!Garrick could pull off his counterpart – twin theory – but still be detectibly, if indistinctly, different from his twin.  I have an idea that this instinctive dislike is a reason why Earth-2 Harrison dislikes Jay so intensely even before Zoom kidnaps his daughter.  This theory could apply to John Wesley Shipp as Jay, too: especially if Jay never revealed his face before Zoom took him out.

Pros: twin theory (why mention Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon and Earth-1 Jay Garrick’s death if there isn’t a similar situation on Earth-2?), has a poetic element (the real Jay is still alive, just imprisoned), would explain motivation (steal Jay’s Speed after several very public confrontations, imprison him, and continue the charade solo to maintain a reign of terror), and even fits the “you wouldn’t believe me if I told you” tease.

Cons: Man in the mask is visibly shorter than Barry, whereas Jay is noticeably taller, Zoom claims to have “been” Jay with little indication that there was a separate person (same as if Barry made up an alterego name, like ‘Oh, yeah, I’m … Jay Garrick’), and we still don’t know familial relationships regarding “[Henry’s] mother’s maiden name was Garrick” and Zoom, so it’s hard to pinpoint which came first.  Still, this theory is one of my strongest contenders.

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(2) Earth-1 or Earth-2 Eddie Thawne.  These are the same writers who produce Arrow, and they’ve brought back multiple characters before.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to claim Earth-1 Eddie (who is visibly drawn into the singularity in Fast Enough) is salvaged by Zoom.  Or it could be Earth-2 Eddie.  Either way, Eddie fits the physicality of the man in the mask the best: he’s exactly the right height, right hair, etc.

Pros: we get Eddie back!

Cons: insufficient motivation (why Eddie?) and timeline error (Eddie dies, Eobard dies – so if Eddie lives, does that undo Eobard’s death?).

(3) Wildcard.  A character who we haven’t met yet!  Always possible.