A couple of weeks ago, @oakenshieldbaggins and I were talking about how cute kid!Frodo would be, sitting on Thorin’s shoulders, wearing a knit hat that looked like the top of an acorn. So, here’s the happy family…on their way to market. Thorin and Frodo are singing a song and Bilbo is wondering how he got to be so lucky!

Also for fluffy February!

As I reflect on the steps of my journey, I am reminded of the powerful complexity of life. Dr. Wayne Dyre states that nobody knows enough about anything to be a pessimist. The dark valley I walked through during my time in college brought me into my destiny as a reiki teacher. My many heart breaks revealed places within my heart that I thought light could not touch. And because of the pain I learned how to love those places unconditionally. The injuries I sustained while working out taught me how to balance and progress through my growth, paying loving attention to my own well being. I do not know exactly what lies ahead, but I believe that only good lies before me. Photo by @ck_frias #reiki #peace #love #meditation #healing #selflove #universe #yoga #sun #earth #spirit #gaia #gofundme #travelinghealer #vanlife