Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (美男高校地球防衛部LOVE!) character designer Masakazu Ishikawa (石川雅一) illustrated a lovely chocolate-themed magical boy poster for Spoon.2Di Vol. 10 (Amazon US | Japan).

Victims of Chances

I want to give us a chance.
I missed walking pass the clouds and the stars behind us, talking about the unaware universe

I want to give us a chance.
I remembered perspiring and inhaling the time that chased us, those 3am’s, oh bring me back there.

I want to give us a chance.
I reminsced those countless playlists we used to mark on earth, loud lungs and voiceless sounds

I want to give us a chance.
I recalled the last shortest phrase you ever said and maybe that was the longest repeating words in my head

But dear, what if the world never wanted our souls to meet again? Because I will infinitely have faith in chances.

-Her (MIS)
A small glimpse into normality

“Kathryn” a low voice broke the silence. A hint of warning in its tone.

“hmm” Kathryn responded with an eyebrow raise, eyes fixated on the PADD in her hand.

 “It’s time to take a break”

“Almost done”

“That wasn’t a request” Chakotay brazenly took the PADD from her hand. Weeks of being stuck on this planet was beginning to blur the lines of command for them, but that didn’t stop Kathryn from shooting him one of her infamous death glares at the interruption.”You can finish this tomorrow” Chakotay continued, sliding the plate of food he had prepared in front of her.

“Chakotay!” Kathryn geared up her argument before stopping short when a pair of strong hands found themselves at her shoulders. Her eyes involuntarily closed as the tension in her neck began to ease away. Tension she didn’t even know she had until just now.

A small smile tugged at the corner of Chakotay’s lips. He was definitely beginning to understand how to navigate around Kathryn’s stubborn habits “And when you’re done with dinner, I’ll give you a nice massage. Deal?”

“Deal” the response came out almost as a moan.

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Labradorite 🔮 • Protects Auric Field • Crystal to Enhance Shamanic Abilities • Psychic Visions • Heightened Intuition • Brings Out the Spirit • Awakens the Soul • Telepathy • Helps to Access Akashic Records • Grounding • Prophecy • Coincidence Awareness • Communicate w/ Higher Spirits/Guides • Develops Sensitivity w/ Hands for Reiki & Healing Touch • Balances Our Negative Energies to Heal Depression, Anxiety, Shame & Guilt • Brings Out Your Best • Detoxifies Your Body • Calms the Mind • Activated Imagination • Strengthens Throat Chakra • Assists in Magick Work • Safe Trip to Higher Realms • Protects From Draining Your Energy

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Ryuu's grandma gets really sick and has to be hospitalized. Ryuu doesn't tell anymore and spends his night next her at the hospital, omitting his duty as Battle Lover. The boys think he's too busy going out with girls and gets angry at him.

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