i’m still fleshing him out a little, but the basic concept behind clover is that he has a fascination with legends and such and has found that the best way to learn more about them is through adventuring.  he became a cleric less out of any real faith and more because it made him a valuable asset that could find a party without much effort.  he never sticks with one group for long and has a bit of a reputation for being “lucky” as he often gets out of situations unscathed where others were not so fortunate.  in reality it has more to do with him being loathe to take risks and specializing in skills that are effective for escape/subterfuge

he’s a good kid in general though, really friendly, happy to be helpful, loves ear scritches

chat noir’s nine lives


- the first time chat noir dies, he doesn’t even notice. 

he’s flung a hundred feet into a solid brick wall before everything goes dark. he wakes up in a hospital bed with a sheet over his face and ladybug crying by his bedside.


- the second time chat noir dies, it’s slow enough for him to realize what death tastes like. 

it floods his mouth, stains his teeth, and numbs his tongue so he can’t find the words to call out for help. it’s sweet enough to make him want to swallow it back and keep fighting, but his stomach won’t let him keep it down and forces him to suffer through the aftertaste that makes his head swim and his vision grow spotty. it drips down his throat and spills past his lips. he wants to be rid of it, but it hurts him to let it go. he wants to stand, but it’s much easier to slip to the ground and sleep. 

maybe he doesn’t taste death. maybe it’s just the blood filling his mouth. 


- the third time chat noir dies, plagg sits him down and explains that this isn’t immortality. 

adrien listens as he lifts his shirt and stares at the scar today’s bullet wound gave him as a token of his sacrifice. all this time he thought his powers of chaos and destruction had also gifted him a mastery over death. more importantly, he thought he had the opportunity to shut his eyes to fear and be the shield ladybug deserved. she is creation, hope, and life. a light like hers doesn’t deserve to be suffocated before she has a chance to enchant the rest of the world. 

but magic doesn’t make him invincible, and his chivalry has a time limit.


- the fourth time chat noir dies, he begins to keep track so he doesn’t lose count. 

he marks his deaths in sharpie marker right over his heart so he doesn’t forget who he’s dying for. 

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@ dreamworks let keith go :3

(totally inspired by @phoenixyfriend‘s series Keith’s Kitty Ears on AO3 go read it its super cute)