A Good and Lovely Detention

Snape: *looks up from grading papers* Miss Lovegood, what are you doing?

Luna: I am scrubbing the cauldrons clean, sir.

Snape: *clenches teeth* Yes, I can see that, Miss Lovegood. What confuses me is why you are scrubbing them with a scouring pad and not the toothbrush I provided you with when you arrived. Where did you even get that thing?

Luna: I had it in my bag, sir. I brought it with me.

Snape: How did you know to bring a scouring pad with you? I hadn’t even decided that I would have you cleaning cauldrons until earlier this evening…

Luna: Oh, I always carry a scouring pad with me, sir.

Snape: …You are saying, Miss Lovegood, that you consistently carry a rough sponge with you?

Luna: Yes, sir.

Snape: …At all times.

Luna: Yes, sir.

Snape: …You’re still supposed to be using the toothbrush, Miss Lovegood. Those were my instructions.

Luna: Actually, sir, your instructions were to not use magic, and then you handed me the toothbrush, thus insinuating that would be what I should use. However, I have this scouring pad, and so I opted to use it, instead. It is making it much easier to clean these cauldrons, you know. I am glad I had it with me. My mother always said, ‘Luna, you always carry one of these with you, no matter what, because messes are everywhere!’ And she was very right, sir. These cauldrons are filthy!

Snape: Just what exactly does your mother do, Miss Lovegood…?

Luna: My mother is dead, sir. 

Snape: ………..

Luna: *looks at scouring pad fondly*  

Snape: ……….Carry on, Miss Lovegood. 

*goes back to grading papers and sees that the next essay belongs to Harry James Potter* *puts it at bottom of pile to face at a later time, unable to viciously grade* *questions life*


So, I’m having the time of my life cause I’ve just found out some high school detention records about John Lennon and I can’t stop laughing I mean: 









“talking in class”

“very bad conduct”

“repeated misconduct”

“very bad behaviour”

“misbehaviour again”

“impudent answer to question”

“late for lesson”

"just no interest whatsoever”


“silly noises in an examination”


“S a b o t a g e

“I teach at the local juvenile detention center and sometimes it is really hard to get the kids to talk. Then today one of the girls saw my Olaf watch and asked if I was a ¨Disney freak¨. All at once everyone was arguing over the best movie, the best song, the best character. Everyone. I’ve never seen them talk like that before. I’ve never been more convinced that Disney brings people together and makes them relate on a level they probably never would’ve found otherwise. It’s magic”

1. I listened to our song today for the first time in a while. It still hurts.
2. I feel like I’m on drugs when I’m with you.
3. But at least we’re under the same sky.
4. I know that you don’t miss me.
5. Remember how shitty she makes you feel.
6. You are the oxygen I breathe.
7. I hope it’s not true. I love you. Don’t forget what we had.
8. What happened to us?
9. I can almost feel your heartbeat against my ear.
10. You’re my forest fire.
11. Can I lay my head against your chest and fall asleep to the deafening sound of your existence surrounding me?
12. You are worth the heartbreak and the headaches.
13. My razors feel like your kisses.
14. I miss you.
15. I love you.
16. Why aren’t you here?
—  16 texts I never sent

Bad guy, good lips (Andy Biersack fanfiction)

I think im getting better, dont judge me

Words: 803

Warnings: none

Y/N – Your Name

Y/F/N – Your Friend’s Name

[Chapter 1]

Chapter 2

You remembered you have to hurry back to Y/F/N to meet her at the cafeteria. When you finally saw her you quickly grabbed your food and sat next to her. You found it weird she didn’t ask where were you for so long but you thought maybe it wasn’t that of a big deal. As you finished lunch you and Y/F/N went back to your classes. You two didn’t really talked the whole day and you didn’t understand why. When all the classes was over Y/F/N turned to you: „Y/N, so how are we gonna go home today?” you were a little bit surprised that she finally said something. You nervousily answered: „I-i have detention today, sorry about that, and i know i didn’t told you that.. I will call you later when I’ll be at home.” your friend looked suprised and she asked: „What the fuck did you do? Are you insane? You’ve never been in detention , what are you parents going to say?” „Calm down, you dont have to worry bout that, and none of us should. They probably won’t be that mad” You said as you stood up said goodbye to your friends and slowly walked to detention. On the way you were so scared what kind of kids you will meet there. But suddenly you remembered Andy’s going to be there too so you just gonna sit next to him and survive it somehow. You stepped into the classroom and only 3 kids were there, you’ve never seen before. Andy wasn’t there yet so you quietly sit down to the furthest table trying to avoid the eye contact with the others. As usual Andy arrived a little late. He immadiately looked at you and smiled, you smiled back at him hoping he will sit near you. But instade he sat next to a group of guys, probably his friends. You felt sad but you let go of that feeling and tried to survive this horrible time.

It was finally over. (Thank god!) You quickly packed and headed out of the school. When you felt a hand grabbing your arm at the school’s front door. You shivered cause you had no idea who could it be, you turn round and you saw Andy standing behind you. You didn’t answer him you just went out the door almost running. Andy ran after you to stop you: „Hey, Y/N what’s the matter now? Why can’t you answer?” You took it kinda as an insult so you shook your head and walked away. „At least can I walk with you home?” he shouted to you. You turned around and nod at him. ‘Well, maybe we can know each other a little bit more and I dont have to walk home all by myself’ you thought. You waited for Andy to catch up with you.

On the way you two haven’t really talked. But then Andy finally spoke up: „Why are you ignoring me that much? I know we dont know each other well and you might think Im an asshole but believe me im actually a nice guy” he said with and awkward smile. You turned your head at him: „Well, you’re right we dont know each other, so you might be a creep , following me home so after that you can stalk me” You said jokingly and you both laughed. „No I’m not” he laughed. „You’re funny Y/N, and different, not like those fake girls. I mean that in a good way tho, I mean the funny and different part” he blushed a little and you saw it so you started to blush too. „Thank you Andy, maybe you’re not as much of an asshole either.” you gave him a big smile. You two talked all they way to your house, Andy lived further than you so he stopped saying goodbye to you. „It was nice talking to you Y/N, see you later then” he said with a smile and started to walk away. But he quickly turned back around and said: „Actually, can I have your number? I don’t wanna look like a creep you know just i thought we might know each other that much so, and that we could call each other whenever we need something or…” you let out a smirk and you didn’t even know why you did that , but he was so cute trying to find his words and you were happy cause of the thought that maybe he likes you as much as you like him. „Yea i gotcha Andy, here…” you changed numbers and finally said goodbye. You took one last look at him while you walked towards to your front door. You felt like this was one of your best days after all.

[Chapter 3] [Chapter 4]

Bad guy, good lips (Andy Biersack fanfiction)

it’s been a few days sorry ♥

Words: 1055

Warnings: none

Y/N – Your Name

Y/F/N – Your Friend’s name

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2]

Chapter 3

When you stepped into your living room you immadiately saw your parents giving you an angry look. „I know i got home late but I can explain” you said. „Where have you been Y/N we were so worried and we had NO idea what happened to you!” your dad yelled. „Look I was in detention…” „Detention??!! What the hell did you do? Smoke, drugs? And do they caught you? Huh?!” your mom shouted at you like never before. „Gosh mom, no. It was a misunderstanding…” „Sure, a misunderstanding about you being a little rebel again?” you heard your dad saying this was enough for you to say „I’m done” Your parents looked surprised after you said that and running upstairs to your room. They went after you to see what are you doing. You were bout to pack your clothes and everything you needed. „Y/N, what are you doing?” your mom asked. „I’m going away from this place, or moving out i don’t know.. just somewhere else?” you answered. „Why would you wanna do that, are you going crazy like grandpa in ‘89?” your dad was trying to resolve the tension by making jokes but doesn’t really helped. „Don’t you dare walk away from us and leave this house?” your mom screamed at you. She’s always been the rigorous, short-temperedone out of your parents. „Or else what?” you said tauntingly. You saw the anger in her eyes as you said that and you sprinted down the stairs as your parents trying to hold you back. Neither of you said anything until your dad spoke up. „Y/N you really wanna do that? Please, let’s talk about it.” „There’s nothing left to talk about” you said with sadness in your voice. Your mom looked like she wanna say something but she didnt… so you took one last sight at her and you walked out of the house.

You didn’t where to go now. You thought about going to Y/F/N but it might have been too obvious. You thought that her and her parents wouldn’t let you stay there and immadiately call your parents.You started to cry as you walked down the street. You stopped at the corner and sat down on the edge of the road. You felt lonely and miserable. After a few minutes crying you stopped and thought about trying at Andy’s house. Maybe that thing would be too early to ask in this 'friendship’, but you didn’t have any other idea. It was now 7:13 pm, you rang his phone hoping he will answer. After a few ringing he finally answered. You were so happy to hear his voice that you couldn’t stop smiling. „Hey Andy, um.. It’s Y/N” you said. „Oh, hi Y/N” he said with happiness in his voice. „What’s up? How come you’re calling me?” he asked confused. „Well, i dont know how to say this, but I left the house and my parents. I wasn’t able to hear them talk false shit about me. I am fed up!” you sobbed. „Don’t cry, it’s ok! Is there any place where you can stay?” Andy asked with worry. „No actually, I should go to my best friend but i know her parents would call my parents and..” „Yeah alright, got it. Well if you wanna you can come to my house.” he interrupted you. „Can I?” you asked with a smile. „Yeah sure, my parents arent at home the whole weekend so.” Andy said with a smile in his voice. „Thank you Andy” you said. „It’s really nothing.. so I live in the end of the street, the big grey house with a big ass tree in the front and red fence. I think you gonna find it, just knock on the door when you’re here or something.” „Alright, I’ll be there soon.” and you hung up the phone. You walked down to Andy’s house. You walked through his garden with your heart in your hand and knocked on his door. He opened up and gave you a huge smiled. Andy invited you in and hugged you. You were confused by his action and you started to blush. You hugged him back „Andy, thank you so much again it means a lot.” He shook his head „Stop being so thankful” he laughed. „It’s not of a big deal” You smiled at him. „So where can I throw my bag and stuff?” He guided you to his room. „Sorry for being messy but I dont have time to clean my room” He laughed nervously and scratched the back of his neck. „No it’s fine. Where can I sleep and where’s the bathroom?” you asked curiously. „Oh well, you can sleep in my bed if you like and I’ll sleep in the couch downstairs” „No, I can’t do that to I can sleep in the couch you just stay here” you were arguing about this for a long 5 minutes until he let you sleep downstairs just cause you were so headstrong.

You quickly took a shower and packed out your stuff. „So what do you wanna do now?” Andy asked awkwardly still sitting in the same place he was when you left to take a shower. „What do you mean? I guess we can watch a movie or something.” You suggested. He nodded. „What movie you want?” he asked. „I don’t know, I like action and superheros.” you laughed awkardly. „Do you like Batman?” Andy asked with his eyes wide open. „Yea, he’s my favourite” you smiled and nodded. „No way, he’s my favourite too.” he shouted like a little kid. He was so nice and cute you couldn’t believe it you’re actually being with him. Well.. not like a couple or anything just chilling together. You 2 started to watch the Batman movie you chose. When you felt Andy trying to cuddle you. You didn’t really notice it and you didn’t bother. But after a few minutes you felt his right hand resting on you tight. You looked at him nervious. He saw that and let out a smirk. You were looking deep into each other’s eyes. Then Andy suddenly touched your chin to pull you closer for a kiss. You were so excited and you felt the little butterflies in your stomach.

[Chapter 4]