which one r u?

pessimist, sees the glass as half empty: capricorn, virgo, gemini, scorpio
optimist, sees the glass as half full: pisces, sagittarius, libra, aquarius
realist, knows it is just half a fucking glass: cancer, taurus, scorpio, leo, aries

to the boy i will marry someday,

thank you for your patience & endless amount of support. thank you for being around as i go through the journey that is self love. no amount of words could ever do you justice. what i feel for you is so much more than that; it’s strong, it’s empowering, it’s real. i don’t think i’ll ever be able to express it the way that i want to, but maybe that’s the magic of it all. i think i find comfort in knowing that i have something that cannot even be put down on paper perfectly accurate. thank you for helping me learn how to help myself. thank you for all the nights you’ve stayed up comforting me when the thoughts running through my mind weren’t so pretty. i cannot even fathom how amazing you are and how lucky i am to have such an incredible life partner. you are the one i want to spend all of my days with - and even that alone excites me, i never thought i would be able to say that about anyone. thank you for your constant reassurance and being one hell of a listener. there’s nothing sweeter than consistency. i can assure you there’s no one else i’d rather share every detail of my life with. all of my favorite things become so much more enthralling once shared with you. i have never felt more safe and at peace in my entire life than i have with you. your words are gentle enough to stick with me. when i lack the motivation to get up some mornings, i think of the way you would encourage me. i think of the way you would kiss my forehead and smile at me and tell me how you’re proud that i’m still here. you would tell me that my feelings are valid & how you’ll be around no matter what. those words alone would be more than enough to make all the pessimism fade away. i’ve never really felt emotionally stable - it’s always been something i’ve had to work on, but that’s definitely improved since you’ve been around. thank you for loving me enough to allow me to embrace my independence yet love you more than anything at the same time. you have impacted my life in more ways than you’ll ever realize and i am endlessly grateful. i have learned so much from you in what seems like such a short period of time and i am so eager to continue. sometimes i struggle with writers block but you’re always right there to inspire me and get me back on my feet. thank you for being you. i am so lucky to love you and have the opportunity to grow with you. there’s not a day that goes by where i don’t recognize all the wonders that you are. i cannot wait for everything that life has in store for us. i love you.

Judging by the fact these pictures are on Viktor’s camera, guess who was the first person Yuuri accosted when he was flying three sheets to the wind :D

I like to imagine Yuuri was going “and you are amazing and I remember when you did this move and… have you tried this champagne? Champagne is good. S’very good. I like it. You should have some and then… and then we should dance! We should all dance! Dancing is great!”

I love stories where idealism and kindness win over cynicism and “realism”. Where everyone tells the protagonist “the world doesn’t work that way” and they keep going anyway. It’s so nice to see things where people work to change things for the better instead of accepting the world the way it is and it just gives me a lot of hope