Romance Anime <3

We all deserve it! Feel free to add. I really would love some recs!

Ouran High School Host Club 

Maid Sama!

 No. 6

Spice and Wolf 

Say “I Love You”

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi


Love Stage!!

Eden of the East 

Kamisama Hajimemashita 

The Future Diary 

Mawaru Pengindrum 


Junjo Romantica 

PLEASE!!! Add on to this and tell me some other great romances! I haven’t seen a Yuri yet so that would be a great thing to recommend, but any love is fine with me! 

3 Anime titles I started recently that I really enjoyed!

Gotta be positive too, right? And a post is a post so why not do it?


Attack on Titan. Back when season 1 was airing, everyone was going utter bonkers over it and I stayed away (same with what I did with One Punch Man) and kinda hated it a bit without truly giving it a shot. I recently said ‘what the heck’ and tried it….aaaand instantly regretted it as the first episode tore my feelings to bits. But I got past it and soldiered on and now it’s something I like (but not overly).


Love Stage. I’ve actually finished this series but I indeed did see it recently so it’s going on here. I didn’t watch it every day but I enjoyed it and it was the anime I turned to if I was ever feeling sad and wanted something light hearted. The characters were all really cute and I just adore them all. Except maybe Ryouma, I like him but not as much as say Rei.


The Royal Tutor. This anime. THIS anime. This anime is the best series I’ve seen in a long time and it shot right to my #1 favourite and left the others in it’s dust. I enjoy this series so much so that I made a blog centered around it and followed many other bloggers with this as the theme. It’s something I can talk about for ages so try not to spark a conversation with me about it cause it’ll never end. There I go again with my rambling and constant praise of this series! You can’t hold back sheer admiration though!

Best Birthday Ever ❣

A/N: Happy biiirthday Mia! @ticklygiggles My precious dear, I’m sorry I couldn’t do something better! I wanted to surprise you a little u////u 

I haven’t written this pairing everrrr and it’s a quite underrated pairing and we need more of them I thinnnnkkk ^^ I hope you like it dearie! love you till the end and hope you will enjoy a wonderful wooonderful day

Summary: Surprises are the best when you don’t expect them at all. Especially when your loves knows what kind of things you like the most, even when you deny them 10,000x times. Rei discovers all this on just a regular birthday.

Word Count: 2086

“It’s Rei’s birthday! Rei’s birthday!” Izumi came barging into Rei’s room and began to perform some loud, annoying act around his bed by dancing and singing. How very cute. Eh, not. Rei felt guilty for being so grumpy. He groaned and pulled the pillow over his head, closing his eyes tightly.

“Yes. Thank you,” he murmured sleepily. Shougo was abroad, no big deal. He tried not to feel too upset about it. They had celebrated many of his birthdays together after all. So why would he care? 

A singing birthday card two days early, a bouquet of roses one day early, and a singing Izumi beside his bed on the day itself (probably not Shougo’s doing, but still…) should have been more than enough to satisfy a grown man on his birthday. Right? Yet, why was Rei feeling as if this was going to be the worst birthday ever…?

Happy birthday to Rei, happy birthday to Rei! ♫” Why Izumi felt so desperate to sing to him like this, so overly active, he did not know. Probably because he was feeling bad for him that Shougo wasn’t here, and that the whole Sena family was too busy to spend the day at home to celebrate their manager’s birthday. The thoughts of Izumi pitying him didn’t really brighten his mood either.

Falling back in a brief slumber, Rei dozed off and vaguely could hear Izumi’s singing voice echo through his head before it faded in the distance. Wherever the kid was going, Rei hoped he would just go far away and leave him and his precious dignity alone, thank you. 

Half awake, he noticed how the silence became a notable thing. It had gone from noisy to really quiet in such a short amount of time. Well, he didn’t mean that far away. Was Izumi okay? 

“Izumi..?” He lifted his head off his pillow, only to notice an envelope that was next to him. Wait, what ? Since when was that here? Another singing card from Shougo? Izumi’s present for him? 

Still tired and grumpy, Rei grabbed it and opened it. Taking out the card that was inside, he held his breath, waiting for more loud and annoying singing voices to disturb the peace. Instead, a message was written inside.

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