acidic-chlxr asked:

i love the new pink revolution. oh my i think pink is my fave colour now

My black and white wardrobe is now going to need a major improvement bc I’m that far up their ass tbh

anonymous asked:

I think this would be a plausible explanation for all of this. There is a new, pink matty now, that knows who he is (sexually) and the old matty has to go to make space for the new one. But the songs, the image of the bad guy who can have all the fanGIRLS, the whole concept of the 1975 doesn't fit anymore. Knowing them they still wanna be raw and honest in their songs --> new matty, new image, new band, new songs, new album BUT same boys! The boys that we love making music that we love

welcome to the revolution !!! a bew era has begun, and you said it well !!! i have no idea how to top this, love.