Fantastic World
Fantastic World
  • 最近迷戀這首歌~

愛と夢が afraid 誰の carnivagl?
I say something more I love you more
この愛が鳴いて言う 守れ君の days
I say something more I love you more
愛と夢の cross way 君の carnival
Such a fantastic world

My Rainy Days

starring Sasaki Nozomi and Tanihara Shosuke

This was my fandom for the past few days. From the hype I did to myself while I was downloading the movie up to the actual watching of the movie, it didn't disappoint. At the first time I saw the trailer for this movie, I said to myself that I gotta watch this and I did, I was happy that I did. Anyway, the movie is actually a typical love story that has a tragedy at the end or something like that. I mean a rebel girl suddenly changed herself upon meeting someone way older than she is, ain’t that really typical in most Asian dramas and movies?(Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese dramas/movies) But I guess what makes this movie stand out among the rest is that Nozomi Sasaki is here. I know she’s not really an actress but what she did in this movie, I can compare it to Jun Ji-hyun’s acting skills in My Sassy Girl and Ueno Juri’s skills in most of her dramas. I’m not saying that Nozomi is better than both of these amazing actresses but she actually did a good job in this movie. I mean she didn’t overreact at parts that other artist would overreact to. The only thing that made her portrayal less believable is that she’s too beautiful. I mean you wouldn’t imagine someone that looks like her would do something like that in reality (maybe there are people like that but I dunno). Anyway, what made the movie better was the lead actor. Shosuke pulled his character off really well in my opinion. I know his character is very typical in Japanese movies and dramas but his has this distinct feel from it. I mean when he transitions from a calm and quiet person to a more cheerful person indulge in his obsession, is really good. I mean, yes he is not like the typical actor that just shows his face, he actually acts for that kind of character which is good. And lastly, what completes this movie is the soundtrack. The movie contains one of the best soundtrack I’ve heard in a movie. The combination of Yuna Ito’s and Love Psychedelico’s music is what sets the atmosphere of the movie. (I’m obsessing over Yuna Ito’s Let it go song, which was the song used in the trailer). 

It is sad though that people don’t know about this movie. Only a few know it outside of Japan. I don’t know if it was famous in Japan or not but it should be though because it’s really great.