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Hi there! I m seeing these asks about a trc/aftg crossover you wrote and ?? I can't seem to find it and I'd love to read it if you could maybe link it to me, or send it to me in a message or something, that'd be wonderful! If not I understand !! Have a nice day/night!

no prob love, it was a couple of days ago so it might have gotten buried !

when in doubt, my fic tag is linked from my homepage, and it’s at the very top rn!

the story is here, I super hope you have fun reading it, thank you so much for asking <3

have a beautiful day/night yourself!

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hey... i got an idea for your drawing thing.. what about harrison/preston/nerris and neil/max/nikki clothesswap? you dont have to do ALL of them, but the idea seems kinda cute! 🍬💝🍬


💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝


Seventeen’s Official Colors in MVs: Rose Quartz & Serenity | insp


Every fandom needs an avatar crossover amirite

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Hi~ i literally just found your blog and im super in love with it!!! Im probs gonna spend the rest of my day just reading through it lol ^-^' Can i request a friends-to-lovers with SVT's Dino??? The one you did of Woozi was great and I really wanted to ask for one of my bias wrecker lol thanks so much! Keep up the great work! You're amazing!!! ♡♡♡

find woozi (here), wonwoo (here), jeonghan (here), jun (here), s.coups (here), dk (here), joshua (here) & the8 (here) ~!

  • dino was always the most outspoken, free-spirited person you’d ever had the pleasure of meeting
  • and for a while you didn’t think the two of you would ever be friends because he liked to dance in public and make people laugh,,,,and you kind of got shy when people asked you to speak out loud
  • but you end up saving dino,,,,,he’s supposed to perform at this big show for one of the school’s festivals and you can see that he’s getting all tangled in the wires trying to get his music plugged in
  • and the crowd is getting inpatient and you can see he’s getting frustrated and fidgeting 
  • so you rush over and pull out your own phone, hooking it up to the speakers and asking what song dino wants to play, he tells you and you find it giving him a thumbs up and ushering him onto the stage promising you’ll make sure the song plays when he’s ready to perform
  • and from the stage dino give you a nod and you get everything to work perfectly,,,,,watching dino from the side as he moves across the stage
  • and when it’s over,,,everyone cheering and calling his name
  • you unplug your phone and get up to leave but you feel someone’s’s hand stop you
  • and you turn to see dino’s shining smile,,,sweat apparent on his forehead and without even trying to catch his breathe he goes - “i didn’t get your name, im dino by the way!”
  • and everytime you think of it it’s like some cliche movie meeting but,,,,,that’s how you become friends
  • and dino everytime he sees you walking home or eating lunch he always strikes up a conversation
  • and at some point it becomes a routine,,,,,,,
  • not to mention the fact that you actually enjoy watching him practice and talk about his passion.,,,most people want to see his final routine,,,,,they don’t want to know about the hard work that goes into it
  • but you do 
  • and dino can see that in the way your eyes light up when he shows you a new move or tells you about a song he’s thinking of dancing to
  • and it’s the day of one of dino’s big competitions but on the same day you’ve got a big interview scheduled for an internship you really r e a l l y want
  • and in the subway as you’re taking it with dino he can see you’re nervous so he offers you one of his ear buds
  • and the two of you listen to a playlist dino made of all your favorite tracks 
  • and the nervousness goes away when you feel his shoulder brush against yours,,,,when you know that you can close your eyes and feel safe next to your friend
  • but when it’s your stop you get up and apologize that you can’t come and watch him but dino just gives you a laugh and makes you pinkie promise to call him right after the interview
  • ,,,,,,,the only thing is that when you get to the interview,,,,,,they tell you it’s been canceled because no spots are available anymore 
  • and they won’t even look twice at you and your resume and it,,,,hurts,,,,,,,,,
  • and you call dino like you promised but because he must be rehearsing you get the voice message and you can’t even say anything,,,you just let out a small whimper and mumble that you’re gonna try and make it home
  • but you can’t bring yourself to move,,,,,you sit in front of the building clutching your folder full of recommendations and letters and you keep trying not to cry but it’s hard
  • and you don’t know if it’s been half an hour or a whole hour but suddenly someone is stopping in front of you
  • sitting down in front of you and pulling your hands gently from your tear stained face
  • and you can see,,,,the blurry outline of dino,,,,,and you think that it can’t be him ,,,his competition must be starting now
  • but when you hear the voice ask “are you ok?” you realize,,,,,it is him
  • and dino doesn’t say anything further he just pulls you up and into his arms and you manage to choke out a what are you doing here
  • but dino just says that he’s doing the right thing by being here,,,,,,,any competition is absolutely nothing when it comes to you
  • and for some reason you cling to the back of his shirt and try to say more but you just sob and dino doesn’t care about your tears on his shirt or the look on the judges faces when he grabbed his bag and ran out of the room even though his name was going to be called next to compete 
  • and when you pull back,,,,dino hesitates but he leans forward and kisses the tears off your cheek
  • and you ask quietly if he’s here because he’s a good friend,,,,,,,,,or because you two might be something more
  • and dino tells you that you don’t have to worry about that right now
  • but the way he holds your hand and shields you behind his shoulder if anyone tries to peek at your embarrassed face,,,,tells you that yeah,,,,,,
  • you guys are definitely something more now 
What dating an ENFP is like as an INTJ

(I’m basing this on my actual relationship with an ENFP. Not all ENFPs will do everything on this list.)

- don’t you dare try to refuse a gift bc they will make you take it
- they will text you random facts about zebras at 3am with no explanation whatsoever
- good listeners
- for real they could become therapists
- they’re really good at understanding people
- hugs for no reason
- expect rants about how they want to save polar bears from global warming or stop world hunger or other things of the sort
- also expect them to try to drag you to parties or other types of social outings
- actually expect them to encourage social behaviour in general
- they will give you nicknames like “babe” or “honey bear” but they’ll also call you stuff like “assface” from time to time bc playfulness
- don’t tell them that they can’t do something because they’re immediately gonna try to do it
- they will love you through all the BS and you will probs love them more for that bc it’s not any person who can tolerate it

kaneki kens ranked by their ability to kick ur ass

a basic ken. smol with powerless noodle arms. ur ass has nothing to fear, unless u trip while he attempts to dodge one of ur punches. 2/10. 

an upgraded ken in a constant state of rage, due to his shitty hair dye job. he can beat ur ass if he’s focused, but if u bring up his loved ones he’ll probs start crying and be unable to finish the fight bc he can’t see through the tears or the gaping holes where his eyes formerly were. a worthy asskicker, but u can fight back. (15-7)/10.

a pure ken, not constantly filled with burning protective violence nor crippling self-hatred. motherly instincts means he will gladly kick ur ass if ur fucking w his kids. but also he doesn’t want to seem like. too into it. so he’ll hold off on murdering ur ass. not to mention that he’s under constant threat of getting his own ass kicked by ya boi arima so he can’t get that #wild but. i digress. 5/10.

holy fuck. hol y  fu cking s h i t. this ken straight up doesn’t give any fucks. he’ll throw ur ass off the side of a building. he’ll break into ur apartment in a relentless quest to kick ur ass. he’ll lie to u and pretend to be ur friend for multiple months, only to turn around and punt ur ass into the void. shit. shit. 100/10. 

a majestic and seasoned ken, with many an ass-kick under his belt. ya he can fight but also his ass-kicking ability is partially a rumor perpetuated by his dad so like. whether or not he’d annihilate ur ass effortlessly is an enigma. a lot of his tactic is for show tho; he’ll whip off his jacket and pray for u to get distracted by his sleeveless tank top and make his ass-kicking life easier. but also he has cronies that can kick ur ass for him. ~9/10.

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I get the feeling Mackie is very protective of Seb. Same as with Tom Holland. He can jokingly talk shit about his white boys all day long but the minute someone else does it in seriousness then Mackie would be the first to fuck someones shit up.

listen, do not start me on the Seb and Mackie dynamic, they are bEST FRIENDS!!! They make fun of each other like, in front of each other, but the moment someone asks about the other and they’re apart it’s all “Seb’s humour has come a long way, he’s been pretty funny this year.” or they’ll just bring the other one up like “I actually haven’t been to New Orleans yet even though one of my BEST FRIENDS lives there.”

Also Mackie complimenting Seb in front of Seb because he knows Seb gets all bashful about it so he can simultaneously be nice and make fun of him? Next level best friends stuff. Seb and Mackie love each other, they’re best buddies and i love them.

Love Song
The Cure
Love Song

Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am free again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am clean again
However far away
I will always love you