more closeups!! now with chris and georgi included lmao

(viktor, yuri and yurio)

Stoked about starting to plan my road trip in june but desperately need a good backpacking buddy lmao hmu

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Ok but bensnavi angst, so Benny does see Kevin as a father figure and respects him. So when usnavi came out to abuela about them she loved him with open arms. So Benny wants to believe that the same will happen with Kevin but it doesnt, benny feels so sad cuz he looked up to kevin and he doesnt even approve of who he loves, (Nina probs knock some sense into kevin later cuz shes dating vanessa)

Ok so I know this prompt was for angst, but all I keep thinking about when I read it is Abuela hearing about this and just deciding that Benny is her family now, just like Usnavi is.

She makes him sandwiches too and glares at Kevin when she goes to the dispatch to drop them off, loudly talking about what an excellent and sweet man Benny is.

Just, Benny might lose Kevin but he gets an Abuela.


i mean…… how could i not draw this

(full res image here)

borderline things: being in love

-wanting to text someone 24/7 just to interact with them
-always staring at ur Favorite Person when they’re doing something and soaking up every detail
-saying “I love you” an excessive amount of times and the words start to lose their meaning but you just loVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH you gotta say it 24/7
-when they joke around with u and u take one tiny little possible implication behind what they said and make sure to never do that thing ever again. even if they probably weren’t even implying it
-realizing wanting to be with them in person 24/7 is not healthy
-always feeling like they can never love u as much as u love them
-having unrealistic expectations of them bc you always buy them little gifts and shower them with attention and affection but you know that not everyone can be like this :)))))