Hey There Delilah..

I was running a 5e campaign from the DMs Guild last night for two players in another campaign we do and they were in a small town’s tavern, speaking with a farmer after returning from a quest he sent them on to kill some goblins that attacked him and killed his horse.

NPC Farmer(DM): Did you find those goblins and kill them? Did you find my Delilah?

Dragonborn Barbarian: Oh, we found her. They ate her.

NPC Farmer: [gasps] Not my Delilah! [wipes a tear from his eye] You didn’t happen to find a locket with the goblins, did you?

Tiefling Cleric, OOC: He seems a bit too attached to his horse. This is some beastiality stuff going on.

Dragonborn Barbarian, OOC: I pull out the locket and hand it to him.

DM: The farmer takes the locket and opens it up. Inside is a painting of Delilah the horse.

Tiefling: I KNEW IT!