Okay cuddling is probably on of the best things humans have created. Right up there next to bacon pizza, Netflix and travel-size shit.

Annabella's II Pizza & Restaurant - Speedwell Ave in Morris Plains, NJ

Annabella’s II is the final pizzeria on the route I take between my house and Morristown that I had yet to try, so I made a point to squeeze it in before I start my summer job. I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be that great, but I tried to stay optimistic. However, there was no reason to be, as it ended up taking me significantly longer than usual just to select a slice. Usually one or two slices will stick out to me at any given pizzeria, but literally nothing did. At all. I was contemplating just leaving without getting anything, but I knew it was my civic duty to review something. I decided to just order a pepperoni slice and hope for the best.

Though this slice didn’t look too promising upon receipt, it wasn’t as bad as it appeared, though it wasn’t very exceptional either. The pepperoni was tasty and super greasy (a plus in my book), and the crust had a nice amount of crisp, but that’s about where the good ended. There was so much sauce on this pizza; I could constantly taste it no matter what. Normally, pepperoni will help out if there is a lot of sauce, but not even this could cut it. The sauce had some kinda tangy taste and on top of that, it was chunky. I do not want tomato chunks in my za sauce. At all! Surprisingly, I didn’t mind it as much as I usually would when there’s this much sauce, but I still wasn’t crazy about it. And for $2.68, I would like to have enjoyed this slice significantly more than I did. That’s not very reassuring, considering how subpar their other slices looked. While Annabella’s may not have been the worst pizzeria, it was still pretty forgettable. Skip this one.