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Imagine Niall mentioning his missus and kids in his AMA acceptance speech!!


His palms are sweating. He doesn’t know if he’ll win. He is up against some of his favourite artists, his friends, his colleagues. His missus has been telling him he is going to win since she had found out he had been nominated, smacking his arm when he didn’t tell her himself because he didn’t want her ‘getting all worked up’ and ‘stressing’ about having a vote everyday. Without fail, his daughter would bumble into his office every morning, lifting herself onto his thighs and gently moving his hand off his laptop, her tiny fingertips clicking around and making sure to click a tiny button beneath his picture she proudly read as ‘VOTE’, and would kiss his cheek and hug him tightly, stepping out and making her path into their bedroom where her mummy would be waiting to have a cuddle and get dressed for their busy day.

He smiled brightly as he clicked his screen, his missus’ name popping onto his notifications with a message, his finger pressing on his application and his heart swelling as he opens her recorded video. 

“We’re so proud of you, Daddy! Can’t wait to see you sing and win your award! Mummy is letting me stay up late to see you and have a cuddle when you come home. ‘m not even goin’ to school tomorrow! I love you to the moon and all the way back!”

His cheeks ache with his grin, his fingertips typing on his keyboard as he hears opening music begin to play, Olly nudging his shoulder as he signals their host stepping onto the stage, his finger locking his phone and shoving it into his pocket as his message sends and delivers.

I love you so much. Can’t wait to have a cuddle when I come home. I love you to the moon and all the way back. xx

He really wants his missus and daughter to be with him, to be sitting next to him, to have his daughter sitting on his lap, giggling and smiling and singing along to her favourite artists, patiently waiting for her daddy to perform like he always does. He hates being away - which is one particular reason his daughter is being taught by his missus and travelling with him on tour - and being away for hours at a time is even worse. 

He loves Mully, yes, but his missus’ support is unlike any other - she’s been his rock, his best friend, his number one supporter since he decided on starting a solo career to begin with, and he couldn’t hide how much his missed her.

His heart is thumping in his chest as he hears his name being announced as a nominee, and he can picture his wife and daughter anxiously sitting on their plush couch, fingers crossed, quiet whispers and held breaths sucked in as an envelope with a winner is slowly pulled open. He isn’t breathing. He smirks as a camera pans to him, his mind and thoughts swirling with butterflies in his belly. He doesn’t know what he’s going to say, what he’s going to do, how he’s going to not tear up if he’s named ‘New Artist of the Year’. 

He’s anxious beyond compare.

“Niall Horan!”

He steps up, balancing on his feet, hugging his friends, excitement and adrenaline pumping in his veins, his heart swollen and cheeks aching with his grin and he pops onto their stage, shaking as he grabs onto his award, clutching against his chest.

“I, um, wow. T’ank you. I would like to t’ank Capitol, ‘me management, ‘me fans who have always been incredible and dedicated to making us win awards like t’is. But, most importantly, I would like to t’ank ‘me missus and wonderful daughter who are sitting at home watching, right now. Y/N, I’ll never be able to t’ank you enough fo’ being my number one fan and always being t’ere when I need a new ear to have a listen to a song or melody, I love you so much. Lia, my darlin’, t’ank you for being Daddy’s favourite fan, I love you to t’e moon. See you soon. One more time, t’ank you.”


Hi Daddy! I love you all the back! xx

We’re so proud of you, baby. Can’t wait to have a cuddle when you come home. Rock your performance and we’ll be watching you, cheering you on. Be your wonderful self out there, Superstar. We’ll see you soon. xx