Preference #24 - Daddy Son Moment (Niall)

Niall bent down and placed his hands on his knees, attempting to catch his breath while still watching his twelve year old son dribbled the soccer ball towards the makeshift goal in their backyard. They’d already spent three hours out here, going over tactics and rules, Niall loving every minute of teaching his son the dynamics of one of his favourite sports.

Dylan had mentioned that he’d wanted to try out for the school team but was nervous about making an utter fool of himself, he wasn’t always the most coordinated of teenagers and the last thing he wanted to be was the laughing stock of his class. Niall had reassured him that they’d practice every day for as long as Dylan wanted until he felt confident and that was exactly what they had done.

Niall watched with pride as Dylan scored the goal, the boys eyes lighting up as he turned back to look at his Dad, the biggest smile on his face.
“Dad!” He said excitedly, bounding over to where Niall was standing. “Did you see that?!”
“I sure did, you’re going to be the best on the team this year.”
“Do you really think so?”
Niall smiled ruffling his son’s brown hair playfully.
“Absolutely, you’ll be better than both myself and your uncle Louis soon enough.”

Dylan’s eyes widened even more, a hopeful look in his bright blue eyes.
“Can I call him and see if he wants to come play with us? I can beat both of you then!”
Niall nodded, chuckling as he watched his son run back into the house, your voice echoing out a minute later telling him to take off his muddy shoes. Niall shook his head and looked towards where the dirty soccer ball was resting against the fence, happy that his son had found something that he loved; something that they could enjoy together.

Written By Bree xx

Harry, Niall and Liam all wanted to be there to support Louis tonight for what was undoubtedly one of the most difficult moments of his life.

“It was an incredible and special thing for them to get back together as a four and be like brothers again.

Niall flew in overnight from New York so he could be there and Liam came from Los Angeles. It was that important they were together.

They were all in Louis’s dressing room together and it was obviously an incredible emotional night.”




Harry: (stop singing/yelling a song) Now… there are three things… theres…there’s more than three things that we love most about Canada. One…poutine! Two…poutine!! Three…wot

Liam: Protein!

Harry:  Three…no, poutine was one and two, this is number three. Number three is…P O U T I N E!!!!!! (crowd screams) Number four… (laughs) poutine! Number five, syrup. (yelling) NUMBER SIX SYRUP ON POUTINE!!! (screaming) Number seven and the one we love most of all, is every single one of you! Shhhh!!! Number eight, you and syrup on POUTINE! (screaming) That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!! 

Liam: You should… (something intelligible)

Harry: I really wanna mic drop, but I won’t, ‘cause they’re expensive.

Liam: Are you gonna run for president?

Harry: No! There’s not a chance, ‘cuz I don’t know what I’m talkin about! 

Liam: I still think you should, I’m convinced!

Harry: (screaming) Nine (looks at the flag) THIS FLAG, ON YOU, ON SYRUP, ON POUTINE!!!! MAKE SOME NOISE FOR CANADA!!!

Liam: You’ve gotta have a ten, you’ve gone through nine now you’ve gotta have a ten!

Harry : (scream)TEN! 

Liam: Ten! Us on syrup on poutine on… (gets lost) something else

Harry: Ten is (pick the moose on the floor) THIS MOOSE, ON THIS FLAG, ON YOU, ON SYRUP, ON POUTINE!!! Make some noise for the moose! (screaming to a fan) Which one d’you want, the moose or the flag or the syrup?  

Liam: Or the poutine?

Harry: Or the poutine? You can have the moose and the flag. (throws the moose and the flag to a fan) Ohhhh I’m hyped. Oooh I’m hyped. (start to do some weird moves)

Liam: (says someting intelligible to Harry)

*Harry and Liam start to dance and hum Rocky theme song*

Niall: tell em you’re gonna be president

Harry: (screaming, out of his mind) ROCKY!!! On the moose, riding on the moose, into this place on the moose, this is Rocky, he’s on the moose, he’s on his back, wrapped in a flag, covered in poutine, on the syrup, there’s syrup everywhere!!!

Niall : (laughing)Harry!

Harry: There’s lots of syrup everywhere! Rocky waits, the moose is gone… (get lost) 

Niall: Michael Buble!

Louis: That is passion!

Harry :  MICHAEL BUBLE! (is confused) Michael Buble on the shoulders of Rocky, wrapped in a flag, on a moose, riding in here, covered in syrup, on poutine, and you’re all everywhere watching the whole bit go down. 

Liam : I’m confused

Harry:  It’s gone too far, I’ve confused myself… this is story of my life, please sing along.  xx

My favourite part of concerts is when the artists plays a song everyone knows so everyone’s singing along all out of tune but then the singer stops singing and they point the microphone at the crowd and you just hear everyone in the crowd singing the words to the music and you see the smiles on the singers’ faces because they know people care about their music and everyone’s just so happy who cares about anything else.