I call this piece: Poor Nana. Because Viola is a stubborn oaf.

Layze how dare you not tell me that Nana is fun to draw, I am angry at you now B[c.


“They are the hunters we are the foxes… And we run!” - I Know Places.
I know for a fact if a fox like that came towards me I’d laugh me head off.. Loving my new phone case :D taylorswift

i keep calling you. 
you’re getting so fed up with me,
refusing to even pick up anymore. 
but i’m not looking for a conversation. 

all i want to hear is
your voice. 
the familiarity and love before the
beep takes it away. 
just your voice can bring me both joy 
and pain so intense i can’t breathe. 
i miss you.
and hearing you, even if it's 
just a recording,
eases the tsunami of harsh longing. 
—  j.e.b. ((you think i’m being clingy, and maybe i am.))

rereading city of fallen angels more like skipping half of the book to the part where alec comes back



You mean for the past seven months, I’ve been surrounded by dead angels?!?!

That’s it. As soon as I find which Wal-Mart is Gabriel and Samandriel’s afterlife, I’m transferring. I think working with those two would be fantastic fun :D