Q & A with Sophia Lucia and Avery Gay
Thank you so much for everyone's questions, love and support! xo Avery & Sophia

Check out Sophia and Avery’s Q & A! What cuties!

And is Sophia not the most mature 13 year old ever? I can’t get over how well she speaks and carries herself!

As the mother of a teenage boy, I’ve gotten accustomed to the fact that most of the time, my son thinks I’m a moron. So imagine my surprise when I read his Spanish essay and he proceeds to describe me to his teacher as “a teacher also and the smartest person in the family.”  I was completely floored. 

I won’t say anything though. I don’t want to blow his cover.

( @loudman1 and @notanislander - thought you’d get a kick out of this)


“ I like it. When my mouth is full of food. Because when I swallow, a large amount of food goes down. And it feels like I’m almost choke - I really like that feeling so - It’s just my eating style, I really love eating.”  - Jin  ‘ BTS Eat Jin Live : 배고프지 않아요?