Not a lot’s been happening creatively over here lately - my brain’s been too much in “!!!!!!” mode over black belt testing and work stuff. But! I finally pulled out some of the reference photos I took last time I was at the Minnesota Zoo and sat down to do some painting and it felt so good. 

This is based on a photo I took of one of their beautiful Amur leopards. (I love these guys SO MUCH.) Digital painting, done in Photoshop using my Wacom tablet.

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I'm from a small town where these things (adults around 19 dating minors around 15) happened all the time and they were honestly always awful? There's an obvious inherent imbalance in such relationships it frustrates me when people fail to see it, I get so mad I swear

^^^ so many people have said this to me and to others and its been proven so many times And Yet shippers are still pulling the same arguments out of their asses like,, take it from the real world honey


the big gay kate gifset

“even in high school, i thought maybe there was a chance it would go away and i wouldn’t have to tell the world about it. once i knew for sure i was going to be this way my whole life, it became necessary to have everyone know.”


mccree’s filling his flirting quota before going on a mission with reyes

victuuri doodle, i am SO HAPPY for them <3 <3 <3 

I’M SO HAPPY THAT THEY’RE HAPPY and there’s no hate it’s all just love it’s so weird to see something so simple (but rarely showcased) on media :’( i love yuri on ice

Didn’t think I’d have anytime to do this, so it’s a bit rushed and crappy lookin’. You deserve better Hunk, you are a precious gift to the universe.

  • Guang-Hong: Well, you aren't an adult until you're 18 in America and Leo was very insistent on waiting, but ya know, my birthday was earlier this month...
  • Phichit: Are you saying someday you and Leo might actually get physical?
  • Guang-Hong: It's a possibility.
  • Phichit: *begins excitedly screaming*
  • Phichit: *excitedly grabs nearest person*
  • Yuuri: *is alarmed*

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