But the blood on my hands scares me to d e a t h
                                                       Maybe I’m waking up today

Rose left the library with a spring in her step. There were exams coming up soon and she spent the afternoons studying. She missed the hustle of the hospital but sitting in a room full of books was always comfortable. London, like always, was busy but unlike most of the people hurrying past, rushing to get home for dinner, Rose took her time and enjoyed the warmer air and noise of the city. She’d be heading back to the library soon but couldn’t get her stomach to stop rumbling and was hunting down somewhere for something to eat. 

There were a few places she frequented and deciding italian was the cuisine of the evening, Rose made her way to a small deli she went to often. It was only a few streets away and by the time she was pushing the door open her mouth was watering at the thought of what she could eat. There were only a few tables in the place and Rose was surprised to see a familiar face at one of them. 

BTS as things they would say on philosophy class
  • Jin: *Teacher ask them to make a poem* Oh you, no one is as beautiful as you *looking on the mirror*
  • Jungkook: *Trying to pay attention* Uh-huh... *Starts to sing something on his head, stops paying attention after 5 minutes*
  • Jimin: Is that going to be on the exam? (Teacher: uh, no... But this explains why---) ok, thank u *goes to sleep*
  • Suga: *Already asleep since the first hour or maybe skipping class*
  • V: Does philosophy believes on dogs rights?
  • J-Hope: *The teachers takes him out because he started to dance to the song of the diapositives he put*
  • Rapmon: *The one who always have 100 on his grades*